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  2. Best thing to do is look for before photos of women with similar stats and boobs to yourself and then look at their afters as this will give you a more accurate representation of what your post op look will look like , i found out just going in with random pictures of boobs and not knowing what their before looked like then you get your heart set on a particular look which may not be achivable
  3. Yes it can get very confusing and try not to let it get you down as long as you fill the space in your chest (maximize your bwd) then i think you will be happy with your results, When you say your a size 8 clothing but wear a 12 band in bras it the clasp on the tightest hook (the last one or first) or the loosest if the latter then you are definitely in the wrong sized bra you stare on the loosest and wirk your way tighter as your bra ages and the elastic gets looser. Meadure under your bust in inches 30" is suze 8 - 32"size 10 -34" size 12
  4. If you went under muscle placement then your muscles will still be compressing the implant, the reason they look small is because your post op swelling has almost subsided and you will soon be starting your drop n fluff stage which starts from about week 6 give or take and can last for up to the 1 year mark , yes its true you will loose a little upoer pole fullness( but not all of it) as its the law of gravity and you can't compete with gravity, as your tissues/muscles start to relax you will find that your breasts will start to grow, it is a process that takes months (mine kept growing up to 10 mpo then settled then at 14 mpo they changed again) give it time and take weekly pictures you'll be supprised at how much they change.
  5. Hi, I too have Mentor textured anatomical implants and 19 mpo so far no issues , i am lead to belive that the ALCL is associated with Allergan (Natrelle ) and polyurethane (PE coated) implants, i belive that these typs of implants have are not being made any more but there still some in circulation I have agree with @sabP and think you are unnecessarily worring yourself and like mentioned above check your breasts regularly, i would not have agreed to let my surgeon incert textured implants if i didn't believe the risk was minimal
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  7. Hi @Angelf I also have Mentor textured implants and the Mentor brand is the least likely to cause ALCL. The risks are so minimal, I think you are making yourself sick with worry for no reason. I am not concerned at all, I think the main thing is to check your breasts regularly (which we should all do anyway) and if you notice anything untoward see your doctor or surgeon for a check-up. I personally would not have my implants taken out as I believe it would be unnecessary surgery. Try not to overthink this and stop reading those articles. Just take care of your health and check your breasts. I am in Australia and its lovely to connect with a woman in the middle east Take care hun and please stop worrying!
  8. @AnniC - actually it can give you upper pole fullness after D & F - because the muscle releases and they pop so to speak. That's how it was and is for me.
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  10. Hey @simply_me I got 375cc dual plane. The pain wasn't that bad for me. More the tight, stinging feeling. I only took painkillers the first day, then panadol for a couple days. You get zingers for a few weeks/couple months which are like little zingie electric shocks, it's your nerves regenerating after having the muscle cut, not painful, just a bit odd and can take you by surprise as it's random. Also sleeping upright was the worst!!... I hate sleeping on my back and you have to sleep propped up by pillows for the first week or two (depends what your surgeon recommends). If you have to wear a surgical bra that can be a bit constricting and uncomfortable, but not painful, again I wore mine 24/7 for the first 6 weeks, then after that normal and underwire and push-up bras were fine - again your surgeon will recommend. By the end of two weeks they felt reasonably comfortable, still tight - but ok. I felt they were natural looking from early on and they just kept getting better. The D & F starts around the 6 week mark and that process is interesting to watch and document with photos.
