Skin lightening of anus, lazer or creams

I am a fair skinned girl with a dark anus. I am wanting it lighter. Is there a procedure other than slow acting creams that can give lasting results??

Tru Wright 20/01/2024 WA

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Fat pad on lower butt

I have a fat pad underneath one butt cheek and I'm not sure what will help it go away. I've had it for as long as I can remember and I doesn't go away no matter how skinny or in shape I am.

Mrs.Valentine 24/05/2024 WA

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Recommended surgeons for BBL and Lipo in Melbourne

Hello, I'm looking to undergo BBL and Liposuction here in Melbourne and seeking recommendations on accredited surgeons who are experienced in performing these procedures. I'm keen to ensure that the surgeons I proceed with has good expertise and experience more

SeekingSexyCurves 19/11/2023 VIC

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