How many CC’s in a D cup?

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How many CC’s in a D cup you ask? How long is a piece of string? Yeah,I know answers like that are so not helpful, but if you think about all the variations in cup size and band width you can see where I am coming from.
Plastic surgeons must be inundated with this question because Dr Pouria Moradi set out to conduct scientific research in order to answer the question once and for all.
Well more specifically, and perhaps more relevant, Dr Moradi conducted research to determine how many CC’s equate to a cup size increase.

To find the answer to the age old question, three sample bra cup sizes taken from different brands with a standard size 12 band size. These were measured using three different techniques such as water displacement and linear geometric calculations.
The most accurate and reproducible method of calculation was the 3D reconstruction using computed tomography (CT) images.

Following this, 35 patients who underwent breast augmentation by a single surgeon from 1 Feb - 30 June 2023 were analysed.

The results of the study concluded that average volume per cup size was….



Or, more specifically

130cc for band with between 8-10

150cc for a band with of 12-14

SO there you have it, thanks Dr Moradi

PSF would like to thank Dr. Pouria Moradi for his input into this blog post.

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