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Richard was able to make me feel comfortable throughout the whole process, he understood what I wanted done and was able to tell me exactly what he would do to meet my expectations. Richard and the staff at Body Recon were all really professional and were able to answer all my questions. Its been just over 2 months since my surgery and I'm feeling happy and confident with my nose.


Breast Augmentation

I got my breasts done by Richard Rahdon and have been very satisfied throughout the entire process and with the end result. The whole team at Body Recon were very professional, informative and supportive. I would highly recommend Richard for a breast augementation.


Breast Augmentation

After breastfeeding 2 children and becoming very self conscious about my breasts, I decided to get breast augmentation surgery. Dr Rahdon made me feel comfortable from the get go. He was very professional, honest, listened to my thoughts and what I wanted to achieve, and was very understanding. He explained everything in great detail and was reassuring. His assistant Di took care of all the admin side of things very promptly and nothing was ever too much trouble for her. On the day of the surgery I felt I was in very good hands after being reassured by Dr Rahdon. After the surgery he provided his time and care, reiterating what to expect during the recovery process and how to manage. I was further provided with a 24hr contact number for the nurse at Body Recon in case of any emergency post op. I also had a followup phone call the following day to check on how I was going. I can't highly recommend Dr Rahdon and his team enough. He is amazing at what he does and you wont be disappointed. I am now almost 7 weeks post op and absolutely over the moon with my results!


Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck

After loosing a considerable amount of weight and feeling uncomfortable in my own body I decided to enquire about skin removal surgery. I met with Mr Richard Rahdon early October to discuss my options and was immediately put at ease. Richard was very easy to talk to and explained all my different options, he listened to what I wanted to achieve and gave me a couple of quotes for me to look over. Once I decided which procedures I wanted done the process was made very easy by his assistant Di who did an amazing job in getting back to me with any last minute questions I had. On the day of my procedure Richard was very reassuring, calming and funny which help reduce my stress levels. 3 months on and I’m so truly thankful that I made the appointment to speak to Richard, my body is better than I ever thought it could be for a 54yr old woman (don’t let age deter you). Richard and all his staff at Body Recon have been amazing.


Breast Reduction

Dr Rahdon was fabulous from the outset. He explained the surgery in full and provided a comforting experience. I never thought I would be able to have this surgery and after going through the process, I wish I had done it sooner. The recovery was easy and Dr Rahdon was available at short notice if I needed anything checked. He provided amazing results that not only have me looking better, but physically more able and comfortable to go about my day to day. Thank you Dr Rahdon and his staff!


Tummy Tuck

I’d been thinking of having this done for such a long time and I just needed to get on with it. I did a fair amount of research and finally went to see Richard and explained my history and issue. The consult was fine though I felt a little rushed. While I was fairly clear about what I wanted I would have liked a bit of advise on other things which I thought I would have been given. It was completely my fault as I didn’t have the confidence to ask. I called reception to raise my question and Diane was great and said speak to Richard about my issue raised and he would advise me. I raised the issue that I had which was around how wide my thighs might look following my tummy tuck. Richard thought I would be fine but if need be would do some Lypo in that area. I booked in and I ended up with quite a quick cancellation. Richard was late on the morning of the surgery and I was already in the theatre, prepped and waiting for him when he came. Richard commented to me so tummy tuck and boobs to which my response was no just a tummy tuck. That worried me a little as again I just felt that if not had the opportunity to meet with Richard again that morning and I was already in theatre when he arrived. The surgery went well and Richard came to see me afterwards during the three days I was in hospital for and was genuinely interested in my recovery and how I was doing. I’ve had a follow up appointment and the surgery/recovery have gone perfectly fine. I’m very pleased with the surgery that I had on my tummy but I do wish that I had spent a little more time with Richard explaining my concerns about my thighs and I wish that I had the opportunity to mention it and remind him on the morning of the surgery. The lypo that was fleetingly mentioned when I spoke about my thigh concern wasn’t done and it’s certainly an issue for me and something now that I may look at having to deal with separately. Having said all this my consultation with Richard was for a tummy tuck and this procedure worked well and I am more than happy with the results of this. It has given me the desired outcome that I wanted. If I could change anything it would be to speak up a little louder in my concerns and I should have just made sure that I had the further conversation to remind Richard on the morning of the surgery about our conversation regardless as to whether he was running late or not. Would I use Richard again - absolutely I would and I have recommended him to a couple of friends who are also considering this surgery. His staff are also excellent.


