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By October 5, 2015 October 30th, 2017 Plastic Surgeons

Peter, along with his good friend Dr George Marcells (FRACS) ENT, are leading the charge in Rhinoplasty education. Despite ENT and Plastic Surgeons both performing rhinoplasty surgery, there has never been much intermingling between the specialities. For a long time, many have held the view that an ENT surgeon approaches the nose from the inside out with plastics approaching the surgery from the outside in. That is, an ENT surgeon would address the function of the nose then the aesthetics and vice versa.

With differing approaches to rhinoplasty surgery, “collaboration is the fastest road to excellence in rhinoplasty” says Dr Callan. With this collaborative ideal in mind, Dr Peter Callan and Dr George Marcells have brought together the AAFPS (Australiasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery) and the ASPS (Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons) and created the first Annual Conference & Master Symposium, focusing on functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty.

With some of the worlds most recognised leaders in Rhinoplasty in attendance, this progressive event highlights the role of education and ongoing training in surgical techniques and how critical this element is to the ongoing development of skills. Rhinoplasty is recognised as one of the most difficult and technically challenging surgeries that both ENT’s and Plastic Surgeons perform. Both Dr Peter Callan and Dr George Marcells recognise the need to put emphasis on surgeons developing the skills that they already have and to be better at what they are already doing. Nowhere in surgery is that more important than rhinoplasty. Every nose is different, and to achieve consistency of form and results is surgery of nuance, based on a large base of experience and knowledge.

An event like this, can only benefit future patients of Rhinoplasty here in Australia. Here at PSF we are very excited to be a part of this event, so keep an eye out on this blog and social media to keep up to date.


Dr. Peter Callan
PSF would like to thank Dr. Peter Callan who specialises in ‘rhinoplasty’ for his input into this video.

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