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 Andrew Greensmith

Andrew Greensmith

  • Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery
  • Malvern, Victoria, Australia
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Breast Implant Revision, Rhinoplasty

I have had both Rhinoplasty and Breast Implant revision with Dr Andrew Greensmith and I am so so so happy with the results! His staff Lee and Bibiana, his nurses and himself make a fantastic team together- they have great communication and are extremely helpful and informative. From my first consult up until months after surgery I have felt very cared for, no question or request is too hard for the team and they are constantly insuring that I am happy! Mr Greensmith took the time I needed to go through my options for both surgeries, he ensured I understood everything and never made me feel rushed. For my rhinoplasty he even showed me a digital representation on how it would look using a digital 3D photography computer system (comparing them now after the surgery it was actually very accurate)! On the lead up to the surgeries (these were done a few months apart) all my questions were answered and I was very excited and confident that I was in the best hands possible! Lee and Bibiana also sent me information packs and gave me friendly calls before and after my surgery. Right before and after the surgeries Mr Greensmith came to see me to ensure I was feeling relaxed and happy (it is very assuring to know how much he cares for his patients)! At the hospital (I went to The Avenue Melbourne) the rooms were new and luxurious, and the staff, nurses and doctors there were all so kind- it was very nice to hear so many of them speak so highly of Dr Greensmith even when he wasn't around to hear them. After my surgeries my follow up appointments (in person and sometimes on the phone) were wonderful- the staff and Mr Greensmith continued to be so helpful and caring towards me. Overall my recoveries went very well, with my nose I had almost no bruising (just some normal swelling which went down itself pretty fast) and with my breasts I was walking around like nothing had happened the day after! (I had some slight and normal tingling of the nerves but I got some great advise which was to gently tap them to stop the sensation). It has now been 4 months since my breast revision and I have gone from a huge 12E (375cc) to a perfect perky C/D (180cc) and I feel so much happier with my body proportions. With my nose I am so much happier with a smaller size, I am no longer afraid of profile photos and feel so confident within myself. Dr Andrew Greensmith is a very joyful, talented surgeon who cares SO MUCH for his patients and is so skilled in what he does. He has a vibrant personality (which is very comforting in hospital) and an amazing reputation for his skill in plastic surgery. I highly recommend anyone interested in plastic surgery to see Dr Andrew Greensmith as I am sure you will be as happy as me!


Breast Augmentation

I had surgery with Andrew Greensmith a year ago now, this was the best decision of my life! Although my consult feels like forever ago, i remember feeling very confident and at ease with dr Greensmith, he is the only consult I had, and I booked surgery at the consult as I was very happy. He listened to what I wanted and really cared but was also realistic at the same time, not once did I feel rushed or anything. I had done a lot of reaserch and before my consult, had found out that some of my nurse co-workers had worked with him in theatre/surgery and could not speak more highly of his results. On the day of surgery I felt very at ease, the entire team was great, when I woke up I had no pain (thanks to the local) and I had under the muscle placement. I had drains in both sides and thought it would be very hard to move about but it was actually quite easy. The follow up care has been amazing as well, I’m in love with the result I have and have even had friends who naturally have big breasts that I am their boob goals! I didn’t want the fake bolt on look, but I wanted it to look like I have had a boob job, and I think the result is perfect! And my scars (under boob) are almost unnoticeable! Everyone I have shown can not believe how good they are. I would highly reccomend this surgeon!



I am now 7 months post-op after my septorhinoplasty with Andrew Greensmith and I could not recommend him highly enough. He is professional, kind, experienced, extremely skilled and realistic about what can be achieved. During my initial consultation with Mr Greensmith, he knew exactly what changes I wanted to be made to my nose without me even having to tell him. He was very patient with me, he answered all my questions (of which I had many) and I left the consult with great confidence in his abilities. He also emphasised that the procedure was about improvement rather than perfection but I honestly think that my result is perfect. It's just what I wanted and I am so happy with it. My procedure took place only 8 weeks after my consult and I was able to see the result just a week after that. My septorhinoplasty looks so natural, my breathing has improved and nobody has even noticed that I had a procedure done. I was thrilled with my result the moment that I saw it and as the swelling continues to go down every day, I am loving it even more. The entire experience was great, extremely positive and painless! And the staff at both the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery and Stonnington Day Surgery were very helpful, friendly and competent. Andrew Greensmith is an absolutely incredible surgeon and I recommend him so, so highly!!


Breast Augmentation

Couldn't fault Dr Greensmith, I am over the moon with my results! He recommended the perfect size for my frame, not too big and not too small. And they have looked so natural from the start. Cannot recommend him enough!


Breast Augmentation

I am currently 9 days post op and I could not be happier! All the staff are wonderful and Dr Greensmith really knows what he is doing. I had 350cc UHP Eurosilicone round implants with a dual plane pocket. BWD is 11cm and projection is 5.1cm. I was traveling from out of town to have my surgery so had a skype consultation with Dr Greensmith. I had done a lot of research and had a full page of notes to ask. By the end of the consult he had answered all my questions before I asked. I had my sizing consultation the day before my surgery. He was very good at picking the implant size. He said to me: now I am picking out some sizers. some that I think are too small some that are the right size and some far too big. I want you to try them on and see that you agree with me. I 100% agreed with his choice of sizes, we decided between 325cc and 350cc, and that he would make the final decision on the table. My Anaesthetist was also brilliant on the day. He gave me just the right amount that I was comfortable. I went into surgery just after 7am and was back at my hotel by 11am. I didn't feel groggy, and only felt nauseous when my pain meds were due. Had my drains out the day after my surgery. The nurse that looked after me for that appointment and my 1 week dressing change was absolutely lovely. She counted me down with taking out my drains, and was very nice to me. I am due to head back to Melbourne in august for my 6-8 week follow up appointment. I am so happy with my results so far, even in these early days, and I am so glad I chose Dr Greensmith and his team at Yourbreast Melbourne! To see photos please add me as a gallery friend.



Dr Andrew Greensmith is the most amazing, talented surgeon and I highly recommend him. I am 8 weeks post op on my Septorhinoplasty and I couldn't be happier, he has done an amazing job and I believe he is the best of the best. He has such a lovely manner, he is professional, puts you at ease, an excellent communicator with extensive experience in his field. The whole experience from start to finish has been amazing, the staff, the hospital, the follow up consultations. I had done a lot of research prior to choosing a Surgeon to consult with and all Dr Greensmith's credentials are excellent but upon meeting him, I knew he was the one and I was right, I am over the moon with the result.


Breast Augmentation

I highly recommend Andrew, from his friendly receptionist to his p.a, the nurse's everyone was very helpful and made you feel comftable the whole time. Andrew was very informative with all the information I needed and answered all of my questions in detail.. very helpful with helping me choose my size to achieve very natural looking breast after two children I couldn't be more happier with the result a++*
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