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  2. Contemplating between Dr Dona and Dr Miroshnik atm for a revision due to rupture of my implant.
  3. Thanks for the info. Im having high profile smooth round 😊
  4. Good luck with your upcoming surgery @BethM The drop and fluff can take a while. What type of implants are you getting? Rounds/smooth usually D & F faster than anatomical implants. However, you should notice significant change from the 6 week mark (that's usually when it's best to go bra shopping!!) And they can continue to change for several months unti they settle into their final state xo
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  6. Only 3 more days until my surgery with Dr Kollias. Super excited! When does the drop and fluff take effect?
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  8. Hey Peachesandmeme, I always get a botox lip flip with my lip fillers. I do like the effect, but it doesn't last very long, maybe about a month for me, if that. It definitely goes down after two weeks. I don't have lengthened philthrum, just a much poutier look than with the filler alone. Not sure, if it depends on who does it and how they do it or maybe how much botox they use for the lip flip, I only have a very small amount, I think the cost is minimal, like 20$ on top or something like that. Hope that helps.
  9. Has anyone had a botox lip flip. If so what was the cost, did you find you had a lengthened philthrum as that's what's happened to me. I hate it sooo much. Is there anything I can do to make this go away sooner? When did you start to see your lips go back to normal. My bottom lip sucks up into my top lip now at rest, its such an awful look... I'll never ever get botox anywhere near my lips again!!
  10. Can I ask who ended up doing yr revision? I too need a revision. Choosing a surgeon is the hard bit. Tony Holmes is retiring
  11. CJ-

    Surgery booked!

    That’s a really good idea! Thank you. I’ll see if I can get another ps to have a look. Can I ask- are your incision scars rock hard? I’ve only truly felt them the last few days I’ve started with some scar cream. I’ve been so gentle with them and never realised they feel like new bones under my breasts.
  12. Hey girls, I will need a breast revision due to a rupture in my right breast implant I had Nagar implants 360 cc high profile done at TCI which doesn't exist anymore, in May 2013. I'm wondering if anyone has had a rupture or problems with Nagar implants, I do have a warranty on the implant, but the next time around, i want the best chance of it lasting and I didn't think I need a revision before the ten year mark.
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  14. I first went along with a Groupon voucher. I originally wanted the wrinkles under my eyes gone but was talked into getting a number of other areas done. I was unhappy at first because I spent so much more money than planned but I've since gotten to know the staff and they're amazing. I almost wish I worked there 😂 I've been a few times now and I've left feeling encouraged, liberated and happy. I have had forehead, frown, crows feet and neck bands. I looked about ten years younger. I looked amazing at my daughters wedding. I went back once for an area that didn't work well and they happily topped it up. I've been impressed at how they handled my situation and I'd recommend going to them for injections. I'm going back for more soon...my Xmas present to myself...
  15. Hey everyone, I haven’t been on here in ages. I had a breast augmentation in 2013 at the Cosmetic Institute in Sydney, Parramatta, done by Dr Val.I had 360cc and just remember that it was a nagar implant. I went for my yearly ultrasound last week and they have told me that I have a suspected rupture in the right implant.I have no pain or any symptoms, nothing looks weird from the outside. Today I got a mammogram done and another ultrasound but been told to contact my cosmetic surgeon for a consultation. The cosmetic institute is no longer operating. Does anyone have any recommendations or had the same issues. Is a replacement of implants a lot more complex than an augmentation. Would it need to be replaced on both sides ? Freaking out a bit, thank you for your help.
  16. I'm sorry to hear Hun, you should be happy, especially after spending a lot of money like you said. I know the process is overwhelming and if I hadn't joined this forum and pre-read a lot of info before proceeding I would be wandering what is happening! The body is a mavellous wonderful thing with its healing capabilities, it really just does take time. From what I see and read it can take anywhere from 3-12 months for them to be fully settled in. So maybe they are looking square as hey shift down? (One of mine is currently higher than the other, so hoping it descends soon) still, in saying that, you shouldn't have to feel the way you are. Try and discuss this with your PS if you can, even if it's easier in an email perhaps if your too shy to discuss in person. I guess you could always have a consult and get a second opinion with another PS for peace of mind otherwise? Then you will at least know if it's normal and have an idea if they will settle over time? I know it's more money but at least you will feel better knowing. Have you put a thread on the forum to see if anyone has experienced anything similar? sending you lots of hugs.. Let me know how you go
  17. All of these amazing selfies make me want BA even more! 😍
  18. I found the forum really helpful too - so much good information and advice
  19. This is all such good information! Super glad I found this forum.
  20. CJ-

    Surgery booked!

