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  1. Hi, it was a long time ago I had my surgery with Dr Harwood, he has now retired but for the last few years I have had so many health issues going on and I've recently seen so many post to do with BII and so much of it is just adding up. I'm hoping that someone still visits the forums that have gone with him and are able to tell me what brand implants he used as I've lost the sheet of paper. Thank you
  2. I'm in the strap for 4 weeks, dr harwood had to lower my crease, I have it to help stretch out my lower pole... waiting for this db to smooth out, feels like its taking forever
  3. I'll have to try the ginger ones, I bought the buckwheat crispbread one last shop and it was awful lol
  4. sorry to hear this i know you don't believe it atm but everything will work out, if his going to walk when you need him most then he definitely doesn't deserve you, best wishes for your check up
  5. they are definitely helping with going to the toilet but stomach is still looking very big, i've been careful with my diet too, hopefully settles soon
  6. i am almost a week post op have been taking 2 Coloxyl and Senna a night
  7. I'm so bloated aswell i look like I'm pregnant, so over it!
  8. Since yesterday I have been feeling quiet down, i'm not happy with the size...they just feel really small and i even had a larger implant placed then what i was expecting. now i keep wondering if i could have gone bigger...also the gap between my boobs seems huge and i really don't like it, does this change as d&f happens or should i expect it to stay around the same, the strap is driving me up the wall already and Dr Harwood has told me i need to wear it for 4 weeks, and the bloating is insane lol!!!
  9. who monitors the facebook page?
  10. how do i join the facebook group?
  11. thanks lol i can't wait for this funny cone shape to disappear
  12. Wow congrats i can't wait to see your results, the 7th will be here before you know it and yes definitely an amazing man, he honestly made the whole ba day so relaxing..you do not need to stress or feel anxious at all!!
  13. Pain level is okay, Dr Harwood definitely stocks you up, i'm already sick of feeling like a zombie and i really miss hugging my son and its only been a day otherwise i'm feeling a little tender around my ribs as he lowered the crease and he has told me to expect a double bubble for a few month once the swelling goes down, i really could only fit a 360 but he made the 410 fit because i am so bottom heavy
  14. That was me i had my sunnies on as i had an eye op yesterday and the lights in there are so damn bright! Hope your consult went well
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