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  3. Hello lovelies, Has anyone had facial thread lift done? I recently had a consult with a known Cosmetic Lounge and although it was informative, it was rushed (I waited an hour past my appointment time slot to be seen as there was a client in the room who looked to have threading done and was in a bit of a situation).. << that also didn't exactly sell it to me.. I thought I would go in to concentrate on lips and botox (never had botox and had 1ml lip filler elsewhere 3 years ago). The Owner had finished giving me a full facial consultation about what she advised for me (
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  5. Do you need to get tested for covid before you can go to your dentist?
  6. I got implants in the first place to "lift" sagging breasts. They were over the muscle and looked great for a year or two until they made the sagging look worse. Then I got capsular contracture, and over time the implants shape got slightly distorted. In the meantime, I put on a decent amount of weight. My implants were modest to begin with, so now they were on the small side in proportion to my body. I decided I needed a revision and underwent the lift I should have had the first time around. My doctor wasn't clear about how involved the surgery would be, and I was under the misapp
  7. Hello to everyone!! I finally decided I wanted to upgrade my body. I am 50 and have been in amazing shape most of my life. Always had a hard time with my abs yadda yadda. I decided to do a mommy makeover for me. I only told a couple of people due to how others react. wow the few I told are very jealous even with how I am healing so quickly. Like I should be in massive pain and crying as to why I did it. I am so happy, do not regret any of it and would do it again. But I feel I have lost who I thought were my friends. My husband and believe it or not my brother very supportive of it.
  8. Hi I’m starting to freak out a little as I have surgery in 7 days. I was hoping to have lost 4kgs prior to surgery but haven’t :( will this affect the surgery and results greatly? I’m constantly overthinking this as the nerves are kicking in!
  9. Hi there I had my breast augmentation 4 years ago in Thailand and now need a doctor in Melbourne for a post op check up. Can anyone recommend a good doctor for this? Thanks
  10. I wax mine, tried threading one time and went back to waxing
  11. Not every plastic surgery has an ideal outcome, but the vast majority of people who have had cosmetic procedures do enjoy a very natural appearance.
  12. tear drop or round? over or under? Hi everyone! I was hoping ladies could share their results for teardrop, OTM implants. I am a 12b and hoping to get to a nice full C/D and have broad shoulders. I am firm on moderate profile silicone and I’m hoping to see some before an afters/thoughts and recommendations!
  13. I've been investigating surgeons that are the best for complex revisions in Australia as I badly need a third surgery. After feedback from actual patients from RealSelf, Facebook etc and looking at qualifications, involvement in training and learning and a key interest in revision rhino, the only surgeon I would consider is Dr. George Marcells. The consultation waiting times are very long, approximately six months. Another surgeon who is younger but has had training under Dr. Frankel in the US is Dr. Choroomi. He also has great feedback and often consults with Dr. Marcells on c
  14. Thank you for sharing your experience, this is really helpful.
  15. I had an ESG in Oct 2018, at first it seemed fine, then I stopped feeling restriction put weigh back on, an endoscopy in Feb this year showed that most of the sutures had come undone or loosened. I had a sleeve done in March. Almost at goal weight now. An ESG leaves a stomach that is larger than a surgical sleeve and the expected average weight loss is lower than the surgical options. I chose the ESG initially because it was non-surgical, less invasive, reduced recovery time but I wish I had gone with the VSG in the first instance. I would have saved a lot of time and a lot of mon
  16. A sleeve gastrectomy, which is currently the most common form of bariatric surgery. It is performed laparoscopically; this means that the doctor inserts a special camera and tools through incisions in the abdomen in order to perform the surgery on the stomach.
  17. Anybody heard of Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty? I heard it's an alternative to Bariatric Surgery and it is a non invasive technique. But is it effective?
  18. I think a lot of us do. Bondi sands for me too
  19. Does anyone know if it is possible to combine plastic surgery of the nose with straightening of the nasal septum?
  20. Hi All, does anyone have any experience or feedback about Dr. Rodrigo Teixeira (Brazilian doctor)? I am considering a nose job with him.
  21. Yes that ia whaqt I have noticed too. Good luck to you
  22. Does anyone have a review of Dr Ali’s Hussein, in Spring Hill lipo skills? I have lipo booked in w him.
  23. Any reviews on dr Ali Hussein for liposuction ? I am booked to have lipo with him and would like to know other people’s experience?
  24. I’m scheduled to have lipo with dr Ali, anyone have advice on his lipo skills?
  25. It depends on the experience of the doctor less experienced doctor can do it in $ 7500 and experience doctor can charge you between $1400 to $ 1500
  26. bump. Really interested in hearing others experiences with Dr. Marcells or Dr. Choroomi
  27. Oh man. This is my second pair and they put a tape bra on this time. So itchy. They took it off 2 days ago. I have a rash all over, especially the top of breasts.
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