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  4. Hi guys, I have just booked in for my BBL (for October 2021 due to covid). I am going to Turkey and was hoping to get a few experience stories? I have friends who have had the same done and they look amazing but I’m just looking for more reviews. How did you feel before/after? Are you happy with your results? Must knows, dos and don’ts all welcome! Thanks :)
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  6. YES YES YES! Do it! 😍 I love cosmeditour. I am 2 days post breast augmentation. cosmeditour have made the process so easy and comfortable. And put me with the nicest and most gentle doctor. coukdnt be happier with this companies fulfilment of their services There are many options with them too (locations, doctors,, payments etc) highly recommend
  7. Hi rosefaith, I highly recommend Dr Wessels, he did my breast reduction in 2017 and I couldn't be happier! I work in the aesthetic industry with many different surgeons across many specialities. I have recommended many friends and family members to Dr Wessles for breast reductions, lifts, explants and implants. Good luck
  8. I agree with you, they should do activities that would make them happy.
  9. staying busy and finding some purpose to the day could also helps stabilize their depression and mood disorders as well as physical exercise.
  10. I’m just wondering if there is a surgery to fix my hook nostrils. I like my nose from front on it’s just the fact you can see into my nose on my side profile and when I laugh I feel it gets worse. I’ve tried googling it and none of the peoples noses looks like mine. I feel as though the front photo looks a big exaggerated due to shadows thankyou In advance
  11. I am hearing good reviews about Dr Craig Rubinstein
  12. I googled him and he is well known. you can search him on google and look for reviews
  13. Dr. Davis, Dr. Steiger or Dr. Azzi
  14. The lump is probably benign and can be caused by swelling, bruising, or a hematoma at the injection site.
  15. I also do that, I make sure that I do video calls with my parents everyday. It's just sad that there are people who are greatly affected resulting to depression, I just hope they would get the help they need.
  16. I make sure that I connect with family and friends even through video calls.
  17. I think we are all a litt to hard on ourselves when it comes to our boobs and yes while you may have felt that your surgeon did not explain everything in detail to you about removing the old implants to do the lift I'm sure your boobs look great to anyone who might see them. I too was not 100% happy with mine when i first had them done as my boobs were slightly different sizes (had the same size implants inserted in both sides) and told that they wouldn't look that different (well they do, lefty is almost 1 cup size bigger ) and I'm still almost 95% certain that my left Anatomical implant is
  18. For those of you who know me, you know my sister passed away last September at only 34 years old, leaving behind 3 beautiful children. She lost her battle with breast implant illness, a debilitating illness that not many people know much about. But it’s real and it needs to be studied so we can find a proper treatment to help save the many women out there who are suffering from this horrible illness. My sister wrote a book about her ‘nightmare’ and wasn’t able to finish it. My mother finished it as a promise to my sister. I’m happy to announce that this book is now published and availab
  19. Is there any revision rhinoplasty specialist you'd rather have do your surgery than Dr. Davis in Florida? Who and why?
  20. Is there any revision rhinoplasty specialist you'd rather have do your surgery than Dr. Davis in Florida? Who and why?
  21. Does anyone have any experience with him? I love his work and the boobs he does is exactly the type I’m looking to get. However he doesn’t have too many reviews... If anyone has any recommendations for surgeons in Sydney who can achieve that same look, please let me know! Dr Eddy Dona was another one to consider but I read he’s currently caught up in a law suit which turned me off. Merry Christmas and thank you in advance xx
  22. Surveys show a major increase in the number of U.S. adults who report symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression during the pandemic, this is alarming. What do you do to feel more connected and less alone especially at times like this?
  23. Im 21 and looking to get a BA as soon as possible. I'm wanting to do it in Melbourne and not travel. Looking at Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi, Dr Craig Rubenstein or Dr damon Thomas/Dr Edmund Ek from yourbreast. Please give opinions/advice!!!
  24. Did you end up getting this done with cosmos clinic? Fat transfer isn't what its made out to be, they say 1 to 2 cups, but you actually need several sessions to get 2 cups! And it isn't long lasting. Its more temporary. Generally speaking our boobs are the size they are due to our life style, i hate exercise because i almost instantly loose my boobs. If I were rich, I would just get it done once a year lol. But basically, you'll get half a cup size after they've gone down and lost what their going to loose. So by the time you ad it up to, it's cheaper just to go with a mini boob job. Both have
  25. I'm having the same problem choosing. Did you end up choosing already? If so who did you go with? Dr tavakoli seems like the most loved one, I'm contacting him tomorrow and depending on the price, he's my chosen one, he honestly is the best in Sydney. His reputation seems to be good, and he seems to like keeping it that way, so he seems like the safe decision. I'm either going with him or Dr Pouria Moradi, as he only charges $11k, and doesn't seem to have any bad reviews on boob jobs. Would never go to one of these $8k boob jobs by training doctors! Would love to know who you go with and how i
  26. Has anyone had scarring from this though? And can anyone recommend someone in Melbourne please?
  27. it is a simple procedure using radiowaves to remove moles, birthmarks and skin tags.
  28. I know some people as well, i would just ignore them. It is your happines and the most important is you love the result.
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