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  3. Lounge Underwear UK brand????

    Continuing my hunt... has anyone tried Lounge Underwear brand for comfy day bras? They look comfortable but still very flattering. Thanks ❤️
  4. Prominent surgeon William Mooney the subject of random drug testing https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/prominent-surgeon-william-mooney-the-subject-of-random-drug-testing-20180316-p4z4s4.html
  5. Breast implant adelaide

    I had my consult a few days ago with Dr Kollias in the city and I’m looking at $10.5k due to teardrops which cost more than rounds. I read that Dr Cooter is good aswell. You’re looking at approx $9.5k-12k, just depends who you see. Much cheaper if you see a cosmetic surgeon but in my opinion, it’s best to shell out more for a plastic surgeon. There is no payment plan, you either get a personal loan or save up hard yourself (which is what I’m doing). I’m an A cup, wanting to achieve C-D or a little bit more but still look natural. At the moment I’m looking at 350cc Moderate Profile Plus dual plane. I work as a cleaner and I was told to take 6wks off and avoid strenuous activities for 3mths. Everyone recovers at different rates too. 😊
  6. Bit deflated....emotionally not my boobs lol

    My surgeon had a big discussion with me prior to surgery that with my natural gap, I would still have it after the BA. He could have used a teardrop implant with an oval base to help with the gap issue. But because I have a small frame, he felt that implant would have given me too much side boob. So he went with a teardrop implant with a round base. It doesn't bother me. As the surgeon said, it is the way God made me with my anatomy.
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  8. Breast implant adelaide

    Hi iam looking into implants without a lift. Iam a A cup wanting a C cup. Who do you recommend in Adelaide? Do they offer a payment plan? What cost will i expect? How long is the recovery? Have heard tony moore is good and operates from stirling which would be good as iam a hills girl.
  9. Best Private Health for Tuberous

    Hi Afer Yes firstly I got a referral from my GP, (you can ask for multiple dr referrals) and this meant I got my consults for free and was also needed for my Medicare approval. On my first consult with my first dr (Dr Paul Belt) he confirmed I was tuberous and had asymmetry and took photos which he then submitted to Medicare for approval. I was approved for item #45528 which is actually asymmetry not tuberous. This approval can be used with any Dr not just the one who put through the claim, so I went to my consult with my second dr (Dr David Thiele). I had 2 consults with him before I decided to go ahead. Once I decided to proceed they gave me the Medicare covered pricing, which reduced the price of the surgery significantly. I then called my private health (HCF) and just asked if they covered that item number, which they confirmed they did (covering the cost of my implants) and that they would also cover me to go into a private hospital (quoted over $3k, usually the more expensive option compared to the day hospital most use, quoted at $1k). I have just had my final consult with Dr David Thiele (total 3 consults, all paid for through Medicare). And my surgery is in a few days time. So far I have paid a total of $6700 for my dr and anethetist. And I will be calling HCF again this week to talk to them further about claiming. I might have to start a full thread about this and my journey over the next few days. Hope this helps, I will let you know further about what else I have to pay.
  10. My BBL Journey

    Hi hun , its so exciting 8 wks will come around so fast, its a bit of a bummer about your iron levels, i can get quite anemic myself from time to time and have had to have the injections in the bum before so if your not familiar with them make sure you have enough fiber in your diet as it can cause constipation or get yourself some Metamucil just incase. 😊😊
  11. Drop and Fluff for Anatomicals

    Thanks for the update @Melbourne101 its good to hear you are starting to feel more like yourself, i couldn't really wear underwire bras till about 3 months as my boobs were still quite firm and it was about then that side sleeping became more comfortable too, now at just over 4 mpo it dosn't bother me which way i sleep, laying on my stomach dosn't hurt but still feels strange like im laying on to water balloons 😁 so i still ask for a pillow when having my massage. My boobs are getting softer by the week and they even have a bit of jiggle when I'm bra less, my hubby says they jiggle when i wash my hair in the shower and when I'm brushing my teeth so i am proof that they do get softer and @pink butterfly is 3 yrs po i think so hers will be softer still. Its a long process with anatomicals so you just have to play the waiting game. Feel free to pop over to my albums and take a look at some of my progress pics. 😊
  12. Yeah I have a natural gap...well I didn't have anything before so hard to tell. I was told push ups ok from 12wks...but they aren't comfortable so I don't have any yet, just tried them on.. I have dual placements... No pics but I'll take some tomorrow and post.
  13. I am currently researching Rhinoplasty surgeons and I'd like to find the best in Australia. Most seem to have mostly good reviews and then a few bad ones. I'd like to go to someone who can give me a good result both aesthetically as well as functional. Im considering Dr Shahidi. Has anyone had surgery with Dr Shahidi and can tell me about their results with him?
  14. I didn’t wear push up bras for about 12 months, if not longer. It takes time. Relax & enjoy the process!
  15. Hey @rock#3 I'm also 3 mths post op. I'm a 12DD now after starting at an AA/AAA. I had very little breast tissue to begin with and I have anatomicals dual plane - sorry I've forgotten what you got - are they rounds? It could be the Motiva brand takes a bit longer to D & F, I'm not familiar with that brand as I have Mentor. Hopefully one of the ladies on here who has Motiva can give you better feedback. Did you have a big gap to start with? I had a wide gap, but it has become much closer lately. I can push my boobs together with my hands to get cleavage, but I'm not sure I'd bother with a push-up bra at this stage, it's too early in the process. As @pink butterfly says it can take up to a year for the full D & F process and that is what my PS told me as well.
  16. Have you got pics? Are they unders? I had a consult after 2 wks and asked if my gap would 'close' a little more. He said 'maybe' but he released the muscle as much as he could. The implants wouldn't expand much further...but I'm seeing change so, maybe!
  17. Bit deflated....emotionally not my boobs lol

