Am i able to get a straight breast aug?

I'm 22 years old, 163cm. a few years ago i weighed 60kg then lost 10kg which caused my breast to lose tissue. Although the year after I gained and went back up to 60kg. Recently i have lost weight again and weigh 54kg including muscle mass as I go to the gym. My breasts are rounded on the bottom but have no volume what so ever on the top it sort of looks like a ski slope and I'm not sure if the deflation is due to weight gain/loss. I was wondering if I could get a straight breast aug with round high profile to give me fullness on the top. my nipples seem to be in an okay position although the areola seems to be quite large, will this mean i need a lift? because i was hoping to just get the breast aug. Im not sure if i am tubular. Thank you for your help

February 25th, 2016 VIC

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    Dr. Alex Phoon

    Alex Phoon

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    Hi Bella,
    Thanks for sending the images through. A breast implant can definitely lift a breast up but I don't think in your case this would work. I would expect that you would need a pretty large implant that would then look pretty unnatural. In addition to this the extra volume would really stretch out the nipples which, more than likely, would still be in a lower or 'ptotic' positon.
    To get the best result in terms of shape and volume a lollipop lift would be perfect. The medical term for this is called an augmentation mastopexy. It allows the surgeon to control the nipple position relative to the new augmented breast mound and is most commonly done in a single stage.
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