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Breast Augmentation

I could not have had a better experience with Dr Norris & the team at Form & Face. Prior to my procedure, I thought I would want to see 2-3 surgeons to make sure I had a few opinions, and then would go with the surgeon I felt the most comfortable with. However, after my consultation with Dr Norris (my first consultation), I knew I would not find another surgeon who made me feel so comfortable - I knew I was in great hands. I am extremely happy with the results of the breast augmentation and I could not recommend Dr Norris and the team at Form & Face enough!


Breast Augmentation

My decision to undergo breast augmentation was made over years, and I took equal diligence when deciding on my surgeon. After going to three different surgeons across Sydney for an initial referral I decided to go with Dr Norris. He was the most informative and made me feel like he saw me as a person making the biggest decision of my life to date rather than just another patient. I was unsure of what size was best for me, and he took the time (the LONG time) helping me to come to the best decision for my body. Post surgery, I felt like I had all the right information and tools to help me with the quickest and easiest recovery possible, and he was always available if I had the smallest of questions. I ended up taking a week off work and was extremely ready to return after that time. Four months post op I could not be more happy with my decision for choosing Dr Norris, and consider getting an augmentation one of the best decisions of my life to date.


Breast Lift - Mastopexy

Dr Norris was amazing from the beginning being very upfront and honest with me and made me feel extremely comfortable, 6 weeks on from procedure and am in love I am even shocked how well my incisions have healed now so I know in a few months they will be barely visible. I could not recommend Dr Norris was enough!!!


Breast Augmentation

Dr Norris and his staff have been amazing. I wanted a subtle enhancement to give me a more balanced look, and I'm incredibly happy with the result. I found Dr Norris to be very caring, and I felt comfortable that I could contact him at any time if I had any concerns. I was careful to follow post-op instructions, so my recovery has been quick and easy. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Norris.


Breast Augmentation

Definitely the best decision I have ever made. After losing 40kgs I felt my Breasts were empty and had no shape. I felt instantly comfortable from the moment I meant Dr Norris and he answered all of my questions. He gave me great advice on what size and shape I needed and I never felt pressured into making a decision. I am almost 5 weeks post surgery and I am over the moon with how they look. The size is perfect for my frame and I now feel confident again to wear nice clothes that show off my cleavage. I would definitely recommend Dr Norris and his amazing team of ladies to anyone.


Breast Augmentation

Super happy with my result and the whole experience with Dr Norris! Would recommend to anyone! They made the experience easy, organised and well informed!


Breast Augmentation

Amazing results and such a comfortable experience!! 2 years since breast augmentation surgery and every appointment was professional and relaxed. Highly recommend Dr. Norris!!


Breast Augmentation

Before having my son I had perky symetrical breasts but after months of express bottle feeding due to my sons illness I was left with very uneven an droopy breasts. I felt so self conscious in dresses and bikinis and often would wear chicken fillets to try make my left side look more symmetrical When I finally made the decision to meet with dr Norris I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of time he spent with me trying to work out what size and shape I wanted to achieve. I did not want big breasts I just wanted what I had before. Dr M let me take home a an implant and bra to see how it feels with different clothing. When we made the decision on size he perfectly evened up my breasts with two different sized implants which got me back to my pre baby c cup All the way through dr m was kind professional and attentative.


Breast Augmentation

From the beginning to my current stage of 5 weeks post op my journey with Form and Face, Dr Norris and his team has been fantastic. I felt completely comfortable and at ease when I met Dr Norris, he was thorough, caring, professional and checks you have realistic expectations for your body. Each meeting with Dr Norris was not rushed, care was taken and very thorough. The journey of choosing what was right for me was given a great amount of attention with fantastic input from Dr Norris. I am extremely happy with my results, more than I ever thought I would be if I am honest. I really would like to thank the team at Form and Face, and Dr Norris. Please do not hesitate to visit the team and Dr Norris, I highly recommend!


Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction, Liposculpture

I cannot find enough words to express how happy I am to have found and chosen Dr Benjamin Norris. My procedure experience and results have far exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier. Dr Norris took the time to go through every detail of my procedure. He made me feel very comfortable, showed me many before and after photos (which brought me to tears seeing his outstanding work) he even sketched pictures to make sure I fully understood every stage. When you get to the end of a consultation and have no questions, because they have already been answered, trust me, that's a good thing. He is a very gifted surgeon. I knew before the end of our meeting that I could trust him and that he would be my surgeon. The entire team at Form and Face are nothing but amazing and will make you feel very welcome. They will assist in filling in all forms and go above and beyond to make your experience a pleasant one. I have Dr Benjamin Norris to thank for giving me my self-esteem back and making a positive change in my life. I would not hesitate to recommend his outstanding services.


Breast Augmentation

Very happy with the size and look of my new breast’s! Thanks Ben!


Male Breast Reduction

Dr Benjamin Norris is an amazing doctor and has a very caring personality. Even the first time i met him he made me feel very comfortable and did not feel make me feel uneasy with my body. i recommend Dr Norris to anyone who is suffering gynecomastia. :)

NancyJ 08/05/2017

Breast Augmentation

Dr Norris and his beautiful team are amazing. My teeny A cups are now beautiful full DD cups. I had 475cc teardrop implants. Dr Norris was very thorough in sizing my implants to fit my small frame. And they are perfect. Am so happy with my new girls. I highly recommend Dr Norris and his team. You will not look back.

woo81 15/10/2014

Breast Augmentation

I had my A cup breasts increased to a large C about four years ago by Dr Benjamin Norris. I love my new boobs, they are the perfect size and look very natural, they've even fooled a lucky few men who've seen them in the flesh! I didn't expect to love my new boobs as much as I do and in the few few weeks of having them I felt so liberated in never having to wear a push up bra - Ever Again! Dr Norris is easy to talk to, made me feel very comfortable and most of all gave wonderful advice. Thank you!

