The girls behind Cosmetic Journey!

By June 8, 2015 October 30th, 2017 News
PSF Trio

The last 12 months have been a roller-coaster ride at Cosmetic Journey, with new features being rolled out every month and plenty more coming your way. Our goal is make Cosmetic Journey the go-to place for plastic surgery in the Asia-Pacific region and it’s all down to the awesome trio who work tirelessly behind the scenes.



Founder and forum manager

Emily, the Plastic Surgery Forum’s founder and manager is an Australian mum of 6. She founded the Plastic Surgery Forum back in 2010 from her home in Adelaide. After having twins, Emily was researching abdominoplasty and found there was a real lack of online information from real patients. Since 2010, the PSF forum has continued to grow to include over 10,000 members.

These days, Emily spends her time between being a mum of 6 and overseeing all the changes happening at PSF.

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Community & marketing manager

Cassie has been part of PSF since 2012 and is our moderator in chief. Although her background is in law, Cassie jumped on board as a moderator not long after joining the forum to research her cosmetic surgery procedure. After graduating with a Bachelor Arts/Law, Cassie decided to do a complete 180 and join PSF full time. As the resident moderator on the forum, Cassie provides a bridge between the forum community and the Plastic Surgeons who have joined PSF.

Aside from moderating, Cassie works with our surgeons to provide useful content to the forum community, as well as heading up all of our social media. If you ever have a problem on the forum, or have an idea that you would like to share, Cassie is your person.

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Sales manager

With leadership and sales experience in Australian and world leading companies such as Apple, Yellow & White Pages, Myer and Coles, Marian joined the PSF in early 2015. Her vast and varied experience in sales makes her the perfect person to head up our sales team.

Marian is responsible for signing up Plastic Surgeons to our Clinician Directory and making sure they all meet the relevant criteria to be listed at PSF. If your surgeon isn’t listed in our Directory and you think they should be, send them Marian’s way.

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