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  2. What to tell the kids

    I have 9 and 4 yo girls (The youngest is in 3yo kindy! So every thing gets told to the teacher) I told them my boobs where sore and they needed to be fixed. My eldest understands a lot more obviously and I told her it was because of pregnancy and feeding I needed them lifted back up so I can feel comfortable again in crop tops and bathers. Mum little one often says (in public if she’s hugged me too tight) “are you boobies still sore mummy?” But that’s pretty harmless as it could mean any thing but when people over hear it, they are usually to taken back to say any thing and tend to shrug it off. Out of the mouth of babes right? 😜 My parents are very anti cosmetic surgery but oddly they are very accepting and supportive of my decision/choice and have been a massive help during my recovery.
  3. Fake Tan

    I find doing two coats will help eliminate the patchiness i wait about an hour in between to allow the first coat to dry and i also work one sml area at a time rather than trying to do the whole leg as an example as to the lines ect tru wearing a loose fitting dress for a coupke of hours after i find this helps. :-)
  4. Consult and Surgery Question

    Thanks for the info, I'll respond to your message via inbox tomorrow
  5. Post Op Bra vs NO Post Op bra

    I have my op on November 8th so i think im about a week after you 😆😆😆
  6. Smooth or Textured

    I have one more consult on Monday to try on sizers again as im tirn between the 420 cc mod height mod + anatomical implant or the 440 cc mod height, HP anatomical implant i know there'snot much diffrence between the two but am worried the HP will be a little to big but get that gut feeling I'll probably go woth the 440 , oh and Mentor implants it the brand my surgeon uses
  7. Consult and Surgery Question

    Hi @*JD* I got a pretty good tax return this year so that has helped me get my $10,500 for anatomical implants under the muscle, i also work as a part time hairdresser and im a PT so have been doing a bit of extra work at home in both fields. Yes you get two consults, my first consult mainly discussed my wants and the pros and cons your surgeon will also take some measurements at this consult too be sure to ask what your BWD IS ( breast width dimensions ) as this will help when deciding what size implant your chest can fit, your sugreon may have you try on sizers at this consult or like me you will try on the sizers at the seccond consult and then you and your surgeon will pick a size based on your wants. ** forget about cup size as diffrent bra brands can be very diffrent in sizing but as a rule of thumb for every 200 cc is about 1 cup size if you get my drift , pluss if yiu go under the muscle you will loose about 30-50 cc as yiur muscle will compress the implant . So a 350 cc implant under the muscle will most likely end up looking like 320 cc. Im 44 yrs 5'7 and 68 kg and barely an A too, with a bwd of 13 cm my sergeon has reccomended 440 cc anatomical implants under the muscle so hopefullyI'll end up around a D cup as im wanting something natural and in proportion with my frame. Hope all of this has helped and not made you more confused. 😊
  8. Fake Tan

    I wish I could fake tan. Somehow, no matter how careful I am, I miss spots, have darker patches or get lines from sitting on something afterwards. Is there a secret or am I just hopeless ?
  9. Smooth or Textured

    Interested to hear what size and sort of projection you have picked. I am a fitness junkie too and have my BA in December. Just trying to figure out projection. Possibly high profile or mentor plus.
  10. Advice and opinions needed Dr ******

    Hoping I can get some good answers from the ASPS now! Still a bit confused however. I’m wondering the same thing as you, how he is on RACS but not ASPS! Thanks for all of your advice and help I will let you know when the ASPS replies!
  11. Consult and Surgery Question

    That's a great effort having saved up the money in 10mths. May I ask how much you're paying? I'm trying to save at least $9k 😕 If you're happy with a particular surgeon, do you have 2 consults with that surgeon before going ahead? There's only a couple recommended surgeons here in Adelaide and I rather have it done here because it's more convenient for me (family, peace of mind if I'm concerned about something etc). I'm 33, a mum of 3, 53kgs and barely fill an A cup 😞
  12. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :) Surgery updates!

