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Breast Augmentation at 18?

My younger cousin has always been insecure about her breast size. To be specific, she has been insecure about it since she was 13 & she is now 17, turning 18 soon. She often comes to me and asks me questions about breast augmentation. I myself have never had it done. (I'm 22) She ALWAYS asks me if she can get them done shortly after she turns 18. I have never been able to answer this because I simply don't know. I care for her a lot and want her to be happy. Is this something that can be done?

Anonymous 06/05/2018 NSW

  • Answer
    This is a really good question.  
    Before considering breast augmentation, the person should be both physically mature and emotionally mature. It should be a considered decision, not a snap decision.The person must be at least 18.
    There is no specific answer that fits all. As surgeons, we would always suggest not to hurry. At 18, the mature body is brand new, and the teens are often a time of a personal emotional journey. 
    The good thing here is that your cousin is communicating with you. My advice is in this specific case, that she be able to talk with trusted advisors like you. It might be possible for her to talk with her parents. It is not a legal requirement as she is an adult, but it is a really good idea.
    Researching and asking the community on this website is also a good idea. There may be other young people who have been through a similar journey.
    If she wants to learn more through a consultation, then it is important she sees a real surgeon - use this website directory to look for surgeons in your area. But, at an initial consultation, she should not go with a view ot immediate surgery - just to get and expert and qualified opinion as to her readiness - or not.
    Hope this helps - it is not a black and white situation!

Is it safe to have lip fillers if you have a lip piercing?

I had lip fillers before i got my Verticle lip piercing. I’ve just booked in for more in July! I’m just wondering if having my lip piercing would effect the lip fillers in anyway? Also, would it be ok to take the piercing out before the fillers then put it back in afterwards? Or will i just need to take it out completely? Thank you.

shannonloux 01/05/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    I think it would be fine. I suspect there are plenty of people out there who have had fillers and piercings.You probably don't need to remove it for treatment, but the clinician you see will advise on that.
    All the best!
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