Breast Augmentation

I've been wanting a breast augmentation for years after I lost a large amount of weight years ago. I spoke to some medical practitioners who were dismissive of my decision but the minute i spoke to Dr. Rahdon he made me feel like my needs and wants mattered to him. He sat down with me and i immediately felt relaxed, we decided on the best surgery for my body and he welcomed my opinion every step of the way. I had some extra queries leading up to the surgery and Dr. Rahdon was able to have numerous one on one appointments with me - despite being so busy - just so i could ask for his advice on my healing process. I was never made to feel like i was bothering him and he was so supportive. I was in the best hands with Dr. Rahdon, his work is amazing and i am extremely happy with the results. Ive kept my breasts around the same size but they have been lifted approximately 8cm's meaning i can walk around without a bra on and i don't have to hold my boobs when i jog. Its amazing! Once i went home after surgery Dr. Rahdon gave me tips on how to look after my fresh breasts and never made me feel that i was in this alone now that the surgery was over. My healing process has been great and I am so happy with my journey with Dr. Rahdon & Body Recon. I recommend Dr. Rahdon to anyone who is considering life changing surgery such as mine.


Breast Reconstruction

After searching and searching for the right surgeon I knew instantly after Meeting Richard , Richard was the right one for me. He’s expertise, love and knowledge for his craft stood out from the rest . Richard removed my 10 Year old implants that after breast feeding my second born, one had dropped off the muscle and the other had capsular retraction. He replaced my implants Over the muscle and they look better than ever. Rixhard is a perfectionist and in my opinion the best in the business I’m beyond happy with the end result



Dr Rahdon made the process so easy for start to finish. He is professional but also has some humour which made me feel comfortable and less nervous. He answered all of my post op consultation questions with confidence and an abundance of knowledge. The surgery day was really organised and ran smoothly. I had minimal pain after surgery and hardly used any of my pain relief! I’m only 4 months post op so there’s a long way to go in terms of swelling and recovery but so far my nose is looking fantastic. I can’t wait to see the final result once the swelling has fully gone down!


Breast Augmentation

Doctor Rahdon came highly recommended to me by friends and other people I just bumped into. I had looked at a number of surgeons but booked in for a consult with Richard following the recommendation and knew straight away that he would do my surgery. I felt so comfortable with him and trusted him straight away with his professionalism and knowledge. Following my surgery I’ve had zero complications and I love my new boobs! In my case, I was only in hospital for a day stay and I bounced out of surgery like I hadn’t even had a procedure (with a stern warning from everyone that I had, in fact, had major surgery and needed to rest!) I’ve got so much more confidence (That I didn’t even know I was lacking) and they are just perfect. Not only is Richard amazing, but all the staff and other professionals who assisted were so friendly, helpful and accommodating with everything from simple questions to helping when I had a mini melt down pre surgery about my proposed size. I have had nothing but an exceptionally positive experience throughout this and could not recommend Doctor Rahdon and BodyRecon enough.


Breast Augmentation

Highly recommend. I had old 30yr implants removed which had leaked and new implants replaced. Mine was not your typical procedure, but complicated as required a lot of extra surgery, work and skill to remove imbedded silicon and implants from the muscle walls. The results are truly amazing!!! Richard took the extra time and at 58 I truly look fabulous! To top it off it was affordable. Bonus Can’t Thank him enough!!


Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck

I highly recommend Richard Rahdon, he certainly knows his stuff. I was asked if I every got a second opinion, I said “no” as on my first consultation I felt completely confidant & comfortable with Richard and his knowledge. His staff are also lovely and helpful. I was able to email any concerns or questions before and after surgery, with quick response. My first surgery experience has been great, my results AMAZING more than I could imagine. Tummy tuck and breast augmentation in one. Best ever decision.


Tummy Tuck

I was referred to Richard from my melb GP with my intentions to see if I was really keen enough to have the procedure done. After meeting Richard and him explaining the procedure I couldn’t wait to book it in. All my questions were answered and at no time did I feel pressured to go ahead it was more like the time couldn’t come quick enough. It was 6 months between my first consult and the surgery... the entire process was explained and the results truely incredible Richard showed me my before photos and I just couldn’t believe the transformation it really exceeded my expectations... The recovery period was pretty good and as long as you intend to be a fully compliant patient you should breeze through. My body suit that stayed on for the full 6 weeks was my constant companion.. 8 months on still thrilled and just so happy I had it done even at 55 years old. Richard and the entire team are fantastic so very professional and they never hesitated to answer any of my questions or calls. Just meet Richard and the team and you will be convinced.


Tummy Tuck, Blepharoplasty

From the moment I had my first consultation, I felt really comfortable with Richard and his staff. Richard explains the procedure in detail and does not hold back. Richard and his team a very courteous and are always willing to help and provide assistance. He provides a real expectation of what to your post surgery experience is going to be. I could not be happier with Richard’s work. Everyone that I speak with are amazed at the results and so am I. Richard is a perfectionist and will not accept anything else. Richard and his vibrant team are absolutely professional in their approach which made me feel really comfortable. Richard’s aftercare and post surgical visits are exceptional. Dianne works with you to make sure that you are looked after and provides the best appointment options available. I am so glad that I have chosen to undergo this life changing experience with Richard and his team. My self confidence is at an all time high. Thank you Richard and all of the team at Body Recon Geelong.

fibblefobble4 12/10/2017

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

Richard was adamant about me making the right decision for myself. He never pushed me, he was polite, respectful, understanding and put my needs and wants first. I was flat chested so making a decision on what type, style, shape and size was extremely important. I trusted Richard's suggestions and It's been over a year and 3 months since my procedure, and I must say I'm STILL very happy with my results. I did however want D or DD's but my sizing is actually an E-F depending on the bra and my waist. I am happy with the larger size, I did hear women getting smaller sized implants and wishing to go bigger, then going back for a second surgery. luckily I don't have to. I'm pleased with my results regarding my mastopexy, I didn't choose to go through with free lazer scar removal, I am quite happy with my scars, they aren't very noticeable anyway. The aftermath of lazer scar removal is not comfortable (if you don't mind scars, don't do it), furthermore it feels like you've been burnt, any clothing rubbing up against the wounds is unnerving. So I do still have visible scars but they aren't bad (scars don't bother me though). Richard was extremely professional throughout the entire time and the staff he's personally picked to work with him on the day of surgery were exceptionally professional and amazingly comforting, kind, easy to communicate with. The staff members in the Geelong office are fake-nice, felt like I was belittled, frowned upon, looked down at, treated differently. Maybe it was just a vibe but this is how some staff made me feel and it was unpleasant. I have to give amazing credit to the wide eyed anaesthetist, he was sensational in looking after my expected post-anaesthetic nausea. I didn't vomit once. I'm pleased to say above all else, that Richard Rohdon of Body Recon Geelong handled my medical and surgical needs exceptionally and if ever I need plastic/cosmetic surgery again, I will go back to Richard.


Breast Augmentation

Highly recommend Richard and his team at Body Recon Geelong . I had a great experience with my breast augmentation and am extremely happy with the results. He was very knowledgeable in the leading up to my surgery and suggested the perfect size and procedure that suited me. I was borderline lift and opted to not have one but am still extremely happy with results. His girls who work for him are also amazing and very helpful.


