Mona Lisa Touch: Can a laser really help you down there?

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No matter your age, if you have had children your likely to understand the concepts “stress incontinence” “stress urgency” and “skin laxity” when it comes to our post partum hoohas!
For those who don’t, lucky you!!!

The Mona Lisa Laser is touted as an advanced laser for “vaginal rejuvenation” whatever that means.
Its shown to have a high effectiveness rate and has next to no down time, making this an attractive, non surgical alternative for post-childbirth or post menopausal women.

So what exactly does the Mona Lisa treat?
Well, the Mona Lisa Laser is marketed as a “revolutionary treatment for vaginal atrophy or ageing”.
The symptoms of vaginal atrophy are listed as:

1. Vaginal dryness or itchiness
2. Burning sensations and irritations of the vagina
3. Fissuring of the opening of the vagina
4. Pain during sexual intercourse (Dyspateunia)
5. Vaginal pain

Its not like monthly menstruation from our early teens are not a massive inconvenience, I guess its another thing for us women to look forward to hey.
According to the MonaLisa Touch website, more then 40% of menopausal and post menopausal women will suffer some of the symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy. GREATTTTTTT!!!
But there are another category of woman who are flocking to try the MonaLisa: Mums.

Apparently the Mona Lisa can also help with common post pregnancy and childbirth symptoms. I am sure most mums reading this know what I am talking about and if you don’t, go jump on a trampoline for five minuets and then come back and finish reading this 🙂

When Dr Craig Rubinstein from Cosmetic Surgery for Women in Hawthorn Victoria invited PSF to learn more about this new treatment and being the awesome crash test dummies that we are, we have summarised the whole process for you.

The consultation:

Before you can treated with the MonaLisa touch laser, you will participate in a consultation process that goes for roughly 15 minuets. You may be given a questionnaire to rate your symptoms on a severity scale of 1-10.
Following this, a proper inspection of your nether regions is essential. The doctor needs to determine that there are no other causes for you symptoms such as a vaginal prolapse which cannot be treated with the MonaLisa laser.

The treatment:

With everything all hunky dory, the Dr then must remove all remnants of moisture from inside your lady parts. This can be uncomfortable but if you have ever had a pap smear (which you all should have), that is way worse.

Once you are all prepped, the laser will gently be inserted into the vagina. This can be uncomfortable but should not be painful. The treatment itself should last no more then 10 mins and then your on your way.
The MonaLisa is marketed as having no downtime and this was certainly our experience. You will however need to abstain from intercourse and tampons for 5-7 days post treatment.


It is recommended that you have at least 3 treatments, one month apart. The results are meant to be long lasting but some women may go for top up treatments every 12-18 months if needed.

For the women out there reading this, our first piece of advice is do your kegel exercises but if your like me and it just isn’t cutting it, then you may want to see if the Mona Lisa Laser might work for you.

Treatment prices can vary greatly from clinic to clinic so shop around.

You can find out more about the MonaLisa at

PSF would like to thank the ‘Cosmetic Surgery For Women‘ and Dr. Craig Rubinstein for their input into this blog.

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