  11. Hi Diane, I had my surgery with Dr Narong and Destination Beauty end of July last year. I am 51 and every single day I am grateful and feel blessed for this decision. I would guess my heaviest weight was about 128kg. I am now 75kg. I have lupus and fibromyalgia these are now in remission. I go horse riding, I do yoga, I walk into a normal chain shop and can buy clothes off the rack. I have a collection of skinny jeans. My life is wonderful and I feel amazing. I was booked to attend a very reputable Sydney clinic when I came across a midwife that had been to destination beauty. Following my discussions with her I did my research. They don't agree with filling your body with artificial foods. The pre op diet is about eating healthy foods, stopping carbs and sugars, hydrating with water. The hospital is better than any private hospital I have attended in Australia. The patient to nurse ratio is about 1:1. Dr Narong is caring, thoughtful and informative. He takes his time with you and is very approachable. I have not heard of a single leak or problem with his work and I can assure you i went looking. Trolled the internet and Facebook. My GP did the same, she was initially concerned about me going overseas for my surgery. She could not find anything to give her any concern or doubt. After surgery they encourage you to eat protein rich soft foods from about day 3. Shock, horror, how terrible..... No not at all. You only have so much protein in your body, protein is so important and can be lethal if levels get too low. Surgery, trauma etc depletes protein and this needs to be replaced. Your stomach needs to function too, your body needs nutrients to heal. My health and recovery benefited from returning to foods. You are advised to eat protein fresh foods, and the choice is abundant in Thailand. My diet now is about the best quality foods not quantity. I was so happy with my whole experience, that when my daughter decided this was the right choice for her due to PCOS, both my doctor and I recommended Destination Beauty and Dr Narong. People ask about after care. Firstly they ensure that you are fit to return home before you leave. After being discharged from the hospital you are regularly visited by Nurse Aom. Upon my return to Australia my care was with my GP as it would be in Australia. I was able to see a dietician and prepared a health plan with my GP. I am contacted regularly by DB staff to see how I am. There are chat groups and other support, reference groups. I feel valued by all the staff associated with DB and they have a genuine interest in me. I am happy to share anything with you. I strongly believe that if you are thinking about doing WLS, money shouldn't be the sole decider. Quality of care and the whole experience. This is ultimately your choice, but dont let someone who has never experienced what Destination Beauty and Dr Narong have to offer you sway your choice. Make an informed choice.... I did
  12. Although I think its still early days, I don't see how D&F will give you that upper fullness you were looking for. They might drop and the skin will most likely give in, but based on friends' experiences you might not get that fuller effect you wanted.
  13. Can you tell me who you went to instead of Dr. Ansari
  14. Don't listen to strangers who sit behind a computer and like to criticise others. I think your nose looks fine and quite masculine. But if it really bothers you, then I would suggest to go and see a few reputable plastic surgeons who can give you proper advice.
  15. Male here. 29 I was playing around with faceapp and it made me look acceptable (I usually hate my face, but I guess the numerous little tweaks the app made like hairline, eyes, eye brows, lips, skin tone etc made it acceptable) However, i've always been self conscious of my nose, and when I posted the pic too a forum I belong too, a few people said I should get a rhino, and now that's kind of all I can think about! Would you say it's mainly the tip/nostrils that need to be fixed? Tell me what you see! Also, i'd be grateful for any recommendation for surgeons in Europe (i'm in the UK but will likely never be able to afford UK prices so other suggestions welcome!!) I've attached the faceapp pic (which although not a true representation of my overall face, my nose has NOT been changed by the app) as I daren't share my untouched face!
