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  2. Love life & new boobies

    I found my husband took a while to adjust to my new boobs. He was afraid he'd hurt me as I was still healing. Plus I think too he found them hard and not like a natural, soft breast. But I am now 3 years post op, and with the D & F process my boobs are heaps softer and more jigglier. So he is constantly touching them when no one or the kids are around. My hubby also said prior to surgery he wasn't a boob man............but I was a 10A then...........no boobs.........so I think he was just being nice.
  3. Thank you I am feeling great. Back to sleeping on my side and able to pick my kids up again (2yo and 11months)... so feeling fine. I am stoked with my size (currently a 10C... but may decrease slightly once D&F continues). I am only 49kg... so I wanted something as natural as possible that no one would realise when I went back to work after maternity leave 😂 The padded bras I wore were massive, so one realises 😂 Ohhhh I'll have I check your photos out!!
  4. Ladies! I need your honest truth about recovery

    They look amazing!
  5. What's your bwd? Mine is 12cm and my implant is 12.1cm. We're pretty much the exact same stats and same size implants!

    @Stemschicky I'm on the 18th!😬😬😬😬 so excited and scared!! Hope we're recovered in time for Xmas!
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  8. I did the rice Sizers for a day too! I felt really comfortable with my choice (495cc and I’m a shorty and only 52kg) and like my surgeon said it’s all about the bwd, which means I can go bigger but it won’t look overwhelmingly huge on me. If I went smaller I think I would be extremely disappointed. The rice Sizers are actually a great tool, I was surprised that they didn’t look massive at all in a t shirt.

    Wow @sparkles16 you must be so happy! How did you feel straight out of surgery? Thanks so much @Wanting boobs, I have a fair bit to do so I don’t have time to be nervous! @Helloholly oh wow! Are we on the same day? (19th)
  10. Ladies! I need your honest truth about recovery

    Wow @AshCam they look good for 4 wpo and such a nice size on you they will look amazing with a bit of D&F. I just posted my 5 wpo pics myself ( they are in my po gallery if you feel like a look) . How have you been feeling lately
  11. @Wanting boobs @Sunchick Well since we were talking when I went in for my surgery... I thought I'd post my 4 week photo today. I cant believe it... 4 weeks today, I got some boobs!!! So, I have a pidgeon chest (has a slight curve) so they do turn out slightly, but, nothing a bra can't fix - haha. I wanted small implants, as I'm only short, and have only been a AA. I just wanted to fill my clothes! I am so happy with what my surgeon delivered, for me, he nailed my request!!! I got 275cc, round, under the muscle. Cannot wait for them to soften even more over the next month or so.
  12. I didnt read all of the comments but i have 545ccs although im probably taller and heavier i would say in clothes they dont look big at all. My only regret is that i can look frumpy in certain clothes but i have big hips and small waist so anything loose and flowy looks crap on me 😂 If i were petite with that size boob i think you can wear anything 😁 Feel free to fr if you want to see pics
  13. Before D&F and after D&F pics please

    Finally I can post my own D&F photo. I am only 4 weeks post op... so I am sure there will be more change, but this is 3 days post op and 4 weeks post op.
  14. Haha that's good to hear you're feeling positive @Cupcake85 and have stopped caring about the fake look! I think I'm just having pre op jitters tbh because it's such a life changing thing. Ans yes... Yesterday with the sizers in I put on some of my usual clothes and they were totally hidden and didn't look ridiculous at all! I also put on my work scrubs and hardly noticed either.
  15. I got 360cc anatomicals and pre pregnancy while I loved them in bras and clothes I was disappointed with my size topless. Im currently breastfeeding my second child (well breastfeeding for the first time but he's my second child) and once I've lost all the weight (I started out pregnancy plus size and lost all the baby weight plus some extra, still have heaps to go) I'm having a tummy tuck, going bigger and switching to rounds and if I need it will have another breast lift. I used to be so scared of looking fake but now I honestly couldn't care less. Nothing's more disappointing than not being totally happy with your results. At the end of the day even if I look completely fake I will wear conservative clothing while doing the school runs (because sometimes I won't want to draw attention to them). Currently I'm an 18F (lost a cup size during pregnancy) and while an F cup sounds big and may even look big front on I just don't have the projection side on. Do you care if you look fake knowing you can wear a high neckline or a t shirt when you don't want them out there or would you prefer to look natural (but potentially be disappointed when you want to play them up eg. Bikinis, a night out, etc). Sorry for the long rambling reply and hope I've helped.
  16. Bigger titty committee 😂😂😂 I'm happy to hear from some bigger boobed ladies too and I feel a lot less worried about the decision now. I actually cannot wait to have big boobies 😬😬😬 like is this actually happening?!