    Hey @MellieMoo that sounds like you’re doing pretty well! I did send a few pics and asked my PS if there was anything I should be worried about but they just replied everyone heals differently. I didn’t realise at 5 weeks I’d still be feeling awful/ not like the look. I paid a lot of money thinking I was investing in my happiness but I really don’t feel comfortable with them looking so square and with sharp edges. They were round the first few weeks but they’ve been getting more square each day. And my scars are healing black and thick. I’m part Asian so I knew that the colour was a risk but to see it happen is still a shock. I didn’t expect perfection but I thought they’d be round at least... at the consult he asked what my goal was, I said as long as they don’t look obvious that I had the surgery then I’d be happy. I’m a very shy person who doesn’t like attention. I worry I’m going to have to be covered up forever like I was before the surgery. I don’t want anyone to see me looking like this. And I don’t want to go back to that ps for a fix up because I don’t trust him now if this is the outcome of the work. Since the surgery I’ve seen more photos of his work and all those girls have angular breasts at their final check in photo as well. I still have to hold on to hope they’ll magically go round. 😔
  21. Thank you for the pm! I know I’m no where near the consultation side of things. I just already miss the feeling of having fuller/larger breasts like I had a little over a month ago. This is such a great forum for someone like me who is still in the curiosity stage! I know I want BA soon, but I wouldn’t be comfortable having my little one be so small and having the procedure.
  22. Hi ya @CJ- I'm doing well, I'm 5 weeks post-op now and finally feeling back to my normal self (with bigger boobies of course lol) My hubby keeps asking if I'm happy and I guess I am, I'm just waiting for the process of D & F to take place as I'm a bit sad they aren't a bigger i do have a wider cleavage as my PS said I would get compared to if I went over the muscle but they still come together nicely in a bra. What are you finding feels/looks weird? I did have a fair bit of swelling in my cleavage area which I was worried about but its seemed to have settled and disappeared now. Are you still on medication and are you sleeping upright/elevated still? ( I read that if you lay flat you will still encounter swelling) not sure how long for though?? i think if your still having discomfort you should bring it up to him again, you shouldnt have to suffer. The only pain I guess I experience now is the "zingers" they say it's like a sunburn feeling which I feel is correct. It's the nerves adjusting I believe. It's been hanging about awhile now. Hope you can get some relief and the swelling settles for you. Maybe ask your PS if OK to take neurofen zavance, as its anti-inflammatory it may help with the swelling?? Good luck hun, let me know how you go!
  23. Hi again MrsPeaches, I replied to your pm with a detailed summary of pregnancy, weight gain/loss and my experience. Also wanted to add because you have breastfed and your milk has likely dried up you likely do need to wait a certain amount of time before having surgery. It’s either 3 or 6 months after stopping breastfeeding from memory however every surgeon will have their own recommendations and rules.
  24. Hey, ladies! My first was born 9 weeks ago. I’ve loved my boobs that came with the pregnancy; however, my milk supply was low from the start and I was forced to move to formula. Since my milk supply has started to dry and losing the baby weight, my boobs have deflated and shrunk almost back to original size. I figured I’d start here before consultations for information from moms who got BA after having kids and their experiences. Anything helps! Thanks, ladies!!
  25. Hi @Cupcake85, I'm just catching up on everything I've missed in the forum over the last couple of years! It seems that Dr Connell is now doing more round implants rather than anatomical... very interesting! That was my main reservation of having my implant removal and replacement done by him, as I don't want any risk of rotating. Also interesting that it was all covered by Medicare, as I heard that wasn't an option since the end of 2018. I think I'm going to try and book another consult with him and go from there.
  26. @cantwait Did you end up having your implants replaced? Who did you go with in the end?
  27. Wow thank you for taking the time to give such a detailed reply. I am also very much keen on as natural a look as possible. It seems like small anatomical implants would get me there, but I just don't want to take the risk of needing more surgery if they rotate (and constantly worrying that I may move them from exercising etc). I wanted to consult with Dr Tavakoli while I was living in Sydney, but his consultation fee was so crazily high, and his office wouldn't really answer some of my questions before booking an appointment to check that he was the right surgeon for me, so I left it. If you don't mind sending me a before and after pic via DM that would be hugely appreciated!!!! Thank you so much again for your help.
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