The latest anti-aging treatments to try in 2017

By March 20, 2017 October 30th, 2017 Procedures

We’re only three months into 2017, but the year is already debuting several new anti-aging treatments. Whether you’re looking to smooth out wrinkles and lines, banish under-eye bags or tweak body parts, you have many new options to explore.

Smooth out wrinkles and lines

In January, headlines trumpeted an exciting discovery: Scientists have now discovered a way to regenerate adipocytes, which are the fatty cells responsible for giving skin its fresh, youthful appearance. These cells are lost when scarring or ageing occurs. The discovery brings scientists a step closer to developing both anti-ageing treatments and ways to heal wounds without leaving scars.

Until then, a new injectable collagen (Cellifique) is getting excellent, natural-looking results at smoothing the fine lines under eyes. Many doctors avoid applying fillers under the eyes due to the Tyndall effect (the blue cast that is created when the active ingredient in traditional fillers, hydaluronic acid, shows through the skin. But with Cellifique, the area absorbs the filler without discolouration. The treatment is debuting in Europe in the spring, before expanding to other countries.

Banish under eye bags

Traditionally, the only way to rid yourself of under eye bags was plastic surgery. However, when a molecule called XAF5, which is most commonly found in glaucoma treatments, is applied in ointment form, eye bags deflate with three months of nightly use.

Scientists are now investigating whether XAF5 ointments achieve similar results on fat stored elsewhere in the body.

Even out skin tone and texture

Microdermabrasion is officially old hat when it comes to addressing fine lines and age spots. DermaPen features closely grouped, superfine needles, which create microscopic holes in the skin. This process stimulates collagen and elastin production by triggering your skin’s healing response. The increase in collagen and elastin results in improved skin tone and texture, which continues to improve over time. Along with a reduced recovery time (from a few hours to between 2 to 3 days) over microdermabrasion, DermaPen also offers patients the ability to get some sun exposure without adverse effects, as opposed to completely avoiding the sun during recovery.

Get tailored breast implants

Each woman’s breast shape is unique, so round implants aren’t always appropriate when it comes to breast enhancement. Allergen has released its tailored breast implant product to market;  previously the product was reserved for breast cancer patients undergoing reconstructive surgery. That means that women can now achieve a look that’s ideally suited for them.

Threadlift body parts

Thread lifts have become popular in recent years to treat sagging facial skin. The procedure has now become available for use elsewhere on the body, such as the knees, buttocks and breasts. Like facial thread lifts, threads with little cones are inserted in the area. The cones then grab the given tissue and lift the area, while also inducing collagen production so that the effect becomes enhanced as time passes. Say goodbye to aged, saggy knees!

Use enhanced injectables

Some injectables on the market produce lumps when filling in the given area. But two enhanced injectables are ready to treat under the eye and lips with smooth results.

Newcomer Teosyal works wonders on thin skin due to its pliable nature. Teosyal applies softly and smoothly to fill in the area while blending in effortlessly.

In a similar vein, Volbella and Restylane are hyaluronic acid injectables designed to smooth forehead crinkles and give lips a hydrated, naturally enhanced look. The results are extremely natural and last for up to 6 months or 12 months, respectively.

Eliminate fat deposits

Almost every woman and many men have cellulite and the accompanying dimpled skin. Most cellulite treatments to date have been surgical, so a new injectable solution called Ziaflex is a cellulite game-changer: the solution breaks down cellulite chemically. Only two or three treatments are required, and the process is both simple and painless. Results are expected to last for an extended period.

Another body shaping treatment called the UltraShape System offers a palatable alternative to liposuction. Instead of an invasive procedure that results in significant pain, bruising and an average two week recovery time, patients can have ultrasound energy target fat in given areas. The ultrasound energy breaks apart the fat cells, which disintegrate and move to the liver or elimination. UltraShape is the first system that is non-invasive, which means no downtime, side effects or risk of infection. Patients can return to work the same day and achieve visible results within two weeks of the treatment. UltraShape can resolve stubborn body fat in areas such as the abdomen, thighs and waist.

PSF would like to thank Dr Michael Zacharia, ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon for his input into this blog post.


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