Trapped in excess skin. How plastic surgery after weight loss changed Daniel’s life.

After losing an incredible 90kgs Daniel found that the excess on his body got more and more visible.
“You think that after losing all the weight your going to be normal after the weightloss, then hitting the weight loss and your not normal, you think what am i going to do now”

Daniel made an appointment with specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Jeremy Hunt to see what options were available to surgically remove the excess skin.

Upon assessment, Dr Hunt noted that Daniel was a “young fit man, trapped in excess skin” and the goal for massive weight loss patients such as Daniel. is to “unlock the person from the skin they are trapped in”.

Dr Hunt performed Gynecomastia surgery to address what people call man bobs and a lower body lift to remove and tighten the skin on Daniel’s lower body.


PSF would like to thank Dr. Jeremy Hunt for his input into this blog post.

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