    Thanks you! Only 4 sleeps to go now, can't wait!!

    Everyone is looking great with their new boobies . Wishing both of you the best of luck for your surgery's @Helloholly and @Stemschicky see you both on the other side
  19. You'll find people are quick to scream out if you dare go bigger but I 100% guarantee if you love the size of larger implants, the look and feel already then you will have no regrets. Do what feels right for YOU. I have had 3 sizes and my 800s are by far my favourite. I can still wear sexy tops, dresses, bras and bikinis. I will always be here to support the bigger titty committee as I am a proud member and it only took me 3 surgeries to get here Good luck girl!!
  20. Thanks for all your advice ladies! Yes I think i started off my boob journey thinking I would just get smaller more "natural" looking implants but as time and research went on I realised that the only reason I wanted them to look smaller was to please other people and prevent myself from standing out in any way. Also on this site, I struggled to find many women who were going as big as me so I felt like I was being more extreme than 90% of the girls on here. Thinking "Maybe i should stick to normal limits" I liked the look of the 455cc sizers but I thought maybe I could go a tiny bit bigger. All the way to 535 scares me a bit as I'm so used to small boobs but yesterday I spent the day in rice sizers and after a few hours I was a lot more comfortable with the size. I also made smaller sizers, and while there was a difference, it wasn't really a noticeable difference where someone next to you would notice that much. Probably a good idea for anyone who's worried about size - spend the day wearing sizers. Even if they aren't the exact size you'll be getting, I think you get a feel for what it's like to have bigger boobs and relax a bit. So I think I'm quite happy with the 535s now... Realised one of the main worries I had about it was other people's judgement or some sort of surgery stigma. But I actually like the look of the boobs on my small body when wearing the sizers so I guess I shouldn't let anyone else's judgement change my decision. Even though admittedly it's really hard to shake that worry! So glad this site exists, I have trawled it for hours on end trying to make my decision. Only 4 days now! Will let you all know how it goes x
  21. I understand that but your'e commenting on a post whereby the girl is deciding between 2 sizes and she already states she wanted the larger size. 350 is way below ball park here and pretty invalid to the topic. It concerns me that she could make a life decision here based on incorrect information. Its great that the size is perfect for you but its still a smaller sized implant in the grand scheme of things. I have had 410cc, 550cc and now 800cc and I would absolutely recommend that if she is hoping for the largest size she can fit that she goes for it as she will regret going smaller. I could have saved thousands if I pushed for this in my last revision and I wish I had people giving me REAL advice about the size transition.
  22. It’s not though, 350cc is a small implant. If you’re happy with that, then that’s fine. But just because someone is happy with that implant size does not mean it isn’t small. That’s what I am getting across here. This forum is all for smaller implants, it’s clear. If the owner of those implants is happy, all is well. But no one should ever tell someone undergoing this procedure the wrong information. Imagine if someone actually went ahead thinking oh all these girls with small implants are saying they’re large - then end up hugely disappointed. That’s horrible. The fact is, on the CC scale, those sizes are down at the start for a reason. That’s purely the point I’m making. The poster is not saying she wants a small/natural look. Donatella & I have experience with different implant sizes, others just pull the information from what they *think*
  23. @donatella and @misstons please for a second don’t think I’m trying to discourage “large” implants or sway a certain bias. I am only simply describing my body type vs my implanted size as a comparison. Stating that I am happy for the choices described. We are all individuals who prefer totally different looks/lifestyles and opinions. The words “big” and “small” are SO subjective to each individual. You are the one who is going to live with the implants. Let’s not belittle anyone’s ideas, rather take in opinions and advice that suits. Always here to be supportive. All the best with your choice @Helloholly I’m sure you will fall in love with your highly anticipated assets! Let us know how you go 😘
  24. I am over 3 years post op. I am also a gym junkie. I got textured anatomicals and under the muscle. For me, it probably took a good 12 months for my boobs to soften and drop more naturally. In saying that, because of the implants I don't go so hard with the chest exercises at the gym. I still do them but I have dropped the weight so I don't have a tight chest. I don't do bikini or body building comps so I really don't need to go hard in that area of my body.
  25. Don’t listen to people with smaller implants, they can’t comment on the situation because they really don’t know what they’re talking about. They haven’t had that implant size after all. 350cc is a small implant, DO NOT let anyone tell you otherwise. 535cc will be perfect, not too big what so ever.
  26. So far all the replies have been from women with small implants I hope this doesn't defer you to go smaller HelloHolly especially since you are keen to go as big as you are allowed. It sounds to me like you are wanting a larger size so keep this in mind.

    Wow! You go girl, brilliant new Boobs!! 😃😃 xoxo
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