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  2. Hi ladies!!! I had some reconstruction surgery on 2016. Reduction lift and implants, at the time not putting the implants in wasn’t a choice in my mind as I’ve always had large boobs but I’ve really felt the last year that I would be happy with smaller boobs now and Want them out. My question is what are people’s experience who has previously had a lift and implants then got the implants out.. have they had to be relifted? I’m concerned the cost will be crazy high? Can Anyone she’s any light? Thanks xxx
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  4. Hi Birdy, am so sorry to hear of your experience. It may be a good idea to consult an ENT who also specialises in plastics. Best of luck.
  5. Hey @RKN Dr Kollias is highly recommended. Please don't go on cost, this is major surgery and you want the absolute best. Even if it means saving for a bit longer... Plastic surgery is not something your should skimp on. xo
  6. Hey @Laurenolivia how did you go with your research? I am in the process of booking my BA with Cosmeditour QLD now for 7th Feb. I had done a lot of research on them and feel comfortable the surgeons operating are all qualified plastic (not cosmetic) surgeons who all have years of plastic and reconstructive surgery experience. I am from Adelaide and will be traveling to Goald Coast for this and it turns out to still be more affordable with flights than having this done in my city. I am tall but small frame and fit / athletic build wanting a natural look. I’m going for a 290cc to 305cc teardrop and am really excited but also very nervous being my first hospital/surgical experience. Hope you have/had a great experience on your journey? Have you made any decisions yet?
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  8. In my previous thread I outline the series of events, you can read through this link: click here Long story short: 2016 I get a rhinoplasty / septoplasty with a highly rated Dr in Melbourne 2017 a year later my deviated septum is still an issue, I come onto these forums for advice and I'm recommended to get a revision by the same surgeon. The surgeon is particularly well known for revisions. I pay for the revision surgery. 2020 Jan 8th I go to an allergist about breathing problems, thinking the reason I still can't breathe from my right nostril is allergies. I learn that my nose STILL is deviated. I had the revision surgery just before I was going to move to the US, Dr and I made sure to book the date accordingly. I'm still living in the US and have found out the 26k+ I've spent on my nose still hasn't fixed my ability to breathe 😕 I've sent an email to their office, but honestly I don't know what to do...My recommendation for the Dr post has been up until now - but now I mean it's pretty ridiculous that this is still an issue. Any kind of idea/advice/thoughts on what I should do would be very much appreciated
  9. An update a few years on, I found out even with the revision surgery I have a deviated septum again. I'm not really sure what to do here :S
  10. Destination Beauty are a Marketing Agency who work on behalf of selected hospitals/surgeons only and do not conduct the surgery themselves.Typically a local Thai patient is charged $1500.00 for the same procedure that a Foreigner will be charged $7000.00. Foreigners are only taken advantage of, you are just a number. If anything goes wrong as a Foreigner you are not legally protected and will not receive any monies to have corrective surgery. Thailand laws are very much in favor of its own people and Surgeons, there has been a number of botched procedures leaving foreigners permanently emotionally and physically scarred with 0 repercussion to the hospital/surgeon. On google Destination Beauty appear to be a "Plastic Surgery clininc in Bangkok, Thailand". On Destination Beauty website there are multiple statements which lead a prospective client to believe that Destination Beauty is the Plastic Surgery Centre and Destination Beauty has employed Plastic Surgeons which are Board Certified and will do the surgery. Destination Beauty even send a resume of the Surgeon with Destination Beauty Logo on it yet fail to mention the surgeons current employer. Despite the overwhelming information which borderline forcfully makes the reader build enough trust that when you choose to use Destination Beauty you are working with a proper medical clinic the following Disclaimer hides in the fine print of their documentation: Destination Beauty only helps you find medical treatment opportunities abroad. The role of Destination Beauty is to act as a marketing agent for medical facilities and arrange medical treatment packages with the option to include a holiday package. Destination Beauty does not offer any medical advice and is no way liable for the actions of third parties. When speaking to Destination Beauty they do not advise you that they are only a Marketing agent for the medical facility. They also do not have this detail in any of their email correspondance. In the event that problems arise it is well known that Destination Beauty have no shame in bullying women with numerous different scare tactics. Do not risk using any Thai medical facilities. Be smart, be safe and use the medical services in your home country.