    Yes 3 months is still early days! My surgeon said it takes up to one year for the D & F process. I personally would stay away from push up bras until much later on in the year. Do you have a natural gap?
  18. Drop and Fluff for Anatomicals

    The first couple of months can be a bit crap! I found by the 4th month post op that I could do most things. It is just time and patience. You are still healing.
  19. My BBL Journey

    Booked in thank god! Infusion next Wednesday! She said that’ll boost me right up. Also taking the iron deficienty pills in the mean time. So happy she caught it early!
  20. APRIL 2018

    Hey girls, Have booked surgery for 6th of April (so close now!!). Am going to Park Clinic in Sydney which I booked through Cosmeditour back in September last year and have Dr Moradi as my surgeon. Hoping to achieve a natural look for my smaller frame 52 kg and 163 cm tall, but also want cleavage without the need of a bra, hoping a D-DD. Unsure if I want teardrops or rounds as I am in the gym lifting weights 6 x a week, if my surgeon says I can go rounds based on my frame and still achieve a teardrop shape I will! Who else is booked for next month?? Share your journey so far
  21. I'm 3 mths post op....pretty happy with new boobs...I was a 12 A if that...no boobs,.. I have a slim build and not much body fat. I got 335cc motiva plants...I like the size I'm at, which is 12/14C but I feel they are too far apart...or too small. I just wanted that cleavage look but don't have it...even with a push-up which I might add wasn't comfortable at all. Will fluffing still happen?? Or am I just too skinny for that to happen?? Can someone reassure that they still have alot of change to come...
  22. thank you my lovelies - really appreciate your comments and thoughts and humour xoxo
  23. Drop and Fluff for Anatomicals

    Hey @Melbourne101 thanks for the update and good to hear you are feeling a bit better. Maybe avoid underwire bras for a while and stick with wire-free, you can find some pretty ones without wire. Side sleeping will also improve with time and the discomfort will ease. It will take time for them to soften more - I am just over 3 months now and they are firm but more squishy, definitely not hard. Also good to hear you are getting your energy levels back - it can take longer than we expect. I gently went back to running at 6/7 weeks, slower and shorter distances and it was only today that I fully and comfortably ran my usual 6K without feeling like I was going to collapse from exhaustion half way. I was thinking on my run that whilst I thought I was back on top energy wise I really wasn't. Day by day it will get better, you've come a long way and it won't be too many more weeks until you feel normal and great and full of energy again xo
  24. My BBL Journey

    Definitely get an infusion. Liposuction disrupts your electrolytes because of the volume loss hence why you need to be at level and stable prior to surgery. Oral iron won’t be enough 😘
  25. Hi girls, Ive been researching what surgeons and company's people book through but have found so many conflicting reviews, can I get some advice on what company to go through and surgeon? also I've read a lot of girls just booking directly through the hospitals themselves but I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all, please help!!!
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  27. Drop and Fluff for Anatomicals

    Hi girls, A quick update date that at 8 weeks PO my implants have softened only slightly. Mainly at the top and at my cleavage area. The rest of my breast still feels quite tender. My back and neck pain is slowly going away and my energy levels are slowly coming back. I am still finding bra shopping very hard as the bottom of my implants are too stiff to squash into an underwire bra. At night I sleepy on my back with no bra. Side sleeping and tummy sleeping are impossible as it still hurts and I am so freaked out by the idea of rotation!! 😱 Aesthetically they look awesome I just wish I felt comfortable and they weren’t so hard feeling.
  28. Golden ratio has been used for a while in aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery, but it can also be used for makeup application and to find your perfect eyebrow shape. For info about golden ratio and its importance for attractiveness: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2814183/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=golden+ratio+face
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