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  3. Hi All, What's happened with this forum? Was so active few years ago and now it's like dead!
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  5. Hi! I originally got 320cc anatomical in 2018 and have almost exact same stats to you. Started out as an A cup. I ended up with HUGE boobs that made me look bigger than I really am... my bra size was 32DD and I looked liked a solid DD too. So many people would comment on how big my boobs were and I hated it... even though they did look natural. Fast forward to this year and I've switched over to Motiva Ergonomix 275cc and I already feel way better. I feel like around this size, no more than 300cc will bring you to your goal.
  6. As I'm told he performs alot if complex Rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty passed on from other surgeon's. If you want a ENT facial plastic surgeon another pic maybe Dr.Sim chroomi based in Bondi junction. They both have Instagrams of their work and are quite responsive. Eitherway you are in good hands. I wouldn't be to worried about negative reviews of Dr Marcells TBH. You just don't know how legit the post is and tbh I rather see a lil negative review then none
  7. He has major restrictions put in place! Look up his AHPRA! Just another business man marketing.
  8. Have you tried to consult with a surgeon? UK have some very talented plastic surgeons! You also have an option to try fillers but choose wisely who you choose to inject in the nasal area!
  9. This forum and section is primarily based on Australia based surgeon's. Have you looked into realself reviews?
  10. As the people whom been following my Rhinoplasty jouney would know I underwent primary rhinoplasty in August 2014 with a ENT facial plastic surgeon based in Sydney, Australia. At that time I did do lots of research but not enough research and asked the wrong questions. I'm self conscious about my image and want to ensure I look my best. It's unfortunate I've been experiencing pain in the galabala area ( forehead area that meets the nasal bridge) as radix graft was not performed if anything made the crease deeper then pre surgery. Only way for pain Togo away is when I g
  11. Looking for other that need cosmetics done and want to travel in a group for support. Going when covid is more under control.
  12. Where a surgeon has no negative feedback online, I question it. No matter how experienced a surgeon is, there will be patients not happy or even surgery's requiring revision. Unfortunately, it's way to common and we don't hear about these patients stories as surgeon's threaten them if they speak out. It's a common practice and unfortunately women are venerable as they don't know there legal rights. I'm only bringing to light for those voices whom gave been silenced by surgeon valuing their reputations rather then their own patients health! it needs to stop!
  13. So glad i invested that $750 i look back on me complaining about lol. Im 1.5 years post op from Patrick Walsh and im sooo happy and cant believe my nose journey is finally come to an end, hence why i havent been on here in ages. He listens and fixes the issues you haev. I can breathe again and the cosmetic side is great.
  14. Hey i have been MIA for a while as my nose isnt my main concern because im super happy with it. Ive been getting a few messages which i didnt know but ill be slowly getting around to reply to everyone, sorry. I cant praise Patrick Walsh enough, my breathing is so much better, dont even have breathing problems anymore and no more nose drips. My nose looks very natural.
  15. For those of you researching doctors to perform your elective surgery, have you checked their conditions on AHPRA ? The one below is shocking !! Conditions: View definition of 'Condition' The Medical Council of New South Wales has considered it appropriate to impose the following conditions on Dr William Wall Warner Mooney’s registration under section 150(1)(b) of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW) for the protection of the health and safety of any person or pers
  16. Hi Ladies, I'm agonizing over 25CCs. I know many say this is miniscule but I want my new additions to suit my body/active lifestyle. I currently measure 10AA (if that...imagine a flat surface with nipples). I'm 163cm tall (5'4), weighing 65kg. My surgeon suggested 350CC for the natural look I desire. I tried on sizers for 325CC and 350CC (Round-Mentor, Moderate Plus implants). He also said the difference between the two implants was 3mm in width, no change in projection. I'm still no closer to picking a size. I fear that I'll end up looking chunky with the 350CC, and then wonder if I'll
  17. Hi Lumi, I've consulted with him and was pretty impressed, but have not gone forward with a revision. I am still to meet another surgeon before I make my decision. Is there anything specific you wanted to know? (I believe fishlips has had her revision with Dr. Walsh and last time I heard was very happy)
  18. Hey lovely, I've just sent you a friend request as I'm into my 3rd sleepless night:-(-undecided about whether to go 325 or 350CC. Your story and feedback from friends is similar to my experience. I've even postponed my surgery date as I want to feel 100% with my choice.
  19. Hi everyone. Thinking to get tummy tuck done with G Watts. Perth. A bit scared. But i need very good specialist. Any positive or negative feedback about this doctor? Or maybe recommendation of any other good surgeons. 🙏🙏🙏
  20. Hi there - i noticed this thread and wanted to see if i could possibly ask you a few questions about this? Im wanting to get liposculpture/suction as well but not finding many people in Australia.. do you only suggest the states? any other countries closer to Australia? thank you!
  21. Has anyone had a consultation with Dr. Jumeau? I can see that he has two pictures on his Instagram with primary surgery examples, but wanted to know if anyone has seen his revision work?
  22. Hi! I had revision for bottoming out 2 years ago with Dr Theo Birch and he’s done a great job. Another name that gets a lot of good reviews is Dr Phil Richardson. Why do you need a revision? Also Mathew peters
  23. Hi ladies, Which plastic surgeon would be the most skilled for a revision job in QLD? I’m moving up and have no idea where to start. Thanks in advance!!
  24. From what I have gathered, Dr. Marcells is amazing at revisions. I am also looking at lengthening and slight derotation and will see what his assessment will be.
  25. Thanks for sharing, @mfash. This gives me some assurance. I'm wondering how you've been a year (now two) after the operation. Tips on minimising any scarring? How was your experience with follow up appointments w Dr Tav? Thanks in advance. Kerrie
  26. Hi @Harry11, I'm curious how you went... I'm about to embark on this journey and a little intimidated by all the info! I have narrowed it down to Dr Tavakoli or Dr Dona though. How was your experience pre and post op? I'm also curious about costs post op. Thanks so much. Kerri
  27. Hello, So I am 23 years old and has had a problem with dark circles under my eyes, they just won't disappear. I have tried tear trough fillers and another under eye treatment called sunekos, and it still won't disappear, I don't know what to do :( This makes me so sad cause I always look tired and not fresh and have to wear concealer all the time. Is there any kind of treatments that can fix this?
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