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Patient review

Indie88 01/11/2016

Breast Augmentation

I was a 27 year old mum of one wanting more youthful fuller breasts. 6 Years ago I had perky full natural breasts. I never had a problem bra shopping and no matter what weight I was even at my smallest I had great breasts.

During pregnancy I gained 25 kgs and my breasts changed from a 10 C to a 12 E. I lost all my baby weight after breast feeding and although I still could fill out a 10D bra, my breasts had no volume up the top and I felt they looked "droopy". I was always on the search for the "Super bra" that lifted my breasts for that "full" appearance. Bra shopping always upset me because it would be such a depressing search to find that bra that my boobs wouldn't fall out of, that was comfortable and gave me good shape. Swimwear shopping was even worse. I found myself on health kicks so I'd achieve a better body but my breasts would just look worse so I'd give up. When laying on my back my boobs would look concave and I had to strap them down in the tightest of sports bras when exercising which made them look flat and crinkly.

My financial situation finally changed after 5 years of wanting a breast augmentation so I started my search for the surgeon who could help me. I looked at 100's of breasts online and forums and Dr Ellis choy came up several times. All his reviews were positive and in my opinion there was not one after photo where I thought the result was not good. Many post surgery photos from other surgeons weren't in my opinion a positive change for the patient.

I was lucky enough to get an appointment in just weeks after calling. The receptionists were lovely, the nurse was lovely and Dr Ellis Choy was lovely. He was extremely informative and understanding. I knew that I wanted him to be my surgeon before I left the appointment. He and his staff could not have done anything else to make the experience better, everything went perfect so I booked my surgery appointment.I explained to Ellis that I did not want to change much in size although I knew I would have to have a big enough implant to make my breasts look "refilled". I know that after a 10DD the bra choices are limited and clothes shopping would be difficult. I have a small frame and am only 5ft2. We decided an implant between 300cc and 350cc high profile over the muscle would be best.

So I am currently one week post opp and with a 325cc implant and already loving the results. Everything went well at North Shore hospital and all the staff were great too. I am very surprised how easy the recovery has been. I already have nearly no bruising and the incision is healing well. My breasts look full and very natural already. I know ill be able to wear the crop tops and swim wear I haven't been able to for years. I just cant wait to see the final results over the next few weeks and go bra shopping!

I hope this review helps any ladies out there trying to choose a surgeon. I found it hard to find any before and afters of breasts of my size with a breast augmentation too so I  hope that can assist anyone in a similar situation to me.

And  BIG BIG THANKYOU to Dr Ellis, all his staff and North Shore hospital.