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By May 26, 2024 October 30th, 2017 News
PSF New Features

Hopefully by now, you’ve all had a chance to explore the great new features that have been popping up on PSF. We wanted to expand the website to give you more tools and more info to help you make the best possible choices along your journey.


Find A Clinician

The Clinician Directory is designed to help you find surgeons in your area or in a distinct specialty.
As the directory grows, you can expect to see Plastic Surgeons, Agencies and Group Practices.

In the Clinician Directory you will have access to:

  • Your surgeons background information and qualifications
  • Photo gallery (For all us ‘before and after’ addicts!)
  • Answers they have provided in the ‘Ask a Clinician’
  • Reviews from real patients, independently moderated
  • “Special Offers” for our forum members
  • Request a consultation
  • Maps to help locate them

Of course we want as many plastic surgeons as possible, so if you’re in having a consult, tell your surgeon of choice how much you want to see them on PSF!


There is a wealth of information in the Procedures section of the forum - a lot of work has gone into providing current, detailed information about the most common cosmetic procedures and we hope you find it useful as you research your surgery.

Clinician Q&A

You may have noticed the new ‘Ask a Clinician’ tab in the forum. In this section, forum members will be able to submit a question, along with pictures which are then emailed on to our directory of clinicians who specialise in your procedure(s). You will receive an email notification every time a surgeon answers your question.

To view previously asked questions by procedure, simply click on the procedure that you are researching. Here you will find a Q&A tab which will list all the questions relevant to that procedure.


Stay up to date with any current trends, articles and topics of interest in the Blog section of PSF. You can also follow us on twitter and Facebook to receive updates and news.
We have a great team working to keep you informed about the latest happenings in our community, and we would love to hear from you on our social media pages!

PSF Surgeon Review


Reviews are a great way to determine other patients experiences with a particular surgeon. Sure before and after galleries are fantastic, but nothing is more helpful then honest reviews.
All the reviews on PSF are independently moderated so you can be comfortable in relying on their authenticity.

Reviewing your surgeon is easy. Simply click the “Reviews” tab and your form will appear. You have 500 words or less to state your experience and rate your overall satisfaction. 
Before and after photos are immensely helpful and give your review more legitimacy, so we recommend you include a pre and post op picture.

To read the reviews on a particular surgeon, all you need to do is click on their Clinician Profile in the Directory.

We’re excited for these features, and the interaction that you will be able to have with the clinicians on PSF in the future.

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