Michelle A 30/05/2017

Breast Augmentation

My experience was first class. Dr Norris and his team were very professional, friendly and made me feel very comfortable at all times throughout the process. I am extremely happy with the result and would have no hesitation recommending Dr Norris and his team. One very happy client!!!!

G R 25/05/2017

Breast Implant Revision

Dr Benjamin Norris repaired my stretched ear piercing holes. He used a technique whereby the original pierced hole remains in the same location and therefore it is not necessary to have your ears re pierced. You can wear a small stud straight away! I can't see the scar and my earring sits just where it used to 40 years ago! All the staff at Face and Form are lovely too. If you are thinking of having this procedure I highly recommend Dr Benjamin Norris.

Kasy 16/05/2017

Breast Augmentation

Deciding to go ahead with the beast augmentation was the best thing I ever did with Dr Norris! I felt comfortable every step of the way. Dr Norris and the team gave unbelievable service that cannot be compared to. The team was professional and so lovely. Taking home a sample of the implant and bra was what helped me make my final decision and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I highly recommend Dr Norris if you want great work done with a friendly smile! Can't thank him enough.

payge holder 25/05/2017

Breast Augmentation

From my very first consultation i felt comfortable.Dr Norris was friendly and professional. I was listened to and taken seriously and Dr Norris really had the time for me. He measured me and spoke about the procedure and what would be most suitable for my body. I felt so comfortable i booked my surgery that day. My surgery went smoothly and he was really comforting on the day as i was nervous. My after care was amazing. Dr Norris was only ever a text away and i could always be fit in for an appointment. I wouldn't hesitate to come back for further procedures. I got exactly what i wanted. I very happy patient.

jolive7 03/05/2016

Breast Augmentation

had always been self conscious about my breasts and always thought of breast augmentation but I wasn't happy with so many other areas of my body that I put it aside until now. I then lost around 10kg, so I decided to get an augmentation to reward myself and be able to feel 100% happy. It wasn't until I started sending my photos so surgeons that I found out I was tuberous. I didn't even know what this meant but now I had an explanation for why I never felt comfortable with my breasts. I contacted Dr Benjiman Norris in March with my concerns and was surprised to get an email back that night from his personal email account. The next day I spoke with Shannon and arranged a consult. My first impression was the practice is beautiful and everyone was lovely. Dr Norris was very genuine, he made me feel at ease and explained my abnormalities as I had never heard of it before. He was very adamant about me not making a rushed decision which is something that I respected. I then took home I sizer so I could have a think about what I would like if I was to proceed. I was really happy with my consult so over the next few days I booked my surgery for early May. Leading up to the surgery I had one more consult so that I could chose my size. There are so many pictures of before and afters on the internet that I was so confused about what size I needed. I initially chose a 370cc and I am so glad that we ended up going with a 445cc after that second consult. On the day of my surgery I was pretty nervous. I suffer from anxiety so I explained this to my anesthetist (Dr Michael Rose) he and his assistant were so reassuring! I actually fainted twice while Dr Norris was marking me (embarrassing!) but Dr Rose was able to give me something to calm my nerves and we got there in the end. For the first few days I felt really tight and looking at my implants they looked so weird. They were far apart and pointy and I was pretty freaked out. I had to wear a stabilizer band as well and I was lucky I had a week off work while everything settled. I took photos every few days so I could compare and they were starting to look more normal every day. The main pain that I experienced wasn't the implants themselves it was more like a weight on my chest. This stayed for around 3 weeks. Mainly painful in the morning when I was getting out of bed but once I had moved around I was ok. Now, 3 months post they are so amazing and I am so happy. It really does show that they are going to be so different to day 1! I had regular check ups with Dr Norris and his nurse to change my dressings and check how I was. I had a scare that I had an infection and Dr Norris replied to my text straight away to reassure me that I was ok. I am really happy with my results and am so thankful to Dr Norris and his team. I have so much more confidence now and I feel like this is the best thing I ever did!

ED 01/08/2015

Breast Augmentation

I cannot recommend Dr. Norris and his team enough, from the initial consultation; I knew I was in the right hands. Dr. Norris's surgery in Bondi is exactly what you would expect from a high end surgeon, and his staff are wonderful, polite yet discreet and eager to help in any way they can. He will listen to all of your concerns, answer your queries and give his professional opinion all whilst listening to what you ultimately want from your surgery. After taking my measurements he gave me some implants to "try on" to see how they looked and felt, and to see if they matched the size I had imagined for my body. Once I had found what I was looking for, and not feeling like an inflatable doll, it had turned out I had picked the exact size he would have recommended to suit my frame, he even let me take it home to try on with my clothes at home. Dr. Norris is not one for taking bookings on the spot, which I applaud him for, I went ahead and booked my surgery, knowing I had made all the right decisions. The day of my operation went exactly to plan, and I even had a phone call the day after to see how I was feeling. At each check up, Dr. Norris was always sympathetic to the pain but assured me everything was healing to schedule and gave me a plan to follow for the scars. I have just come back from my final check up 7 months later and I am heeling perfectly, my scars are almost invisible and I am thrilled!
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