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  • Richmond, Victoria, Australia
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Patient review

Amy Shaw 03/03/2016

Breast Augmentation

I always wanted a bigger more fuller looking chest, I have always been a 10B and was never happy with them. I have quite a small frame and didn’t want to change my body to much or have people notice I had breast surgery (unless they knew me) so I opted for a 275 moderate plus implant which gave me a more natural look. My surgeon Dr Dean Trotter was great, he was very realistic and really understood the look I was going for and what I wanted. He made me feel very comfortable as did his staff members who were all lovely. I had two consultations prior to my surgery and I am very glad I went back for the second one. I was a bit overwhelmed with everything in the beginning but I went away and thought about what I wanted and came back and spoke to Dean and he recommend what he thought was best and we went with that. He was very approachable and really took in what I was saying and what I wanted. I would recommend him to anyone!