Research & Self Evaluation Steps That Anyone Considering Plastic Surgery Should Follow

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Considering plastic surgery? Follow our guide of steps from “thinking about it” to the surgeon’s office!

Step 1: Figure out if you “really want” the surgery

Finding out whether surgery is really right for you should be the first step of your plastic surgery journey. And you know what that means? Having a real think about whether it’s right for you. If you’ve just seen a picture of someone who’s looking fabulous after having a brow lift then you might think that it’s a great idea for you too.

We recommend putting the idea on ice for a month, coming back and seeing if you’re still wanting it. If you’re ready, then you can continue!

Step 2: Ask for trusted friends or family members opinions

While many family and friends will give you the old, “You look amazing just the way you are!”, there will be a few in your life that will be able to give you an informed opinion. Seek out friends or family that you trust, and that you know are open to the idea of cosmetic surgery, and ask them for their opinion on whether they think the procedure would suit you.

Step 3: Use review sites to evaluate the surgery itself

There of plenty of review sites getting about that give great, in depth reviews of surgeries. This might include:

  • before and after pictures
  • surgeon wrap ups
  • healing times
  • overall satisfaction with the procedure itself
  • worries before and after the surgery
  • and more!

Step 4: Read up on current techniques of your desired surgery

Plastic surgery has come a long way since it started to rise in popularity in the 1980s. Since then, procedures have changed in techniques, implants, tools, and more. What was once used then is no longer used now due to technology advancements.

Learning about up to date techniques for your chosen procedure will ensure that you don’t undergo an outdated technique simply because your surgeon has not updated their practices in a really long time. It certainly pays to do your research!

Step 5: Find out average costs for surgery

You want to make sure that you aren’t being massively overcharged for your surgery, and you should also be wary of very low prices on surgeries too. Generally, a low price may mean a clinic where they cut corners, or a surgeon who is trying to get some more practice. An overinflated price may mean a money grab, or it may just indicate a really in demand, top notch surgeon.

Step 6: Look into plastic surgeons reputations

Now’s the time to start to narrow down which surgeon you would like to see. Use review sites such as RealSelf and Facebook to see how other people are reviewing each surgeon. You want to look for a surgeon that has consistently high reviews from a number of different people. Make sure to read the reviews themselves to make sure the reviewer is not just giving a lousy score for something such as them not liking the clinic interior decorating!

Step 7: Consult with at least 3 plastic surgeons

We always recommend going and seeing a few different plastic surgeons for a consultation before you settle on one. Each surgeon will have different ways of going about things, a different manner, different prices, staff, etc. Going to see a few different surgeons will give you peace of mind that you are choosing the right doctor for your procedure. There’s no need to rush – after all, this will be something that can change your look forever.

Author Bio

Dr Michael Zacharia is a Sydney-based surgeon specialising in Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT). Having performed more than 4,000 nose job surgeries in his career, Dr Zacharia offers expertise, natural-looking results, and personalised care to patients in Sydney and the region.

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