Breast Augmentation

Absolutely thrilled with my results and the care given by Richard and the Body Recon team. Thank you very much!


Tummy Tuck

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Richard from my Melbourne based GP from the very first call to book my appointment I felt comfortable. After meeting Richard to discuss my procedure he was so reassuring and easy to talk to he gave me the confidence that I was looking for. He explained it all to me in detail and at no point was there any rush to make a decision however I felt so comfortable and excited I booked the surgery for August. Its now 10 weeks post op and everything is just fabulous Im so happy and have Richard to thank he and the entire team I interacted with over the journey were all wonderful. Just cant say enough great things about Richard. Its now 11 weeks p


Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

I found my experience from the first consultation right through to after my procedure was fantastic from the receptionists, nurses and Richard himself. I would highly recommend Richard and his team.


Breast Reduction

I am 2 months post breast reduction surgery and am extremely happy with the results. Richard Rahdon and his team at Body Recon are amazing, from the initial consult, surgery to the follow up appointments. Richard is very professional and easy to talk to and I felt I was supported throughout the whole experience, with only a phone call or an email away if I had any questions. I would highly recommend Richard Rahdon and his team at Body Recon.


Breast Augmentation

I simply cannot speak highly enough of Dr Richard Rahdon! I have been contemplating breast augmentation for many years now, but have been to nervous to follow through. Richard gave me confidence straight away due to his genuine caring nature, even thought I bombarded him with questions! The results are exactly what I wanted, and my experience at the Geelong day surgery centre was also outstanding. Best team that works with Richard, simply cannot fault a thing! The fact I was recommended to see Richard from a former patient of his, and that I drove from Melbourne to Geelong to see him rather than anyone else I could have seen locally speaks, for itself.


Body Lift

So happy with my decision to have Dr Richard Rahdon perform my surgery. I had a circumferential body lift, as well as a posterior and inner thigh lift. Dr Rahdon did an amazing job, with the results exceeding my expectations. He thoroughly explained everything on my first consultation and made me feel at ease throughout the entire procedure, with his caring manner.The entire team from my first consultation to my follow up appointments have been outstanding. I highly recommend him.


Breast Reduction

I had a Brest reduction done by DR Richard Rahdon a couple months ago and I can not be happier with how it turned out. I would recommend him to anyone thinking of having a BR. He was very professional and friendly throughout the whole process. I only did the day stay & the pain was minimal. I love my new size and have no back pain! The nurses and team at Body recon are fantastic!

Anon 22/10/2017

Breast Lift - Mastopexy

My story begins much the same as most women, who after having children and breast feeding, are left with breasts feeling deflated and tired looking. Having children in my 20s I was left feeling particularly older before my time. I wanted to feel womely again, I wanted to like my breast again. When I booked in to see Dr Rahdon was nervous... but immediately felt at ease in his presence. His confidence in his recommendation for mastoxpexy/augmentation procedure made me feel confident too. His work speaks for itself. On the day of surgery, although I was nervous I also felt like I was in extremely safe hands, my only request being that for my 152cm stature I didn't want to go too big with implants size selection. Post surgery I left the day stay facility feeling armed with all the medicinal supplies needed to get me through the coming days. Recovery was better then anticipated and straight forward. The aftercare from Dr Rahdon's nursing staff was both caring and re-assuring. I can now say that I love my breasts. They feel like they have always been a part of me, just improved. I feel very happy with my 325cc round high profile implants. I highly recommend Dr Rahdon. If you, like me feel nervous but really want to make the change you having been wishing for, make the call and book a consultation.

