What can I expect from implant removal in conjunction with a lift? wish breasts and mine while breastfeeding baby2 2016.

Had implants placed above the muscle at age 18, 10B before surgery and 12DD after. They have been in for almost 6years and I have struggled with severe rippling and radiating pains approximately 3years. Was in a DV relationship for 7 years and pressured into the augmentation. I'm embarrassed of their appearance since children and struggle to be intimate with my new partner, the emotional pain associated needs to go. Will I ever have "beautiful" breasts after explant and lift? Want them done perfectly. Do areolas always need to be reduced? Are larger areolas on smaller breasts silly looking?

HollyRose January 25th, 2018 QLD

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     Robert Drielsma

    Robert Drielsma

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    Thanks for posting your pictures and questions. Your best option is to arrange a comprehensive consultation with a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns, goals and options for surgery. Its possible to achieve a very good result with the removal of your implants but its likely you will require a lift to achieve a lovely natural result. Your areola can be reduced at the same time if you wish to reduce the size and bring them into proportion with your new breast shape. Its important to have realistic expectations - no surgical procedure is “perfect” but you will achieve an excellent result with an experience plastic surgeon.