Honey, do these boobs make me look fat?

By December 20, 2016 October 30th, 2017 Plastic Surgeons, Procedures

It might sound strange to some, but there are plenty of women who are concerned their new assets might make them look frumpy or matronly and rightly so.

Here are our tip tips for making sure your new assets don’t make you look bigger then you actually are;

  1. Implant choice:
    Perhaps the most important tool to avoiding the matronly look is to pick the right implant. Scrap that, thats what you are paying your surgeon thousands of dollars for.
    A good surgeon will take into account your overall body proportions along with the look you want to achieve.
    Generally speaking, if you have a long torso with plenty of distance between your breasts and hips then you can probably accommodate a larger implant that may lower your crease and therefore take up more space on your torso.
    If you have a short distance between your breasts and your hips then you are going to want to avoid an implant that will lower your crease or take up too much space and make your waist look even shorter.
    This is where anatomical implants can come in handy. They allow surgeons greater flexibility in the dimensions. Short torso, no problem, your surgeon may opt for a short height anatomical implant. Long torso might mean your surgeon opts for a tall height anatomical implant.
    Of course, there are other factors to take into account, such as your breast footprint but your surgeon should be able to discuss these with you during your consultation.

    2. Dress Code
    No matter what implant you choose, there are certain style of clothing that are going to make anyone with a bigger bust look frumpy. Opt for more fitted tops and dresses and remember the neckline matters. V necks, scoop necks and sweat heart necklines are all going to flatter your new assets.
    Styles to avoid include:
    1. Oversized, loose fitting or tenty style dresses and baggy tops: Unless this style has a lower neckline, it will only make you look a few kgs heavier

  2. High neckline, halter neck, turtle neck: Whilst not completely on the no no list, be careful with the high neckline styles. Unless they are well fitted around the waist, they will make you look bigger then they are. Too tight around the bossoms and they will make them look bigger then they are also.
  3. Dresses with inbuilt bras or underwire: No, just no. Unless your implants are exceptionally modest in size, the chances of your augmented breasts fitting into a dress or top with an in built bra is slim to none.Final tip:
    Bring some of your favourite style tops with you to your consultation. You will get to try on implant sizers at this appointment so it is not a bad idea to see how the new assets might look on you in different styles of clothing.


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