Do I need a lift with Argumentation?

Im wanting a natural, full breast D-DD. Im currently a 12B-C Will I be able to achieve a natural looking breast without getting a lift?

January 12th, 2019 NSW

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    Mr Richard Rahdon

    Richard Rahdon

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    Plastic Surgeon
    Victoria, Australia

    Hello, The position of the nipple height is in a quite a good position (not pointing down) so it's a little bit hard to recommend a lift without completely seeing the texture and quality of skin. Generally if the nipple is below the breast fold then a lift may be required to achieve higher placement of the nipple however in your photo, this does not look to be the case. Sometimes a lift can be avoided with a larger implant or an anatomical shaped implant - but best to speak the surgeon about these options following a thorough analysis of your medical history and a thorough clinical consultation.