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By July 22, 2016 October 30th, 2017 Plastic Surgeons, Procedures

In case you missed it, snap chatting surgery is a thing. If you are asking yourself what exactly is snapchat then you probably have no idea what this blog is all about. Let me fill you in.

Snapchat is the latest trend in social media. It allows users to post self-destructing messages, pictures and videos to individual users or to post them as a “snap story”.

Rated only behind Facebook as the most engaging social media platform, snapchat is attractive to surgeons who don’t enjoy the censorship from Facebook and Instagram.

We were first introduced to the world of snapchat surgery by the one and only Dr Miami (snapchat username: therealdrmiami). Famous for his love of trap music and big booties, Dr Miami has up to 1 million viewers tuning in to watch him snap his way through Monday.

Here in the land of Oz, popular Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Tavakoli (snapchat: Drtavakoli2) has taken the charge and opened up his doors into the operating theatre. From pre operative marking to patients follow ups in the clinic, Dr Tavakoli shares it all with the thousands of viewers who religiously tune in for their daily dose of Tav TV.

Taking a different approach, Hunter Plastic Surgery have also jumped on board with the snapchat phenomena opting to “show more of the vibe of our tribe”. Practice director, Amber Moncrieff says that don’t to live surgery because it is not their demographic but feels showing “behind the scenes content helps people understand who they are partnering with on their surgical journey.”

Hunter Plastic Surgery happen to be the biggest CoolSculpting provider in the Country so expect to see plenty of fat freezing on their snapchat story.

Another one of PSF very own surgeons, Dr Sam Cunneen is a fan of snap chatting his days in theatre but his snaps outside of the operating room are equally as entertaining.

Dr Cunneen is not afraid to show all parts of the surgery and regularly gives us an insight into the non cosmetic procedures that plastic and reconstructive surgeons perform. His recent snapchat surgery removing a melanoma from a male patients neck was graphic but educational. We certainly have been slip, slop slapping after that one Dr Sam !!!

If you are thinking about having cosmetic surgery definitely get on snapchat and take a look. The snaps are both educational and entertaining and can really help prepare patients for what to expect for their own procedures.

We have compiled a list of our favourite cosmetic snapchat accounts below. Leave a comment below for your favourite snap chatters!!!

  1. DrDoublebay: Snapchat username Drtavakoli2
    Expect to see lots of breast augmentations, lifts, mummy makeovers and brazilian butt lifts – Dr Tav shares it all on his snapchat including patient follow ups so you get to see through their healing process.
    Keep an eye out on his instagram page as he often does impromptu Q&A’s
  2. Dr Sam Cunneen: Snapchat username samcunneen
    Expect a good mix of cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation and rhinoplasty with a sprinkle of reconstructive operations that he often performs. Dr Cunneens snaps have a good dose of personality which we find hilariously funny.
  3. Hunter Plastic Surgery: Snapchat username samcunneen
    You can tell this team are a tight knit community just by watching their snaps. Expect to see lots of behind the scenes action as well as plenty of fat freezing. Hunter Plastic Surgery are the biggest provider of CoolSculpting and are often showing the procedure being performed as well as sneak peaks into new and exciting developments.
  4. Dr Naomi: Snapchat username drnaomi1
    If you are into cosmetic injectables, you have to watch Dr Naomi. We love watching her snapchat non surgical procedures such as lip enhancements and botox. Dr Naomi’s clients are equally as entertaining, its any wonder we get any work done here at PSF.
  5. California cosmetics: Snapchat username Calicosmetics
    This husband and wife team are adorable and entertaining. Again, expect to see lots of lip enhancements, non surgical rhinoplasty, cheek fillers and botox.
  6. Dr Miami: Snapchat therealdrmiami
    It wouldn’t be a fair list without mentioning the godfather of snapchat surgery himself, Dr Miami’s snapchats are like daily episodes of a TV show. Expect to see lots of BBL’s, boobs and labiaplasty’s.
  7. Dr Martin Jugenburg: Snapchat username realdrsix
    If I don’t mention Dr Martin I am sure my mum will disown me. She watches his snaps religiously and says that she loves that he shows a good mix of surgery and explanations for everything plastic surgery.
    Expect to see lots of body contouring, tummy tucks and breast augmentations.
  8. Dr Schulman: Snapchat nycplasticsurg
    This NY Plastic Surgeon takes his time explaining the how and why of the procedures he is about to perform. A very educational snapchat channel that will definitely help you understand more about plastic surgery. Expect to see a good mix of body contouring, tummy tucks, breast augmentations and botox
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