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Terrence Scamp

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I just wanted to share my experience with Rhinoplasty from Dr Scamp at Esteem Medi Spa on the Gold Coast. I broke my nose when I was younger and had an ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialists perform surgery about 10 years ago to fix my nose but I was never happy with it aesthetically. Everyone told me my nose was fine but I still just wasn’t happy with it. I went and had a consult with Dr Scamp and he explained to me how he could change my nose to make it more attractive looking. He pointed out things that I didn’t even notice or realise. I told him that I felt my nose was too big and he was super sweet in telling me that it wasn’t my nose that was too big, it was that my little face didn’t match the size of my nose. He explained how he would better proportion my nose to my face and make it more petite to suit me. The day of surgery went really well. No hiccups at all and I felt super confident in the surgery staff from the moment I walked in the door. Obviously just before the surgery I was super nervous but I was taken into a room with Dr Scamp so he could draw marking on my face and it was nice to have a final chat just before I went into the operating theatre. I had absolutely no pain after my surgery, which I thought was just incredible to not have to suffer after an invasive procedure. I did take home pain killers and I took maybe one or two but that was it. The main discomfort was from not being able to breathe properly through my nose and instead having the breathe through my mouth for a couple of days. I was super tired the first couple of days after surgery but I just watched tv and slept - which was nice to have down time. I did have some bruising but it went away within the week and I returned to work a week after my surgery. I’m very happy with my result and my cute little nose that Dr Scamp achieved. I used to hate having my photos taken from a side view and now I think my profile may be my best angle. I no longer have to feel insecure and I think the whole experience has been well worth it. Now I just wish I had of done it sooner.
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