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Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Bella.e 01/09/2012

Breast Augmentation

I am now 3 years post-op from breast augmentation surgery performed by Dr Choy and I’m still immensely grateful for what he’s done for me. He is simply awesome! I had been thinking of surgery for a year or so as I was really unhappy with the appearance of my breasts. I am in my thirties and have a child. Prior to childbirth and even after I always had a C cup and never had an issue with the appearance of my breasts. I started training and doing crossfit, which I love, and the benefits are fantastic. Unfortunately my breasts did not benefit from this. I seemed to lose them and was left with what seemed to be deflated breasts. I really did not like the way they looked. At a visit to a specialist I was seeing for an unrelated matter I asked if he knew of a good plastic surgeon I could see. My doctor gave me the name of Dr Choy and told me that he is the best plastic surgeon to go to if I ever consider any cosmetic procedures. I was already very impressed with such high recommendation and at my first appointment with Dr Choy, he made me feel very comfortable by being so easy to talk to. While I felt like visiting a friend rather than a doctor, Dr Choy was also very informative, he explained everything thoroughly and he always listens. The personalized care he provides is exceptional. He really makes sure he gets a good understanding of what I wish to achieve and advises what he believes to be the ideal outcome for me. After my consultation and a lot of thought I decided to go ahead with surgery. I had already decided that Dr Choy would be my surgeon. From this time to date of surgery I can't believe how awesome he was. If I had any concerns, questions, queries he was always available to speak with. Leading up to surgery can be quite daunting, making sure you are making correct decisions, with size, placement etc. Dr Choy far exceeded my expectations as a surgeon and I was so happy with my result. He knew exactly the outcome I wished to achieve, which was basically just to get back to what I had lost through exercise and to keep a more natural look that was not noticeable to others. That is exactly what I have today and I couldn't be happier ever since! Also I was absolutely amazed at my recovery as it was fairly painless and quick. I am much more confident and love that I can wear lots of great clothes, even some without a bra. My whole experience with Dr Choy and his team was an absolute delight and I have & will continue to happily recommend him to anyone thinking of breast augmentation surgery.