RachaelC 30/11/2017

Breast Augmentation

My experience with Dr.Richard Rahdon was absolutely outstanding. I had been contemplating breast augmentation for many years but was nervous about undergoing the procedure and how the final result would look on me. A friend recommended I see Dr.Rahdon and I was very impressed with him right from the initial consultation to the follow up appointments after the procedure. I now wish I had gone to see him years ago! Right from the first consultation I felt completely at ease with the Body Recon team and Richard’s knowledge and expertise was clearly evident. Dr.Rahdon is not only a very talented surgeon but also has a very kind and caring nature that made me feel very relaxed and confident about undergoing breast augmentation. His consultations were always thorough and I felt that he listened and responded to all of my questions with genuine interest and concern. I highly recommend Dr.Rahdon and his team. I couldn’t be happier with the final result and the incredibly high level of customer service that I received from BodyRecon.

Vicki t 07/06/2017

Breast Augmentation

Richard is a down to earth person puts you at ease straight away. I have had ugly breasts since I can remember, now I'm proud to look in the mirror. Highly skilled fantastic surgeon would do it again in a heart beat.

Violet Rose 02/02/2017

I had breast implant surgery with Richard on the 2nd of Feb 2017 so it's been almost 3 months & im extremely happy with the results. After 3 years of breastfeeding 2 children I lost all volume in breast & didn't like the way they sat in both bras & tops. I wanted a conservative size & a natural as possible look. Richard is warm & welcoming along with all the staff at Body Recon. I was nervous I wouldn't achieve the look I was after. I remember Di saying to me "you have to trust Richard". After almost 3 months they have settled & softened & feel & look amazing. The follow up appointments & support are included in the cost & the ongoing care & genuine interest has made this experience extremely comfortable. I would definitely recommend Richard & his team to anyone considering this procedure.

S. Murphy 11/08/2016

Breast Augmentation

I can't speak more highly of Richard. Very professional. Puts you at easy straight away. Does an amazing shop. Would recommend him to anyone. So nice to finally feel like a women and look totally natural at the same time.

Mairead 14/12/2016

Breast Augmentation

Amazing surgeon, very confident and capable. He is very caring, yet professional and has a great bedside manner. Couldn't be happier with the outcome. Highly recommend.

Alba 23/01/2017

Breast Reconstruction

After being diagnosed with DCIS I had two lumpectomies unfortunately an MRI revealed more cells so my only option was a skin sparing mastectomy, I chose to have immediate reconstruction at the same time, this meant I would need a plastic surgeon. Having had an excellent breast surgeon I assumed the referred plastic surgeon would be equally great, how niave I was, his nurse offered me a discount voucher on a nice Lacey bra when "this" was all over, then the surgeon could not understand why I wanted the less invasive implant reconstruction as opposed and to a more complex and expensive TRAM flap reconstruction "most women would love a tummy tuck" he exclaimed...really !!! I wasn't there like most women to improve and enhance what I already had, I was there to replace what I was about to the search was on to find another surgeon,. My mastectomy was my secret , I couldn't exactly ask around for Plastic Surgeon recommendations ! so google it was, I found many, one of which was Richard Rahdon, admittedly his reviews were more about happy ladies loving thier new breasts and tummies loving Richard, and lots of before and after pics to prove how great they looked, however I could not find much about reconstruction, I decided to organize a referral just the same, I met with him and he listened to me, he explained all my options , all the risks, he was very honest about the potential outcomes and I appreciated that. Mastectomy is not pretty and it is important to have medical professionals that you are comfortable with and treat you with respect and dignity and a bit of humor thrown in, because sometimes you just have to laugh ! Richard was all of the above and more, prior to the first surgery I asked him if he was confident he looked at me and said he was, I believed him , the surgery went very well and the next equally as well. Post surgery care was excellent , it has been 2 months since the final surgery, recon took six months ( I had an expander) In clothing my breasts look much better than they ever did before the mastectomy side looks a little different compared to the other side without clothing however he got them pretty close.... aaaaand I don't have to wear a bra if I don't want to.. yay!!!! If you are reading this and about to embark upon the mastectomy -reconstructive roller coaster I highly recommend you take Richard Rahdon along for the ride.
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