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happy patient 18/05/2024

Breast Reduction

I recently have had breast reduction surgery by Mr. Alan Breidahl. I had been considering this surgery for a long time but was still very skeptical about it. Mr. Breidahl eased all my concerns. No question was too ridiculous for him and I cannot express how kind he was. He went through all the procedure very thoroughly with me and explained every aspect. He addressed the issues that I was anxious about and made me feel at ease on every level. His professionalism is exemplarily. He was always friendly and such a joy to see, as he could appreciate how thrilled I was to be going through with the operation. In hospital, he was attentive beyond belief. He visited every day and always made me feel confident. After care has also been incredible. All his team are very interested in their patients and have made this journey such a joy for me. I would highly recommend Mr. Breidahl, as I already have done. He is not only a very accomplished surgeon, but also a very kind and caring doctor.

Melbourne career girl 28/06/2023

Breast Reduction

Alan is truly excellent. He is professional, dedicated, ensures full patient understanding/ consent and is always available for follow up visits or queries. He also treats his patients with dignity and respect. Oh yes and the surgical results. I have had 2 procedures with AlAn. A tummy tuck and breast reduction. I am truly thrilled with both results; tummy tuck is a few years down the track and breast reduction only 8 weeks old. Scarring for both procedures are fading more quickly than I expected and I now have a flat tummy ( after 2 giant pregnancies!) and perky, sexy and happily smaller breasts! I feel revitalised and very grateful. 10/10 Alan and thank you sincerely.

Alicewoodfall 01/01/2024


I've seen Dr Breidahl for many minor surgeries and he has always been extremely professional and dedicated producing better results than expected. I decided to get a rhinoplasty, septoplasty and terbinectomy to improve my breathing but also the appearance of my nose. To say he is a perfectionist is an understatement... he is punctual, precise and dedicated to achieving the result you are after. Many nurses at the Royal Melbourne Hospital all raved about him being a fantastic surgeon, and I agree. Fantastic work, great team, and amazing results. Extremely happy with his work and would recommend him to anyone wanting a highly skilled dedicated profession for the best results possible.

melbhousewife 30/05/2024

Breast Augmentation

I have found Alan Breidahl to be not only warm but extremely trustworthy. He is a very experienced Surgeon and very knowledgeable. He came highly recommended by two GP's when I asked for a referral. He has performed two procedures on myself and two procedures on my family members who were referred by myself. I am SO THRILLED with the results, and I will see him again in the future in I feel the need for any other procedures. One of my procedures was a Breast Augmentation. I did a lot of keyboard research (watched a lot of YouTube videos) and it looked like a pretty traumatic operation. I was prepared for the worst and made sure I washed my hair before the op as everyone online was saying things like they didn't get off the couch in pain for two weeks or I couldn't wash my hair (lift my arms) for over two weeks etc. So I was ready.....!!! The procedure was set in the excellent Linacre Private Hospital, and went without any hiccups. I was surprised at the lack of pain and my level of comfort. The staff were excellent. I was up and about, showered, dressed myself, stayed overnight, went home the next morning to my children. I carried on as normal, just careful not to exercise or lift anything heavy for three weeks. I was back to work in a week, back to my exercising on the 3 week mark. The pain relief at home and in hospital for only Panadeine Forte, and that was enough. I was very surprised how great they looked right from the start. I experienced mild swelling (normal for shoving a foreign object inside the body!) And I saw Dr Breidahl for one week check up and 6 week check up all without issues. Scars are tiny and neat. My boobs are fantastic and I cannot stop looking at them at every available opportunity!! I would refer Dr Briedahl to anyone, he is welcoming, very thorough, explains everything in detail and answered my trivial (nervous) questions. Thanks Alan 10/10
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