The Breast and Body Event

By July 29, 2015 October 30th, 2017 News
Breast & Body

From left: Marian Drummond, Dr Craig Rubinstein, Cassie McNeill, Dr Alex Pritchard-Davies

On Thursday night the girls from PSF were invited to attend the breast and body event held by Dr Craig Rubinstein and the surgeons from Cosmetic Surgery for Women.

The night was very informative and everyone had a lot of fun.
 We learned a little about about the golden ratio of beauty often referred to as PHI and why this is important in plastic surgery and in particular injectables. The important factor here is that an injector should be aware of the PHI ratios when injecting fillers and using botox to alter the appearance of your face. Did you know, some of the worlds most beautiful faces, all perfectly fit the PHI proportions?

We then heard from Dr Alex Pritchard-Davies about the Mona Lisa touch laser and the vaginal symptoms it is used to treat. The symptoms include vaginal atrophy, dryness, painful intercourse and stress incontinence to name a few. The usual course of treatment is 3 rounds at 4 weeks apart.

We were introduced to the ‘Mummy makeover’ and how there is has been a shift from ‘I’ll just put up with my post baby body’ towards ‘I am going to get my pre baby body back’. 
This is definitely a trend that we have seen a lot of on the forum here at PSF. Many of our members (myself included) are post child-birth mothers who wish to restore their body back to its previous glory.
 For some this might include a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.

We were shown before and after images of women from all shapes and sizes who had short scar and extended scar incisions and learnt that liposuction is often combined with abdominoplasty surgery and muscle repair to achieve that flat tummy.

Liposuction was a popular topic of the night. There are different category of people who undergo liposuction and how the outcomes of their surgery depend largely on their expectations. Skin tone, genetics and current weight play a vital role in the outcome of the procedure. Those who have good skin tone with only pockets of fat tend to achieve the best results. Those with a higher volume can also get great results. The message of the night here was about managing your expectations.

As always, breast augmentation was the most popular topic of the night. It was fascinating to hear more about correcting breast asymmetry with different implant sizers and getting a deeper understanding of other genetic conditions such as tuberous breast. We had two reps from the implant company ‘Mentor’ who attended and brought with them an array of implant sizes, shapes and textures for the crowd to have a play around with.

Unfortunately, neither Marian or myself won the end of the night raffle, although plenty of attendees walked away with prizes ranging from gourmet chocolates to wine and champagne. Not to worry, no one was left empty handed. We all received a little information bag with a beautiful scented candle.

The night was a great success and it was fantastic to mingle among the surgeons and clients at Cosmetic Surgery for women. Melbournian’s – keep your eyes peeled for the next ‘Breast and Body’ event.

Dr. Craig Rubinstein
PSF would like to thank the ‘Cosmetic Surgery For Women‘ and Dr. Craig Rubinstein who specialises in ‘breast surgery’ for his input into this video.

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  • T_M says:

    The Cosmetic Surgery for Women clinic puts on some great events! I agree the before and afters are always interesting to see!