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  2. Hey BellaMay, im looking at Dr Kenny as well as a couple others and was just wondering what type of implant you went with? Like texture wise? Also, sorry if this is weird to ask but a couple of surgeons that ive come across do a "squishy test" or whatever they decide to call it and was just wondering what the implants are like from cosmetic evolution? Sorry if this is a strange question i just want to cover everything before I set my mind on someone and stick to it
  3. YES love GoT Hey @I HaveBoobs here's a link that shows legal ways to watch GoT if you don't have Foxtel https://www.whistleout.com.au/PayTV/Guides/how-to-watch-game-of-thrones-season-eight
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  5. Hi Margaret, I breastfed two children which resulted in deflated breasts. I had my BA with Dr Kollias as well and found him very good, if anything I would say he was conservative but thorough. I would’ve gone slightly bigger if I had my time again however Im very happy with them two years on & they are SO much better than they were!!!
  6. I really want to watch this but we don't have Foxtel 😭, can you get it on Stan
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  8. Has she gone back to her surgeon to discuss ?
  9. Dr Marcell's is very slow in the OT, he takes his time in the OT, very precious with his surgical incisions. Look at both surgeon online reviews and who you feel comfortable with, I would go back and honestly ask. I'm thinking of you to the other person tell me the pros and cons, if they want your business I'm pretty sure they would sale themselves. I've asked the exact question and they do intend to discuss. All the best
  10. I take it you are from Canada ? As I used to live there! I follow the below sugeon on snap chat, some of his work is amazing! Dr. 6ix - Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Jugenburg https://torontosurgery.com/snapchat/ Dr. 6ix (Dr. Martin Jugenburg) is a world renowned Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon based out of Toronto, Canada (also known as “The 6ix”). ... Dr. Jugenburg performs all types of breast augmentations. He is also one of the first plastic surgeons in Canada to ...
  11. Wow they look huge and amazing . Would love to see how great they drop and fluff
  12. My sister is 15 years old. She has some breathing problems since her childhood. Her doctor said that it's because of some excess growth inside her nose, which was not a serious issue. But now her problem is getting serious and, she is facing trouble in breathing. Her doctor recommends rhinoplasty, so as to correct her breathing problems. Is this surgery necessary? Are there any aftereffects after this surgery? Can anyone suggest any good clinic in Mississauga which undergoes a nose job? What about this?
  13. I just had liposculpture on Thursday. They put the day in my breasts. I already had 470cc implants. They are quite large now and got the bonus of taking fat from where I didn't want them. I went wit dr rastogi in double bay as he did my implants. So far so good. Recovery is different but still look like big natural breasts. I'll end up having 800cc implants without It the weight as you lose a 3rd of what they put in due to water and swelling.
  14. Her surgery went very well and she’s happy with her results
  15. Hey, I have 3 kids and like you (and a lot of mothers out there), it has left my boobs looking deflated, saggy nipples etc. I highly recommend Dr J Kollias, as he’s a well respected surgeon and does a fantastic job.
  16. I had surgery mid day on a Thurs and was back to work on a Monday. I did an event with my side business on Saturday but had a friend drive me. I was a little sore but depending on your work you'll probably be fine. I have 345 unders. I had a little shooting pain but my breast mainly felt like they did when I was breast feeding and really needed to pump. Not really pain.
  17. Hi there, just joined as trying to gather info on current recommendations for surgeons in Adelaide. Someone whose great with the post breastfeeding/aging breasts! thanks so much 😊
  18. Hi ladies, just seeing how you went with your appt? Did you go ahead AS1?
  19. Dr Scamp does it as well, with great result (on me) !
  20. I've taped the first episode but haven't had a chance to watch it. I'll have to wait until the kids go back to school next week! Lol!
  21. Thanks I HaveBoobs, It does seem like it would be time-consuming (especially with recovery from Lipo each time) and potentially very expensive.
  22. Jen jen this is true, it will not be a one off surgery as they can'not transfer a large amount of fat at one time, the most I'm lead to believe is about 250 cc and with any type of transplant/transfer your body stands to reject some or all of what is transfered . When they lipo/ harvest the fat it is treated first cleaned & washed then put into a centrifuge to seperate the plasma from the fat before it can be implanted which is why up to 50 % of the volume transferred is lost as the fat cells die off. Dr Tavakoli and Dr Mark Magnusson do fat transfer to the breast.
  23. Hello. I want to share my surgery experience in Korea. I had nose surgery in Seoul at Topface plastic surgery clinic. It's almost 9 months since my nose surgery. Swelling fully disappeared and now I am very satisfied with my result. Thanks to doctor Shim I feel beautiful and confident now.
  24. LMM I am interested in this as well. I have the PU Silimeds and I’m looking to explant ASAP. It’s hard to find Aussie doctors that are skilled in fat transfer. Most say you need multiple sessions and that you can lose some/a lot of the transferred fat...
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  26. Wow your results look good already.
  27. He did it due to the weight of fat over a larger implant. I got the added bonus of liposculpture so a mini mummy make over. I had it done today 1/3 of the 450cc implants will be lost due to water. I will attach some pics. I'm glad I did it this way, less invasive and less painful and less long term probs with my back. I retained my 470cc implants and also had some natural breast tissue
  28. Do you know if Motiva Implants differ from size to mentor implants? In other words for example a 360cc round Motiva implant would be the same as a 375cc Mentor round implant or are they both the same. I had a look at the mentor size charts and got lost with it all
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