Do’s and dont’s of sunless tanning

By September 17, 2015 October 30th, 2017 News
Spray Tanning

6 Things you should do before your spray tan

  1. Plan ahead of time – If you are tanning for an event, you want to get your spray tan two days before hand. This gives the tan enough time to develop and settle and is when it will be looking its best
  2. Hair removal – Plan your hair removal around your tan. Wax 2-3 days before your tan or shave the day before
  3. Exfoliate – A lot of people will only exfoliate the day of or the day before your tan. Its a really good idea to start exfoliating a few days before hand
  4. Moisturise – With all that exfoliating, you are going to need to add that moisture back in. Start slathering yourself in moisturiser a week in advance
  5. Don’t moisturise on the day of your tan – this will prevent the tan from developing in your skin, so make sure you don’t have any residue left on you
  6. Use as sugar based exfoliant as the tans are sugar based and will help avoid the dreaded streaking. You can make your own sugar based exfoliant by adding sugar into exfoliant or shower gel, raw sugar works best for this as it is nice and granular.

How to prolong/get the most out of your tan?

  1. A tans worst enemy is hot water and soap. Keep your showers cool to warm and use a soap free product or PH balanced.
  2. Ditch the loofa and use your hand…and just wash the important bits!
  3. Watch out for the shampoo, avoid letting it run down your body
  4. Pat dry and don’t rub when you get out of the shower
  5. Add moisturising but AVOID a gradual tanning moisturiser as it will affect the colour of your tan. Daily moisturising will help you avoid that dreaded crocodile scale look that can sometimes happen as a tan is wearing off
  6. Don’t sleep in the nude, skin on skin contact will ruin your tan as it is developing. Onesies are perfectly acceptable post tanning attire

If you do all of the right things a good tan with the right colour should last a good week

Tanning at home tips

Don’t use the same amount of tan on each limb. You need less tan on your arms then you do on your legs or chest. Get a friend to check you over, you don’t want to miss bits

Removing a tan

Soaking in a hot bath and scrubbing with soap and an exfoliating glove will usually do the trick.You want to do the complete opposite

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