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Patient review

Maztan60 24/03/2016

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

I am 56 year old and I have been very unhappy with my breasts, which have over this period become increasingly larger, heavier, saggy and generally unattractive. In particular the disparity between the size of left to right. I have always had some difference in the size, the left side being marginally larger when I was younger. As I've become older, and menopausal..... I've noticed the difference become a lot more pronounced. A breast reduction had been on my wish list for years, and I finally made the decision to do it. My lengthy research led me eventually to Dr Ellis Choy, of Zilver Lining, in Northbridge, Sydney. My initial contact was via email. I had sent off a fair few enquired to various surgeons, but I immediately noticed that Dr Choy’s practice and his staffs were particularly helpful and efficient. Some doctors didn't reply at all, but in the case of Zilver Lining, not only did I receive a prompt reply, but also a follow up call (not in any way pestering I might add, but just a helpful and informative call). This led to my first consultation, and eventually my decision to go ahead with the surgery. At my consultation Dr Choy filled me with confidence to pursue the surgery. He answered every question in details, and showed me many pictures of patients before and afters. I went ahead and booked in for the op that very day. I also decided to have upper eyelid reduction surgery done at the same time. The day of surgery arrived, and Dr Choy came to see me prior to mark out my breasts with a felt pen. He explained what he was going to do in a lot of details and asked if I had any questions. The surgery went well. Dr Choy personally phoned my husband straight after the op to assure him everything had gone well. We thought this was such a lovely and reassuring touch. He called in the next day and again told me the surgery all went very well. He said he would see me in his rooms in a week. I spent just the one night In Castlecrag Hospital. I was amazed that the post op pain was quite minimal, I only needed Paracetamol during my stay in the hospital! I've got to say I am so happy with the outcome, and my only regret is not having done it years ago. The result looks perfectly natural, a nice shape and proportion has been restored, and they are nicely lifted and the result is very nice and natural looking. All in all I would like to highly recommend Dr Choy and his team to anyone considering plastic surgery.