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 Joseph Rizk

Joseph Rizk

  • Burwood, New South Wales, Australia
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Jess2135 17/01/2024

Breast Augmentation, Liposuction

I Had my breast Augmentation with Dr Rizk in Januray. I saw he had amazing photos on instagram and only read good things about him online. It was an amazing experience. I am soo glad i saw him, i was about to go with another Dr but my mum had been seeing dr rizk for other things and made me have an appointment. He is the most caring and thorough dr ive been to. My healing was soo good, anything i was worried about i woud text or email the girls from his office and they helped me with everything from bras to how to sleep comfortable. The results are soo good. ive referred a few friends to him and they have all also been soo happy. I used motiva implants with lipo under my arms and fat transfer to my cleavage. he really thinks about everything. all up it cost around 10k , Highly reccomend dr Rizk.
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