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Patient review

Jane89 03/11/2017

Breast Augmentation

After many years of wanting to have surgery, I finally decided to have a few consultations with a few different places to get an idea of what my journey would look like if I decided to go ahead with breast implants. Initially I was told I would need a lift due to being a borderline case. I spoke with two other highly regarded surgeons before meeting Ellis, just making sure I had all the information I needed before making my decision. I wanted the surgery because I wanted to feel more comfortable with my body and be in proportion due to have bigger shoulders. I had one breast that was bigger than the other which I also wanted matched up. My consultation with Ellis was miles apart from the other few I had. From the minute I had the initial phone call to the time I actually went in. I was nervous about having a surgery as most people are, Ellis and his team made me feel so welcome and comfortable. The whole process was so informative and he was really listening to what I wanted and how I wanted to be perceived post surgery. My lifestyle and work requires me to be in the gym and training a lot and Ellis really took that into consideration before recommending what he thought would work best for me sizes, placement of the implant etc. The day of my surgery the team were amazing, Ellis took me through the whole process and before I knew it I was out and on my way home. The recovery process has been great. Hardly any pain at all, nothing like I thought it would be. Hardly any bruising also. The team have been available 24-7 for any help or questions I have and It was the best decision I made, and I can’t wait to see my breasts 6 months down the track. Ellis and his team were outstanding. They really cared about me through the whole process and I have no regrets at all. I am beyond happy so far with my results and I can’t thank him enough. He is an amazing surgeon and his results speak for themselves. I would encourage anyone who has been thinking about surgery just to have a consultation and make the decision after.