  11. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! AUSTRALIANS BE WARNED! Destination Beauty is not a Plastic Surgery Clinic as advertised on Google and have an incredibly difficult to find disclaimer confirming they "only helps you find medical treatment opportunities abroad. The role of Destination Beauty is to act as a marketing agent for medical facilities and arrange medical treatment packages with the option to include a holiday package. Destination Beauty does not offer any medical advice and is no way liable for the actions of third parties." What this disclaimer means for a foreigner is that Destination Beauty will not take any responsibilty should you end up with life threatening infections and a botched job. Australian Health funds will not insurer you for this. If anything goes wrong it is highly unlikely you will win a civil pursuit as Thailands laws are lax in comparison. You will be left out of pocket lots of $$$$$. Destination Beauty use high pressure sales tactics which constantly made me feel like I would have to pay more $$ if I didnt deposit a large sum of money within a few days. This is illegal in Australia. I never would have made any committments if it was obvious to me that Destination Beauty were only a marketing agency and unable to provide me with medical advice in anyway shape or form. It is very easy to misinterpret Destination Beautys role as their marketing material on their website bombards you with statements such as "Our plastic surgery center offers all common plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. We do surgery every day as we believe that experience is the most important part" - this statement alone suggests they have a plastic surgery centre and that they perform surgeries every day..... Australian Government has published the following to its citizens about Thailand: "Exercise a high degree of caution in Thailand overall due to the possibility of civil unrest and the threat of terrorist attack, including in Bangkok and Phuket." "Sexual assault, assault, robbery and drink spiking can happen to tourists." Destination Beauty's Prameruthai Parisutthagul has continued with highly stressful and unreasonable threats in the event I did not remove my review as follows: "Should you refuse to comply with that we will file a police report with the Royal Thai police, and the criminal court in Thailand. We will contact the Australian police as well as the Australian embassy in Thailand. There will be a libel lawsuit in Australia with a large compensation amount should you fail to comply with our request to remove these posts and to cease and desist your illegal activities" This over the top threat is a deliberate scare tactic to cause me stress and anxiety as this "punishment" in no way shape or form reasonably meets the perceived "crime". This has been a devasting experience for me and I am already in a vulnerable position physically (medical reason). I could only imagine how many other Australian women they have done this to. Feel free to contact me if you would like specific details. IF YOU GET TO THE POINT WHERE YOU ARE ABOUT TO SIGN A CONTRACT, HAVE AN AUSTRALIAN LAWYER CHECK IT!
  12. Hi @MellieMoo & @BethM your experience has given me more confidence in my BA surgery search for a PS. I am considering Dr Kollias as well, did you both have a standard BA (e.g not lift, extras) could you tell what your final total cost came to? I have read some reviews he is around the $10,000 mark but I am sure I would need teardrop implants (from personal preference and previous consultation with another dr out of price range). Even though I hat to say it, cost will be a factor for me, so any insight would be so appreciated. Thanks ladies!
  13. Go back and see your injector. Palpable lumps not always an issue but if you can see on animation you may need a firm massage. Best to go back and have a chat. 4 weeks is long enough for the filler to integrate with the tissue and soften down
  14. I am looking for recommendations for a face/neck lift in the Boston area.
  15. I don’t have any advice, sorry. I’m hoping to get the same procedure done soon. Hoping it all works out for you and someone else can offer advice. What product did they inject? Can you please keep me updated as this has made me a little nervous. How bruised and swollen were you? I got my lips done about 2 years ago and I was SOOOO swollen and bruised. However, the time before that I didn’t bruise or swell at all. I’m unsure if it’s the injectors fault...
  16. That's actually sounds like my current diet😊 I would also suggest jogging and yoga, these really helped me to lose some pounds and I'm don't plan to stop. If you want to become physically active and lose some weight then check this page https://willpowerpeak.com/. There are interesting articles from healthy lifestyle addicts which help me to stay motivated.
  17. Hey just moved to central coast NSW. Just wondering can anyone recommend a good place for Botox up CC? thanks
  18. Hi there! What did Dr Zacharia quote you if you don't mind me asking? Very keen to see him.
  19. Hi - what was Imani's quote if you don't mind me asking?
  20. Hi! I know I am a bit late to this thread. I am in the same boat... currently researching Perth surgeons for rhino. Did you come up with many? So far I am looking into: 1. Dr David Gillett 2. Dr Imani 3. Dr Guy Watts
  21. Hi dear i have a question did you finally do your tummy tuck? I suffer from bad panic attacks and I’m terrified if i’ll have any attack after the surgery (in the recovery period) I’m in serious need of help. I need to know about the experience of dome people just like me with panic symptoms after tummy tuck
  22. I am just wondering If this is normal or not. So I got dermal filler for my smile lines about 4 weeks ago. Initially I was quite bruised and swollen but that only lasted about a week. It’s not so much noticeable but I can now feel little lumps under the skin where the filler is. When I more my mouth or smile to one side you can see the lumps when my skin is pulled tight from the side I am not smiling on. As I have never had dermal filler before, I am just wondering is this normal? Do I need to give it more time for my body to absorb the filler? Also the lines I was hoping to get rid of are still there, I was excited about getting the filler but am now slightly regretting it. Just wondering how filler should feel under the skin when you touch it. Thanks in advance :)
  23. You should be fine by then, however don't overdo it whilst on holidays - enjoy, but take it easy! xo
  24. Check with your surgeon but this should be plenty of time to recover.
  25. Dr Layt is seriously one of the best in the business. He’s very quirky and a little cocky (he has every right to be). He does many corrections on overseas surgery and cheap cosmetic jobs over here.
  26. Hi I am considering getting a BA in April so i can recover over the Easter period. However, I have a Holiday booked for LA mid June. Would this be to close together and should i look at getting it done earlier? Thanks :)
  27. Hi. My wife has had issues with similar things. Cosmeditour love to take the cash but follow-up care has felt non existant. The wife had surgery in 2018 and we are still fighting. They must comply with Australia consumer law. The warranty feels useless because you don't get anything extra if you deal with the hospital yourself. My wife is run down sick and uncomfortable and not in the mood for a fight. Me on the other hand I do have the bottle for a fight. We paid via a Victorian bank direct to QLD account. There is enough of a connection to go to VCAT and I will. If there are enough people you can run a class action. In the meantime I'm comin for them. Regards Adam
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