Has my left implant 'turned' or is this capsular contraction?

Hi I had BA in Thailand June 2011. Very happy and about 6 months later felt my left breast was lower , and bigger than the right. My surgeon assured me it would settle, and with correct exrcise and support bra it would be OK. It seemed to come right and I haven't had any issues since then, until about 6 months ago. I now definitely feel it has either moved, or something ? My right pec can contract very easy but my left is difficult to do so, I train weights and compete in natural figure body building . I have always felt my left implant was uncomfortable when training and when I flex it doesn't sit like the right one. It is fuller, sits more to the side and I think sits lower. I am having frequent aches , although not painful, and it is stressing me out that somehow from training I have moved the implant. I have Brazilian furry teardrop and the incisions were done through my armpits. I am waiting to hear back from the the surgeon in Thailand, in the meantime I really need advice and options available to me here In Aust.

December 19th, 2015 QLD

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