5 tips to help your post op recovery

By March 2, 2024 October 30th, 2017 News, Plastic Surgeons, Procedures

No matter what surgery or procedure you are undertaking, here are 5 tips that we promise will help you with your recovery

  1. Follow your surgeons post op instructions:
    Well duh captain obvious is what some of you are thinking, but you will be surprised how hard this advice can be to follow. Often we feel fine after surgery (hello pain medication) and think we can do things that our body is not ready for. Follow your surgeons post op advice to the tee. If that means resting up in bed instead of hitting the shops then you are going to have to suck it up - overdo it and you might cause yourself some pretty difficult complications like infection, bleeding and delayed healing. No one wants that.

  2. Food for thought: or should that say, food for healing. Now is not the time to be indulging in those KFC zinger burgers no matter how good they are. Eat right to feel right. Get started on this during your pre op preparations and you will be grateful you made the effort. Check out our blog for freezer friendly meals that will aid your recovery after surgery - Click Here

  3. On the move: So you have just had surgery and you may feel like super sleuthing it around, hey we get that, but a light walk is usually advised. Gentle walking can help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and can also help get those bowels moving - and if you have ever been on pain medication, you will know how important that is.

  4. Help on hand: Home help is a necessity for those early post op days. You should not overdo it and you will certainly need your own personal post op lackey on hand to provide help with those seemingly mundane every task and even the little things like helping you stay on top of your pain medication.

  5. Attend your follow up appointments: Yeah yeah I know, captain obvious is back again but seriously guys and gals, attend your post op appointments. This is where any minor issues can be picked up before they become major issues and more importantly. After care post surgery is super important so make the time and effort for all your follow ups.
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