    Had my 2 week phone appt today. Nurse said all looks good and I can progress to underwrite bra, no padding and not push up. But not just a plain t shirt bra. Something to encourage boobs to move inwards/define cleavage. I thought simple enough. Apparently not... what the hell kind of bra do I get then?? I only have Big W and Target. Not much choice but enough choice to confuse the hell out of me!
  13. Good find! Now that is a good question! It could likely be now he truly is a proper plastic surgeon and a mistake was made by ASPS not to list him for some reason. There is a mistake somewhere for sure. Best to call ASPS and RACS to confirm. Keep us posted.
  14. I had mine done at 7am on the 17th, i honestly felt fiiiiine after the surgery and even managed to go for a walk the next day to a hairdresser to get my hair done 😂 Today has been the hardest, I'm really bloated and puffy everywhere. I feel like I'm retaining so much water. I didn't have any pain killers during the day despite being out and about, but I'm about to have some now to help me fall asleep (it's around 8pm) If you have Instagram feel free to add my BA account tcidrkenny_oct17 to see pics, they look kinda franken-boobie weird rn and I still can't believe I went with XHP but overall Im really happy with the experience. How have you been going? Can i ask if you're having any bruising or swelling? I have light bruising in between, all my sides are swollen (looks like ive got some massive back muscles lol) and my abs are SOOOO tired lol Xx
  15. Advice and opinions needed Dr ******

    Thanks for your quick reply. So why though when I search my doctor on the RACS site does he appear to be a member? This is also taken from the RACS website and it states his specialty is “plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”. What are yours thoughts on this? I think I need to contact the ASPS too. He holds the same specialties as very well known and reputable surgeons on the RACS site
  16. ASPS is the only society in Aus for accredited plastic surgeons. Youre spot on about RACS and FRACs being the same. Im so sorry about confusing with that...i made an error there. I edited the post above just earlier and its fully accurate now.
  17. Advice and opinions needed Dr ******

    This also explains to me the whole FRACS vs RACS thing being the same thing to me. But that’s just my understanding of things so not 100%
  18. Advice and opinions needed Dr ******

    So FRACS and RACS is the same thing. It stands for the “Royal Australasian College of Surgeons”. “FRACS” means “Fellow of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons”. So RACS and FRACS are the same thing. The F just stands for fellow. He is a member of the ASAPS which states that all of their members are qualified through the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. On the website for the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency it states his profession is a “medical practitioner”, his specialty is “surgery” and his Specialty fields are “plastic surgery”. If he was a cosmetic surgeon as you say he would not he listed as a plastic surgeon on this site. The photo from the ASAPS website also shows he is a FRACS member and that is 100% a reputable source. Plastic surgery hub is also a place to find surgeons and doctors within your area just like real self or Ratesmd so I’m still feeling confused about why it’s easy for you to find things that say he isn’t a plastic surgeon but why I am thinking that he is. Not sure if I’m being naive
  19. The cosmetic Institute, Goldcoast

    Third Dr Kenny, can’t speak highly enough of him and my experience at TCI Gold Coast.
  20. BA for 52kg 163cm

    I am 7 weeks post op after BA with Dr Kenny (he was amazing!). I’m 54kg and 162cm. I went with 415 unders and mine look very natural. Dr Kenny is very good at letting you know what to go for depending on the outcome you desire. I initially was planning to go smaller, but glad I didn’t - his recommendation was perfect. Good luck in your journey 😀
  21. I realise why it says FRACS now on some pages. RACS is the name of the organisation, whereas FRACS is the title There are 9 types of surgeons, all who use FRACS after the name. Some are ENT , Plastic, General. They list the area in brackets after FRACS. I believe LB is general. A proper plastic surgeon will list as FRACS (Plastics), will be on the ASPS site, and can use the title 'specialist plastic surgeon'.
  22. Standing straight after a Tummy Tuck

    If I remember correctly it about 3-4 weeks.
  23. Belly button

    This is a bit of an odd question but I had a tummy tuck last year - for some reason my surgeon decided to move my belly button about an inch higher than it's original location and it has always bothered me a lot. I wonder if this happened to anyone else and if it is something fixable - is it possible to move it back down to where it is supposed be? I understand it would leave a scar but I would prefer a scar and a normally placed belly button vs the abnormally high one I have now. Or should I just accept it...
  24. Regret my surgery

    Sorry to hear that. I understand how you feel. The tightness definitely goes away and it starts to feel more 'normal'.
  25. Fake Tan

    @vlinder You poor thing how unfair? Have you tried the Dove gradual tanner lotion? I am a Bondi Sands girl all the way but before this was hooked on the dove. It doesn't break me out like others do. Now I actually use it in conjunction with my BS as a pre tan and then post tan to richen the colour and keep it moisturised. Jus worth a thought 😘
  26. Jaw surgery/overbite correction

    ahhhh i cant wait! i have looked at a few guys including a celebrity one in sydney but still prefer the look of anthonys and the price is just a bonus although I would happily pay what it costs to get my dream teeth! i will be very nervous pre op the recovery looks horrible BUT so worth it. i'll be sucking on my kfc mash and gravy for life
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