  16. @sabP thanks for all the info yeah i think I'll be recommended the same thing when i go for my consult Tuesday cause I too have lack off tissue on top, and a previous consult I had recommended it already with a 315 to 350cc in dual plane position lol how many cc did you go if you don't mind me asking also how long did the pain last and how long did it take before they started to feel more comfortable and natural on your body if that makes sense
  17. @Baileys agree with the girls comments above. At six weeks you are still early days and the drop and fluff has barely begun. You will notice significant changes over the next few weeks and months. Take weekly pictures so you can see the changes and try to be patient xo
  18. Hey hun, it's a really hard decision. Both types have pros and cons. Anatomical may lead to rotation, but if you follow your surgeon's instructions to the letter, the risk is minimal. Rounds are a bit more likely to cause capsular contracture, but not for everyone. Anatomicals look more natural, but many rounds these days appear to settle into a natural shape too. For me, anatomicals and under the muscle were recommended due to my lack of breast tissue and my desire for a totally natural look and it was absolutely the right choice - for me. Over the muscle heals faster and drops and fluffs faster. Maybe you should make a list of the pros and cons and then decide which one has the most pros for you - good luck with your decision and I'm sure other girls will chime in with advice and preferences and it's all helpful to get everyone's experience xo
  19. I am really struggling with deciding what implant type would be better tear drop or round I always thought id prefer tear drop as I've heard it gives a more natural appearance but I am worried about the risk of rotation and I have now read round can also appear quite natural too. Also as a very deflated small b cup would under the muscle be better then over.. personal experiences would be appreciated thanks
  20. 6 weeks post op is early days! It can take up to a year for the D & F process to finish. You would still have some swelling and the muscles would still be tight after surgery. Try to give it time. x
  21. @Baileys I haven't had mine done yet but I've seen lots of girls post op pics from day one and as far as 6 to 9 months on and they change dramatically and do seem to always look significantly bigger when the drop and fluff effect fully takes place which seems to take some time so wouldn't be to concerned yet give it a couple more months see if they get bigger. Search in the forum for "before d&f and after d&f pics" you can see the changes for yourself 😊
  22. I am currently 6 weeks post op and I feel like mine are still sooo much smaller than I expected. I got 400cc under moderate plus profile. The top pic is current the bottom is with the sizer which my surgeon told me was accurate? Does anyone think they will really drop and look like that because I am currently regretting this majorly?
  23. I am almost 6 weeks lost op and my breast implants look significantly smaller than I thought they would. My surgeon ensured me that they would look like the sizer that I tried on. But they don’t at all. Is this normal? Will they drop more and look larger? I got 400cc mpp unders.
  24. Thanks for that diagram... that’s great! yeah I want to keep the upper pole fullness but not be too fake looking.... my doc said the profile will be determined by the size cos of my broad chest.... so I’m not sure I can go 400/450cc tall height with hp or uhp!?!? He said it would be moderate and that’s determined by the cc’s.... if I want high or uhp I’d have to go larger!?!? Omg so confusing! But also don’t want boobs that project so far off my chest..... Ive seen dr tav and dr m patients with 375/400cc uhp tall anatomical and those are my dream boobs.... but I’m pretty sure those girls are a lot less wide and shorter than me.... im a size 8 still but wearing a 12c bra.... which is probably more like a 12b..... I’m just broad in the chest and tall. same stats as shani grimmond... and pretty sure I’ve got marginally more that she started with.... she looks skinner than me tho cos I’ve had a few kids... and she got 375..... gosh I’m so confused! 🤯😩
  25. Hi all I live in the southern highlands and found that the prices here are ridiculous for Botox or dysport one injector is charging $13 per unit for dysport. I did try her and yes the results were great but only lasted 2.5months and can’t justify the price especially if I’m having to go every couple of months I have tried laser clinics twice now and both times I have been left disappointed and dissatisfied with the results (to say the least) First time it lasted 3 weeks and then thought I’d give them another go a few weeks ago and got 30 units of dysport just in the frown area and had NO benefit. They want me to go back in and get more and pay again, which I am not going to do. can someone please recommend anyone around the area? I’m happy to drive to Campbelltown and I don’t want to go into the city as it’s about 2 hours away.
  26. @pink butterfly thank you so much yeah I'm more interested in going teardrop as I want the natural look too just worried about rotation not sure if i would be able to go round anyway cause I too don't have much tissue after having 3 children but I'll see what he says lol, pictures are a great idea I got a few of what type of size I'm after fingers crossed he can do it lol
  27. I went with some pictures I found off the net of what kind of boobs I would like. The surgeon did say my anatomy would determine what he could do. But we were in agreement with a teardrop implant as I wanted the natural look and I didn't have much breast tissue to start off with. I asked about sizing and what would suit me. I asked how much time I would need off from work. I asked how long the implant would last and the percentage of rotation with a teardrop implant. I did take a friend with me for support. Five years on and I have no regrets. All the best for your consult.
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