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Ellis Choy

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Plastic Surgeon
New South Wales, Australia

Gretchen March 15th, 2017

Non Surgical Nose Job

When I was diagnosed with a basal cell carcinoma (BCC) on my nose at age 39, I had a difficult decision to make regarding treatment options. Given that this was going to effect the way my face looked no matter what I decided, and the fact that I had to do something to remove the cancer, I made the decision to ask a specialist plastic surgeon his opinion. I wanted the cancer gone completely, I did not want to waste any time with creams or laser treatments or the like. Dr Choy clearly explained all treatment options, and not once made me feel pressured in any decision making, it was always my choice. I was lucky enough to have worked along side Dr Choy in my current profession, so I had seen his surgical work first hand. His professional and caring approach with his patients had always impressed me, and he treated me in this same regard. The staff at his rooms, always warm and caring, were eager to assist me with any issues or concerns I had throughout my experience. Dr Choy’s assistant in Coffs Harbour was available to me with any concerns I may have had throughout the healing process. My experience of consultation and onto surgery, was a process met with ease, I always felt comfortable and confident to ask any questions at any time. On the day of surgery, I knew I was in safe hands, as all aspects of the surgery had been clearly explained to me in the pre operative consultations. Being able to see other examples of his work through photos kindly shared by previous patients, allowed me to know what to expect in the post operative period. Initially, the surgery had a significant impact on my life. I had to take two weeks off work, contend with a large bulky dressing in the middle of my face then no dressing at all for a few days. It was not easy being seen in public with such an extensive surgical wound on my face, however, I knew that this would only be temporary, and that I was destined to gain an excellent result in the months to come. Today, I have seen Dr Choy again, and his caring and professional assistant in Coffs Harbour, to have the final stages of my dressing removed. The result is better than I could have imagined, considering I had 26 stitches in my little nose! Yes, there is still a lot of healing to go, but I can visualise in the coming months, that some of the redness, and scarring will settle. I am now facing the world in a confident manner, knowing that I have made the right choice to travel the path of consultation, surgery and post operative care with Dr Ellis Choy and his fantastic team in Sydney and Coffs Harbour.
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