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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

harreill18 19/05/2017


For as long as I can remember I have disliked the look of my vagina. It had far too much skin and caused discomfort. The last ten years I have been thinking over getting Labiaplasty weighed up the pros and cons of the procedure. In those ten years I’ve gained and lost roughly ten kilos. From all the changes my vagina became even more unappealing. I researched surgeons, reviews and reputations and this is what led me to Dr Ellis Choy. The consultation was lovely. Dr Choy and his staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable with such a confronting consultation. There was lengthy discussions about my desires and what could be achieved. I wanted to speed through the whole experience. I was between jobs, living two hours out of Sydney and wanted to time it out perfectly to my lifestyle. I explained all of this to Dr Ellis Choy at my consult. We filled out all the admission paperwork that day! Dr Choy and his staff managed to find a spot at North Shore Private Hospital the following week. Surgery day- I was nervous going in but the staff at the hospital were lovely and welcoming. The nurses were friendly, made sure I was comfortable at all times as I met everyone that was going to be involved in the surgery. I had one final chat with Dr Ellis Choy before surgery and talked about how to gain the best results possible. After the surgery I woke up feeling a little hazy but no pain. Sat in recovery for about an hour before being driven home. Recovery at home was easier than expected. Just required lots of rest and laying down in bed (Netflix made this so much easier to handle). The pain is similar to that of when you wear lace underwear for a little too long and they start to dig into your skin. I was on pain killers for 5 days before switching to just Neurofen. My follow up consult was very accommodating to my schedule and location. The impacts on my life so far have been amazing. Straight after the surgery when I saw what had changed I felt such a weight lifted from my shoulders (could have been amplified by the anaesthetic!) but it is a feeling that I think will stick with me for a while. I am still in the recovering stages but once the swelling went down for once actually felt comfortable and actually excited showing my partner that part of my body. Every time I check on it or view it in the mirror I feel more confident in myself. I know a body part that isn’t visible and private I suppose isn’t usually such a source of confidence but when you have disliked it for as long as I have. Undergoing the surgery and seeing such a difference it becomes something to finally feel confident in.