I can see they're asymmetric, are they tuberous too? Slightly freaking out!

LSmith April 23rd, 2016 VIC

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Plastic Surgeon
    Queensland, Australia

    Hi LSMITH. 
    Thank you for posting your question and photos. In answering your question, I am presuming that you are considering breast augmentation/enhancement. 
    Some of the typical clinical features of tuberous breasts include a high inframammary fold (breast crease), an enlarged, puffy, "herniated" nipple areolar complex, and a narrow or constricted base of breast on the chest. I don't think your photos suggests any of these features, and therefore I don't believe you have tuberous breasts. A thorough examination and discussion of your goals with a plastic surgeon however will alleviate your concerns and equip you with a better understanding of your current clinical state and what can be achieved through surgery.
    I hope this information helps, and all the very best.
    Warm regards,
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     Ellis Choy

    Ellis Choy

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    Plastic Surgeon
    New South Wales, Australia

    Hi there,
    Thank you for your photos and questions.
    Don't freak out! Your breasts are NOT tuberous at all! Tuberous breasts are specific constricted breast base anomalies characterised by a constellation of features such as tubular "pointy" breast shape, varying degree of breast hypoplasia (underdevelopment) especially in lower poles, enlarged or even herniated nipple areolar complex etc.
    In short, I think you're a great candidate for primary breast augmentation with potential excellent surgical outcome. It'll be wise to seek a formal consultation with a specialist plastic surgeon for further in depth clinical assessment.
    Hope that helps.
    Best wishes
    Ellis Choy
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    Dr. Alex Phoon

    Alex Phoon

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    Plastic Surgeon
    New South Wales, Australia

    Hi LSmith,
    All breasts are asymmetrical. It's hard to assess this from 2 oblique photos but the asymmetry certainly doesn't look profound. The good news here is that you do not have tuberous breasts and you would be a good candidate for breast augmentation. 
    Feel free to have a look at my webpage here . I've made an essential series of videos for patients considering breast augmentation that most patients find helpful.
    Best regards,