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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Breast Augmentation

My name is Ashley and 4 weeks ago I had bilateral breast augmentation. From 16 years of age I could see I wasn’t going to grow past a size A cup bra. I have always wanted to have ‘something’ there so I could feel comfortable with myself, and to be able to wear clothing that I enjoy. I am now 25 years old and have had 3 children. I breastfed for a total of 2 years between my children which left me with very stretched and deflated breast tissue. I began my extensive research as most girls do before making a big decision and came across Dr Ellis Choy. Immediately I was impressed with all the reviews I saw and most importantly with the results, that day I sent through an email to enquire and was very impressed to receive and email back that day. The ladies in the office were extremely helpful and friendly throughout beginning, middle and end, also made sure any questions or concerns I had were answered so I felt comfortable the whole way. Dr Ellis Choy himself was amazing, I met with him for my very first consult and when I left the room I was flooded with emotions of excitement and happiness and I just couldn’t wait to have my surgery already. My surgery Itself was a breeze. For the first 3 days I did a lot of resting and drinking water, but was able to get around the house fine. I was a little bit worried of recovery with 3 children but I had such an easy experience. I found the pain to be very manageable, and the time has flown by so fast I am just about completely back into my usual routine. 4 weeks and 1 day later and I feel AMAZING! I am just blown away with my results and could not be happier, there is not 1 thing I would change about my experience and I highly recommend Dr Ellis Choy. Each time I look in the mirror I am smiling and it’s because I look great! Thank you, Dr Ellis Choy my confidence is back!!!