Natural looking breasts with breast augmentation surgery

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natural looking breasts

Waiting for the bra consultant to come back with a selection of bras to try on, you can’t help but overhear what’s going on in the fitting room next to you. The customer is being measured and is then asked about what type and style of bra she wants to try on. And that’s when you end up nearly laughing out loud.

The customer is commenting on the consultant’s breast shape and size, “well if you could bring in a bra that makes my boobs look as full and shapely as yours I’ll buy it!”

As quick as a flash, the bra consultant replies, “well I can give you the name of my breast augmentation surgeon – they’d be happy to chat with you!”

And that’s when the conversation got really interesting. The bra consultant told the customer why she got her breasts enhanced. Working hard and raising three children with her husband, she never really looked after herself. But in her early fifties and just divorced, she decided it was time to get her breasts augmented.

When your bra consultant returns with a selection of bras to try on, you think about what you’ve heard. Since you had children, your breast shape and size has changed. And that’s when you make a mental note to research breast augmentation surgery for yourself.

Women have breast augmentation to:

  • Reconstruct a breast after an injury or mastectomy
  • Increase the size of the breasts and achieve a more symmetrical look and proportionate shape
  • Reduce breast size because the weight or size has caused posture and other health related issues
  • Restore or replace volume and aesthetic appeal after weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding, general ageing and health related issues such as breast cancer
  • Lift sagging or drooping breasts caused by volume loss, genetics, loss of skin elasticity or general ageing
  • Correct previous breast surgery and
  • Remove and replace breast implants

Essential things to know about breast enhancement surgery

Breast enhancement is called a lot of different things. It doesn’t matter whether you call it a boob job or breast augmentation, breast enhancement will not correct sagging breasts. A breast lift (mastopexy) corrects sagging breasts and involves removing excess skin and shifting the nipple position.

Breast implants won’t affect your ability to breastfeed and aren’t guaranteed to last a lifetime. Future surgeries will be required to replace one or both implants.

If your preoperative breast has stretched or lax skin, is a non-ideal shape, or has very little breast tissue, it’s not always possible to achieve a natural or an ideal result. It’s important to note that in patients with pre-existing shape or volume problems, poor results may occur despite the best efforts of the Breast Surgeon.

If your preoperative breast has non-stretched, elastic skin, is well shaped and has a reasonable amount of breast tissue present you’ll normally achieve a good breast augmentation result. Read more details about breast augmentation here

What breast implant choices and considerations do I have?

During the consultation with your Breast Surgeon you will have some choices to make about breast size, shape and type of breast implant.

1 Size of your breast implant

The size of your breasts after breast augmentation surgery will depend on the size of the implant chosen. Breast size will also depend on the size of your breasts pre-surgery. To achieve a natural looking breast enhancement that you love, there are a number of things to consider.

Detailed measurements at the consultation include your:

  • Chest wall diameter and shoulder to hip ratio,
  • Breast width and nipple position on the chest wall, and
  • Height.

The Breast Surgeon will also ask what your ideal cup size is. During the sizing procedure, you wear a larger bra and place the samples on top of the breast. This important process ensures you choose the most ideal breast implant for you.

2 Shape of your breast implants

Breast implants are available in round and teardrop shapes. Round breast implants are the same shape all over and make the breasts appear fuller. The advantages of round breast implants include:

  • A fuller upper breast,
  • Less likelihood of implant rippling, and
  • A smooth, soft implant shell can be used.

Teardrop implants (sometimes called ‘gummy bear’ or ‘form stable’ implants) are tapered at the top and thicker at the bottom. This implant is ideal for women who don’t want to risk looking “fake. The advantages of teardrop breast implants include:

  • A reduced risk of ‘wrinkling’ due to the type of gel used,
  • Natural looking breasts with fullness at the bottom of the breast, and
  • A reduced risk of developing capsular contracture.

3 Type of breast implants

Breast implants are made from silicone gel or saline. A smaller incision for breast implant placement is required with saline filled breast implants. After the Breast Surgeon is happy with the placement, the implants are filled with saline. Compared to silicone filled implants, saline breast implants can look less natural.

Because silicone gel filled breast implants are pre-filled, they require a longer incision for implantation. Many patients prefer silicone implants because they look softer and more natural. You can read more about the types of breast implants here

4 Breast implant position

The breast implant can be placed either over the muscle or under the muscle. The advantage of “over the muscle” is that pectoral muscle activity or strength will not negatively influence the position or movement of the implant. While pain tolerance varies, “over the muscle” breast augmentation operation is generally less painful for the patient. Generally, placing an implant above the muscle results in excellent breast implant results and a high level of patient satisfaction.

The advantage of the under the muscle approach is that it disguise and can cover up the upper part of the implant. In some chest and breast shapes, this option will deliver a better look than “over the muscle”. The disadvantage of “under the muscle” is that some patients may experience movement or flattening of their breasts when they use their pectoral muscle.

To achieve a natural looking breast augmentation, consult with a highly skilled and trained Breast Surgeon with experience in deciding and delivering the best results for their patients.

Are there any complications with breast augmentation surgery?

Any complications associated with breast augmentation surgery will depend on the type of implant used. While detailed and careful surgical planning aims to minimise risks, it’s important to know what these risks are.

Breast implant rupture

Breast implants rupture because of normal life activities that repetitively flex, fold, and place pressure on the implant wall. While the average expected life of breast implant is around 20 years, ruptures can occur sooner or later. If a silicone breast implant ruptures, it’s usually not detected by the patient (a silent rupture).

Breast enhancement scars

After your breast augmentation surgery, there will be a small scar that is usually under your breast (in the fold) through which the breast implant has been inserted. These scars generally fade over time, but will never disappear completely.

Further surgery over life

Most women who have had their breasts enhanced will need to have a further operation at some point in their life. This surgery is needed to revise, replace or remove the breast implants.

Want to get breast enhancement surgery?

Breast enhancement surgery can help improve your self-esteem and confidence. While millions of breast augmentation surgeries are successfully carried out every year, it’s important to know there are potential risks and complications. Being realistic about your own situation and anatomy is essential to achieving satisfaction with your breast augmentation outcome.

Taking your time to research and consult with quality Breast Surgeons will help you achieve the breast enhancement result you want. Find the best Australian Breast Surgeons here

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