12 Rhinoplasty post op essentials

By January 29, 2016 October 30th, 2017 Procedures

We have scoured our forum far and wide to bring you our community’s top 12 essentials post Rhinoplasty essentials.

Lip Balm
Chances are you are going to have some dry lips. Keep the vaseline or chapsticks on hand to keep those puckers well moisturised and prevent cracking.

U shaped travel neck pillow
Surgeons might have different opinions on how long you need to sleep upright for but sleeping upright post rhinoplasty is a given.
A nice comfy U shaped neck pillow should make sleeping upright a little more comfy.

Prunes, laxatives or stool softeners
We don’t like mentioning bowel movements as much as the next person but if your going to be on pain medication then take pro active action to prevent the dreaded side effect of constipation.

Complete series of Pretty little Liars/Suits/Revenge/Making a murderer
Ok so these are just our picks but make sure you have some entertainment planned for your recovery. Movies and books are a great way to pass the time and we can’t think of a better way to recover then trying to figure out who A is on PLL.

Straws and a water bottle
Pretty self explanatory really. Plenty of people find drinking out of a straw much easier during the immediate post op recovery phase and you are going to want to keep those fluids up so have plenty of water on hand.

Saline solution or spray
Saline is great for removing dried bits of blood and a saline rinse (once your surgeon give you the go ahead) can help relieve that blocked nose feeling.

Air humidifier
Lots of post rhinoplasty patients recommend the use of an air humidifier or steam to help with the blocked nose and dry throat.

Pain medication app
Have a browse of the app store to find an app that will keep track and give you reminders for your pain medication.

Dry mouth strips

Your going to be doing a lot of mouth breathing and so your probably going to have a dry mouth.
You can get lubricating mouth strips and even mouth wash from most pharmacy’s.

Pre prepared meals
Organise a weeks worth of food before your surgery. Pick foods that are soft and easy to eat.
Fast snacks are great to keep on hand so you don’t have to take your medication on an empty stomach.

Moisturising face wipes
The post op splint and even post op dressings are going to make washing your face difficult. Moisturising cleansing wipes will have to be the next best thing for cleaning your face.

Aside from doubling as your lip balm, vaseline applied to your stitches can stop them irritating and scratching the skin
Hopefully you find this list useful. If you have more essentials to add, post them in the comments below.
Good luck!!!

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