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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

I had been thinking about breast augmentation for many years on and off. I’m a fit, healthy person and there was no need to undergo surgery. However, always during summer time wearing bikini and going to the beach I felt something was missing. I didn’t want to have big breast I just wanted to have ‘a breast” as there was simply nothing, almost no breast tissue developed. That’s also the main reason I opted for a small breast (255cc) rather than a bigger size, because I didn’t want a big change. I was always wearing super push up bras and that was fine for many years as I also had other challenges to focus on, so my breast was not my priority for many years. After weeks of research I decided to have an appointment with a plastic surgeon in Sydney Eastern suburbs but was not convinced after leaving the consultation. He suggested to not just have BA but also have fat grafting done to correct my tuberous breast and for him that was the only way to go. Given that it was much more expensive because of that additional procedure I also felt pressured to not have any other options, I felt rushed and not really being listened to. I started researching again and found Dr. Choy and made an appointment to get a second opinion which was more than what I expected from a surgeon. I always felt cared for especially on the day of surgery. I felt so calm and ready for it and the hospital staff and Dr Choy made me feel at ease. I knew I was in safe hands and after waking up from surgery I had a snack to eat and a cooling pack put on my breast to control the swelling. The first 3 days post-op were the toughest ones but again nothing unbearable. I didn’t take one painkiller tablet but that’s just me, I’m not really pain sensitive. I’m still getting used to the feeling of having a breast. Sometimes it feels like they’re “falling out”, it is a surreal feeling when you never had a breast for 30 years and then all of sudden there are 2 beautiful boobies. I was positively surprised how small the scar is when I first saw it in the mirror. I couldn’t even see it standing straight I had to lean back to see it in the breast fold. I’m so happy that nobody realised so far that I had breast augmentation because it is the same size that I always had with super push up bras but now it’s real, there is real breast which is great. Overall it didn’t just increased my breast size but also created almost perfect symmetry and the mild tuberous breast is not so dominant anymore. I’m really happy so far and can’t wait to see the final result once the breast is fully settled.