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Are you considering getting breast augmentation surgery?

Or maybe you’ve been researching boob job surgery and want to know more information from a patient point of view?

Brittney Lee Saunders explains why she decided to get a boob job , what the recovery after breast augmentation surgery was like and reveals her look 6 months after the boob job.

Brittney Lee Saunders explains that she decided to get a boob job because she was unhappy with her naturally small breasts (between an A and B cup).

She chose to get breast augmentation surgery to increase the size of her breasts and to increase her confidence.

What I considered before I chose the shape, size and type of breast implants

At Brittney Lee Saunders consultation with her Plastic Surgeon she told him that she wanted, “something natural that didn’t look fake or too big.”

When you choose a breast implant you need to consider the cup size, choose between a round or teardrop shape breast implant, choose a textured or smooth implant and decide how many cc’s you want.

Because she wanted a natural look, she chose a 375 cc teardrop shape textured implant.

How I chose my Plastic Surgeon

Researching and selecting a Plastic Surgeon to perform your breast augmentation is very important.

Brittney Lee Saunders recommends that you “don’t go somewhere because it’s cheap or because they can do your boob job next week. When it comes to selecting your Plastic Surgeon my advice would be to do your research and read real reviews from girls who have had their boobs done with the Surgeon you’re considering.”

dr nicholas moncrieff cosmetic surgeon

(Dr Nicholas Moncrieff)

While she originally researched Sydney based Plastic Surgeons she decided to choose a local Plastic Surgeon close to her home, Dr Nicholas Moncrieff from Hunter Plastic Surgery.

The cost of my breast augmentation surgery

While Brittney Lee Saunders acknowledges many people choose to have breast augmentation surgery overseas, it was important to her to be close to home and to have a highly trained and experienced Australian Plastic Surgeon perform the surgery.

Her out of pocket expense was just over $10,000 and included follow up appointments.

How I recovered after my boob job surgery

On the day of her surgery, Brittney Lee Saunders was excited but not nervous. In recovery she felt drowsy and slightly nauseous but had no pain.

The day after surgery her chest felt a bit sore, like she had done a big chest workout at the gym. During the first 4 days after surgery she slept a lot and rested.

For the first 6 weeks she wore a compression bra 24/7. This helps to support the breast implants and assists with the healing process.

What I look like 6 months after my breast augmentation surgery

After her 6-month check up with her Plastic Surgeon Brittney Lee Saunders notes that, “my boobs are doing great, they just feel like they’re a part of me now”

Since her breast augmentation surgery, the breast implants have softened and dropped into place more. The scars sit perfectly in the crease of her breasts and are “not a big deal”.

hunter plastic surgery glassBrittney Lee Saunders highlights the importance of choosing a Plastic Surgeon in her local city instead of her capital city.

“I felt trust from the first time I sat down with him. When you’re doing something like this to your body, you’re changing something on your body. You must trust that person because they are going to be doing things to your body.”

Find the best Australian Plastic Surgeons specialising in breast augmentation

Every successful boob job surgery begins with a successful consultation with the Plastic Surgeon.

Taking your time to research and consult with several Breast Surgeons will help you achieve the breast enhancement result you want. Find the best Australian Breast Surgeons here.

To get the best result possible, it is important that you have this procedure performed in a reputable medical clinic or hospital with highly trained, qualified and experienced Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Nurses.

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