So you have picked your surgeon, booked a date and now its time to get things organised.

By July 3, 2015 October 30th, 2017 Plastic Surgeons, Procedures

With the help of our lovely forum members, we have collated the perfect post breast augmentation checklist.

  1. Surgeon or nurse post op contact number
  2. Post op instructions from your surgeon
  3. Boomerang or U shaped Pillow for sleeping upright
  4. Travel pillow for your neck
  5. Cushions to build a pillow fort
  6. 2 post op bras so you can alternate on washing days
  7. Button or zip up blouses, hoodies or onezies if your hibernating at home
  8. Dry shampoo so you can avoid washing your hair for as long as possible
  9. Frozen peas or ice packs (for all that post op swelling)
  10. Micropore tape for your incisions
  11. Baby wipes for freshening up
  12. A small pillow or cloth to provide a barrier between you and your seatbelt on the way home
  13. Pre prepare some frozen meals so you don’t have to cook
  14. DVD’s to entertain you whilst your recovering
  15. download an app to log and remind you when to take your medication
  16. Fibre supplement or stool softener (a side affect of pain medication)
  17. Post op pain medication
  18. Straws (because you cant underestimate how hard it is to drink out of a bottle post op)

All the best with your op!

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