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  3. I’m going to revive this thread. I’m curious out of us how many have explanted or replaced our implants 19 years on?
  4. Hi ladies - does anyone have their records from TCI? I just submitted a request from here for my records: https://plasticsurgery.org.au/protecting-patient-safety/access-your-breast-implant-registry-data/? Did anyone get their's redone because of the allergan recall?
  5. Hi everyone, back again after many years. im wanting a BA revision next year or 2024. i had my BA done in 2014 in Melbourne. I’ve got 425 xhp textured nagar Silicone. Under muscle. I’m 157cm tall and 60kg. I haven’t had any issues with the implants in this time. So I’m hoping it’ll be a straight forward revision. I might be getting abit ahead of myself but Im now wanting to start my research again. And thinking of going with a different surgeon this time. my main reason for wanting the revision is because I want to go bigger. And hopefully go over the muscle because my passion
  6. I would LOVE to hear from anyone who's had breast implant revision surgery in Perth recently. Happy if you want to private message me rather than reply publicly. Any surgeon recommendations? I'd like to see someone who has plenty of experience with revisions and ideally who also does fat transfer. I am wanting to go DOWN in size from my current 260cc implants. I saw Tony Connell, but he only wanted to go down to 225cc which I don't think would make much of a difference. I have an appointment booked for August with David Colbert, and was called to book with Mark Hanikeri but the non-r
  7. I just called to book a consult with Dr Hanikeri, they said there's a $250 up-front charge to book the appointment, and if you cancel then you don't get a cent back! Even if you cancel months ahead. It's unlikely that I would cancel, but that put me right off. What a money-grab.
  8. The explant forum doesn't seem to be a very active one! But I'd love to hear from anyone who went through this. Were you happy with the results? Did you have fat grafting done, or need a lift? Even better if anyone from Perth has had this done! I HATE my implants. They're "only" 260cc but look huge on my small frame. My youngest is going to be full time at school next year so I feel like this is the perfect time to take the plunge. I'm just not sure whether to drastically downsize my implants (to the smallest size possible!), or remove them, with / without fat transfer. I've bee
  9. Hi all! It's been awhile since I have been part of the forum, will try and give a concise summary. Had a breast lift + augmentation in 2016 About 6 weeks post partum in 2019 I developed a seroma. It was thought at the time to be ?? BIA-ALCL but after extensive investigations, this was found to be a misdiagnosis. Had an explantation in 2020, no complications. I have had a second baby since then. Weight loss post partum so almost at pre baby weight. I'm looking at getting a "re lift" now as even though my nipples are in the 'right' position, the skin is quite loos
  10. Hi there I've seen some posts regarding this but they're all quite old so I'm hoping to get some new responses. I'm desperately wanting a tummy tuck. After 3 caesareans and weight loss, I'm left with so much sagging skin and muscle separation. I don't have private health and the prices I seem to find in Sydney are all around $30,000 which is not going to happen. Is this just the standard cost now or is Sydney expensive? I'm happy to travel. I've also been considering overseas surgery but I'm a bit scared about it and don't know where to start. Has anyone got a tummy tuck
  11. Good day, everyone! I hope everything is going well for you. I’m searching for help registering a business in Ontario. I operate a cosmetics shop in Ontario, Canada . We want to take our business global. Is it necessary for our firm to register with the Ontario business registry ? This is something I only learnt about recently. If you have any information about the registration and related processes, please leave a comment below. Thank you so much for everything.
  12. I was quoted $19,900 for implants and a breast lift on one side with Dr Tavakoli. I feel like this is so much more expensive than a lot of other places, and definitely out of my price range.. is this kind of price to be expected? Is there anyone else I should book a consultation with?
  13. Hi, im needing my silimed textured implants removed. Looking for recommendations on surgeons in QLD that specialize in enbloc plus a lift. Thank you
  14. Are you able to DM and advice? Please?
  15. By now you will be about 2 months post op and your boobies would have changed a fair bit, drop n fluf will be well under way and they will start to feel softer I hope you are feeling better about them now they have started to settle a bit, they will continue to change for a good 6-9 months, so try to be patient and trust the process 🙂
  16. after breast implant removal surgery, a hard cord formed near the scar that was painful on palpation. could it be suture granuloma? how can it be cured? is surgery necessary or does it reabsorb on its own? are there any ointments that can dissolve the granuloma from sutures? Thanks for your help
  17. Babe in 2019 I did 800c with cary Kallista and posted a review here for everyone. All the research has moved to a group on facebook
  18. Hey guys Can someone confirm whether they've had surgery with dr jumeau and their experience? Thanks!
  19. Hi, I would love some feedback from people who have had a mummy makeover on the Gold Coast and Surgeons. I have been for a consult with Dr Mark Doyle and I was happy until I spoke to someone recently who wasn't happy with their tummy tuck, If anyone could let me know their experiences with Dr Doyle or other surgeons on the Gold Coast, Costs, Recovery Basically as much info as possible would be fantastic. Thanks In advance
  20. Hi i had surgery in May. My nose still feels very long and swollen. Will it shorten over the months?
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