How soon after Upper Blepharoplasty can you have a correction?

14 days ago I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty + laser resurfacing. Swelling now minimal. Pre-op undefined eyelid, sagging/crepey sat on eyelashes. Result hoped for was just a refresh of eyes, no real change in eye shape and to have a small eyelid more

Eyesnomore 14/02/2021 NSW

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Lower eyelid revision retraction and blunted corners

3 years ago after botched lower blepharoplasty. I got retraction, dry eye, and blunted corners complications. My longer almond eyes converted to round lifeless pulled down eyes. Anyone can suggest or help something for revision?

Anonymous 27/10/2020 Australia

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Blepharoplasty repair

Hi I had upper lower blepharoplasty and am so unhappy with the results. I have bubbling skin on right side of eye and a big skin fold down left eye. Both my eyes are different sizes/ shape and I have large scars. I am looking for someone who can help me fix more

Hidden 04/09/2016 NSW

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Help! Is this right for me?

This is something that has been bothering me for years, I've tried Botox and also tear fillers. I feel like your eyes are the window to your soul and mine look tired and old. Is this procedure right for me? I'm only 23 and I have horrible under eye wrinkles more

Tegandasha 17/07/2016 WA

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What would be the best procedure?

My outer eyelids are starting to droop and I am not sure what would've the best procedure. I would like to lift the outer eyelid slightly and get rid of the fatty bit on the edge. Not sure I'd blephoplasty / brow lift / facelift or some type of fat removal more

Sel0303 26/06/2016 NT

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