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Messy lower abdomen

Hi there, I'm hoping someone will be able to help with my question. I had my appendix removed when I was 8, a belly button piercing grow out at 19 - which I had re-pierced later, a laparoscopy when I was 21, and two pregnancies at 28 and 29 both delivered by c-section, leaving me with horrible stretch marks and a moderate amount of excess skin. All of this has left me with an extremely messy lower abdomen that I am severly self conscious of. I'm wondering if a tummy tuck will get rid of the majority of scarring? Thank you

PrettyHurts 05/06/2024 QLD

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    You should be able to see a dramatic improvement, but not all your stretch marks and scars can be removed: those above the belly button are particularly difficult to be rid of.
    with best wishes,
    Alan Breidahl

I want to reduce/ slim down my face? Thinking about Jaw reduction/chin reduction/buccal fat removal

As you can see my lower face seems very "full" and "heavy" I would like this full feeling reduced so it is more harmonious with my face. I have a large jaw, cheeks and chin however I am unsure on what could be changed to achieve optimum results. A note regarding the jaw is that the dentist was in shock how large my jaw muscles were, if that affects anything. Thanks.

jacob324 02/06/2024 Australia

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    Hi Jacob,
    There are many different ways of slimming down the face, including liposuction, bone reductions, and buccal fat pad removal. However if your dentist has noted how strong your masseter muscles are then Botox into the muscles is simple and has often had dramatic results in my hands, not only reducing the muscle, but also reducing the size of the mandiblular bone, by decreasing the forces exerted on it. I would try Botox first,
    Alan Breidahl

Confused on implant shape

Hi, I have gotten a few quotes about a BA and have been told that I am not classed as a standard BA, and have been recommended teardrop implants and "refused" to put round in, just wondering if anyone can give me advice on if this is the case or not

KAS-85 14/04/2024 VIC

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    Hi KA,

    Thanks for your post. Personally I don't think anyone is a "standard BA" and each individual requires a thorough assessment of their needs and anatomy before developing an individual plan.

    I quite like round implants as I believe they are more natural than tear drop for the following reasons: softer; more mobile; no sharp ridges; muffin top in a push up bras rather than ridge; don't rotate or flip; when you stand they tear drop shape, yet when you lie down they flow like a normal breast (Tear drop ones are still pointy when you lie down).

    I think you could achieve a pleasing result with round shaped implants.

    Hope that helps,

    Dr Alan Breidahl

Do I need a breast lift for a natural look?

Hello I would love some guidance on what surgery I would need to get a youthful natural look. Would I need a breast lift and augmentation or simply augmetation by itself? I am not interested in a sexy/glamour look, I really don't like the look of large, round implants, I am after natural size and shape. Also during or just before my period my breast change quite significantly, they increase by a half - full size and feel much firmer. I was wondering if I should see a surgeon for a consultation at a particular time or is this something most surgeons would consider? I am 26 with quite droopy and small breasts, probably due to the fact that I was overweight during puberty when they were forming (I am now 5'5 and 58kg). Thanks in advance Lillian

Lillian123 13/03/2024 NSW

  • Answer

    Hi Lillian,

    Thanks for your enquiry. The basic rule of thumb is that if your nipple areolar complex sits above the fold under your breast (infra-mammary fold), then you are suitable for an implant without a lift. This appears to be true in your case from your photographs. However there are other issues to consider, such as the elasticity of your skin. You do have quite low set nipples on your breast, which is another consideration. Your chosen surgeon will be able to assess this with you at consultation. The cost for performing a lift as well as augmentation is extra scars. However on the information provided I think you would do well with augmentation alone. Regarding the time of consultation with respect to your menstrual cycle, it may be sensible to have two consultations, one when your breasts are smaller and one when bigger. Most surgeons will want to see you twice before surgery, so this just requires the planning you have already started.

    Hope this helps,, 

    Alan Breidahl

Lollipop lift with high profile implants?

Do you think it would be possible to get away with a lollipop lift if I also get high profile implants?

Shellie 11/03/2024 NSW

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    Hi Shellie,

    Thanks for your enquiry. I think you would be well suited for a lollipop lift with implants. The beauty of a lift is that you don't necessarily need high profile implants. They are a good tool for avoiding a lift in a patient who is borderline as to whether or not they need a lift. However, on the photo provided, it appears that you do need a lift, so the question is whether you want high or low profile implants; decide this first and then the lift can be tailored to suit the implants you would like.

    With best wishes,


Huge areola's post BA

I am 6 months post breast augmentation with peri-areola lift, 255MP anatomical overs, never breastfed, no children. My 1st question and concern is (with photos - limited to 2) : My areola's were quite small pre-BA and I liked them, they are now enormous - at least 3 to 4 times the size. Is this normal? Can I do anything to fix it as I am very unhappy and embarrassed to be naked. I am planning on seeing my plastic surgeon in a couple of weeks, however I would appreciate feedback from other qualified plastic surgeons in the meantime. My other concern is posted as a new question.

MissLucy 26/02/2024 Australia

  • Answer

    Hi Lucy,

    I agree with Gavin's response, and I also avoid peri-areolar lifts because of this problem of stretching the areolar. To correct this, I believe you need to convert to a lollipop scar as Gavin suggests. Redoing a peri-areolar lift is likely to result in a stretched scar.

    Best wishes,


Help. Over Resected Nose

I've had the worst possible rhinoplasty. I made the mistake of not going to a Plastic Surgeon. My nose has been over resected, leaving me with a scooped out narrow bumpy bridge. It's shapeless under the projected tip and overall it's an extremely unattractive nose lacking structure . I have been told I may need rib graft to restore the bridge which scares me. Is it likely for my nose to ever look normal again - for example, more width and height and a nicer shaped tip given the aggressive over reduction and changes ? Is it also normal to be experiencing pain in the bridge 8 months on from surgery ?

Eli 13/02/2024 NSW

  • Answer

    Hi Eli,

    Thanks for posting. I am so sorry you are not happy with your result.

    Certainly a rib graft can help with an over-resected nose, but if that scares you, there are other options which may help. Placing a dermal (skin) graft under the skin will help to a degree, particularly with the pain and bumpiness, and help to "fill out" the nose. Other options include a finely diced cartilage graft, taking the graft from your ear. A more temporary but simple option is to inject the nose with a filler such as HA. This may need to be repeated every year or two.

    Good luck,


Chin liposuction Gold Coast / Brisbane

Hi there, I'm looking at getting a chin/neck liposuction done. Ideally it would be a Vaser one. I can't seem to find a qualified surgeon in the Gold Coast / Brisbane area that does Vaser! By qualified I mean one who's a member of FRACS, M.B.B.S, F.R.C.S... Also I would like your opinion on my chin. Do you think I would need a chin implant? Not sure I'm ready for it just yet but wonder if you would recommend it. Thank you so much for your help, I'm really looking forward to finding the good surgeon!

cloudybay 05/02/2024 NSW

  • Answer

    Thanks for your post.

    Neck liposuction works well for those patients under 35, which your photos suggest you are. I would personally avoid Vaser, as in my hands I can achieve good results in your age group using traditional techniques and small diameter cannulas, with less risk of damaging the skin. With regards to a chin implant, this needs to be assessed in balance with your full face, taking into account particularly your nose and cheek bones. Facial harmony is about balancing all the parts.

    With best wishes,


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