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Lip fillers

I have been receiving conflicting information about the best lip filler products. Is Juvadem Ultra Plus or Princess Gold better? I want something thick and lasts the longest. Please help

Addie 01/06/2024 NSW

  • Answer
    Great question.Juvederm Ultra, Emervel Lips , Juvederm Volbella are the best products for lip augmentationIn my experience either of these 3 produce good lasting results.

What are the risks/issues associated with repairing a recession of nasal wall by filling with free-diced cartridge?

I recently underwent my 3rd revision rhinoplasty. During the 2nd revision surgery nasal bone was shaved on the left side and this resulted in a recession of the left nasal bone. The Dr. recommended filling the recession with free-diced rib cartridge in a closed rhinoplasty op, i had this procedure. What are the long term risks of wall collapse/effects of cartridge use vice grafts? Could spreader grafts still be used still without a left bony-part, what else could be done to repair/strengthen it?

silke mc 14/05/2024 SA

  • Answer
    Hi, great questions. When it comes to secondary or tertiary Rhinoplasty due to scarring and the complexity of surgery rib graft is almost always required. In your case it is necessary to have rib graft to reconstruct the dorsum and an open approach is the best way to proceed.

Juvederm and hyaluronidase

Hi I got a non surgical nose job in February, I had very little juvederm put into my nose (0.2 cc) targetting my nostril area. I didnt like the results and went to get it removed with hyaluronidase. Ive gone 3 times because I didnt see it going back to normal. Now i see a little difference, but its not my same nose as before. My nostril feels a bit deeper than before also. Has the hyaluronidase done more damage and taken away my natural hyaluronic acid and if it did will that ever come back? Or is there still juvederm? Or scar tissue? This has ruined my sanity. Will my nose ever go back to the way it was?

roselove 18/07/2023 Australia

  • Answer

    Hi Roselove,

    I would try and be as patient as you can. Juvederm can last up to 12 months and on average 9 months. Despite the use of hyaluronidase some HA product may still be present and there is likely scar. The nose is a very compact structure and swelling can take time to disappear.

Help! Is this right for me?

This is something that has been bothering me for years, I've tried Botox and also tear fillers. I feel like your eyes are the window to your soul and mine look tired and old. Is this procedure right for me? I'm only 23 and I have horrible under eye wrinkles and my eyelids sag over. What sort of price am I looking at?

Tegandasha 17/07/2023 WA

  • Answer

    Hi Tegandasha,

    The lower eyelid can be rejuvenate in a number of ways. The structure of the lower eyelid consists of skin, underlying eyelid muscle, orbital fat and ligaments and finally bone.

    Looking at your photo you do have some laxity in the tear trough ligament that has caused a moderate tear trough deformity (dark lines) with minor excess skin. I would recommend a formal lower eyelid blepharoplasty which will look more natural than fillers and give a long lasting result.

    I hope this helps

    Dr Zoumaras

    Artiste Plastic Surgery

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