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Round or Anatomical Implants for Natural but Full Looking Breasts

I am currently a 10a wanting a natural but full C cup. Cannot decide between medium profile 380cc Round under the muscle recommended to me or Allergan Natrelle 410 Shaped Gel Teardrop recommended by another surgeon. Can I get a natural and full look from round implants? I want natural but also don't want to compromise on having fullness up top too much and regret it. Could this be solved by a higher profile in the tear drop shaped implants?

E1098 12/08/2017 QLD

  • Answer
    Hello E1098.A moderate projection round implant is quite wide. It would be important to ensure that you breast base width will support an implant of that size. With a moderate projection implant it doesn't matter too much if it is round or shaped but they do give different shapes to the upper pole of the breast. It depends upon your cosmetic goal, both can appear natural but the round one will appear fuller in the upper pole without a bra. A bra will make both appear very similar.Your nipple sits relatively low on your breast with a short nipple to fold distance. It is important that whichever implant is selected, your nipple sits on top of the breast looking forward and isn't pulled down at the expense of a full upper pole.  A shaped implant may give better control of nipple position. Good luck.Dr Mark Magnusson

Costs for getting breast implants removed

Hi, my left saline implant seems to have ruptured. I live in northern Nsw but closer to the Gold Coast or Brisbane. I don't have private cover. Is there any way I can get this done in a public hospital? I can't afford to get the implants replaced unless I could get a payment plan

Mellycarty15 16/05/2017 QLD

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    Hi Mellycarty15,If your implants are saline, you could address the significant asymmetry in the short term by have draining the saline from the other implant, and then go on to a waiting list for a public hospital for the removal of the implants.  You may be able to do some research for medical finance if you want to have the implants replaced.  If this is your preferred option it would be more cost effective to have them replaced at the time of the removal of the old implant.  Always check that your surgeon of choice has experience in these types of procedures, and also ask to see before and afters of other patients whom they have treated with a similar problem.  Kind regards,Mark Magnusson  

Capsular contracture revision surgery, breast still deformed.

I am just wondering if you think my breast will settle more. I had breast revision surgery for capsular contracture 3 weeks ago dual plane, 420cc bilateral periareolar incision (reused old scars) I still have an indent which I had pre op and I notice the breastfed still stills different to the other, and the nipple is puckered. Will all of this settle?

Jessarnold44 22/03/2017 QLD

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    Hi Jess,
    At only three weeks there will still be a lot of swelling and you are early in the recovery period. Your final outcome won’t be evident for a few months. Some puckering may represent sutures which will dissolve and that may lead to a resolution of your concerns. They frequently will take three months or so.
    Breasts are always different from side to side both before surgery and afterwards, more like sisters than twins. Now that the capsular contracture has been corrected you are closer to having them even. It is too early to predict your final result.
    It is always difficult to give precise advice on the basis of photographs without a full understanding of what has been undertaken at operation but at this point Jess I would just wait. It is too early to tell but certainly there has been a substantial improvement already.
    Kind regards,
    Mark Magnusson
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