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  2. I think she did a good job. It's my first time and obviously it hasn't settled yet but my friend said he noticed the definition in my cheeks straight away. I had no complications, no bruise and don't see any lumps. Gaynor, the nurse, used 2ml of Juvederm Voluma and it costed me $1300.
  3. Hey ladies! I've had lots of stuff come up in my instagram feed about implant illness.. developing auto immune problems afterward having implants. I did a lot of looking into this stuff at the beginning of my BA research and decided, it was a risk, one that I was happy to take and would have them removed if this happened to me. What are your thoughts? Concerns? Insights about this. I guess I'm just getting the jitters and nerves if I've made the right decision, just 3 weeks till my BA now! Xx
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  6. Thanks lovely. I figured it would take a while and be from a combination of things, guess I just need to be patient! I only feel bloated in my midsection, they gave me light compression socks for my legs which I'll wear less as I start to move around more. I'm normally really good with drinking water but it's been hard because I haven't been overly hungry or thirsty but that seems to be coming back now so I'll be sure to keep up the water...and maybe get some prunes!!!
  7. Oh that's exciting you will get to meet your little one very soon. I am sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes. My cousin went through this with her first pregnancy. Take care of yourself. x
  8. Hi Ladies Sorry I've been MIA! It has been a crazy few days. Woke up at 3.30am Wednesday to fly to Melbourne, checked into the hotel and went for a walk before my sizing appointment with Dr Greensmith. Mum and i both had an early night but mum forgot to turn off her alarm so Thursday (day of surgery) I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep. Check in time at Stonington was 6.45 and I was in the OT by just after 7. Was looked after by a lovely recovery nurse until I was comfortable and fully awake. Went home to the hotel and just chilled out, was really comfy and didn't feel nauseous until about 30minutes before my meds were due. Friday was POD1 and I had my drains taken out. Felt so free once they were out, but negative is that they have been swelling so much since the drains came out. Dr Greensmith said it should peak 2-3 days post op so its going to get worse before it gets better. Mum has been cooking a lot (we for Woolie's delivered). Today we slept in then went to my red light therapy appointment at 10.30. Was feeling a bit ***** today becsuse of the swelling. Had lunch out then had to go home. Slept for 4 hours in the avo then had Thai delivery. Now just waiting up until midnight so I can take my meds and go to sleep. Haven't had any both room issues, made sure I bought some prunes and that has made sure there have been no issues there. The photo below I got after the drains and before the swelling got too bad. My nipples are actually even, its just the photo. Hope everyone else is doing OK xx
  9. Hi just wondering if any ladies who have had lollipop lift and implants could show me pics of their recovery from week to week Would really appreciate
  10. Hey lovely, I haven't been on any painkillers (only took two the night of surgery).. and I still have this bloating. The nurse at my check up said it was from the anesthetic and it would go in a week or so. It feels like everything is so swollen. I've just been drinking lots of water.
  11. Ye explanted 2.5 years ago after finding a rupture, but didn't replace so I could finish having kids first. Now I'm ready as ever... my boobs have changed so much. A lot of loose skin :/
  12. Hi ladies, I'm 3 days post-op now and feeling a lot better. Still sore and tight but definitely feeling more human, especially after a shower and washing my hair! Sleeping propped up is actually more uncomfortable than sitting or standing and I'm looking forward to being able to sleep on my side and cuddle my boyfriend! I've gone off endone and just taking panadol now. Finally went to the toilet today but wondering when the bloat from the painkillers starts to subside? I haven't been very hungry but still eating as obviously I know I need food to recover. I know the bloat is part of the healing process but I'm just wondering how long it took some of you to get back to feeling relatively normal? Kind of frustrating not being able to take care of myself and do my normal things but my boyfriend is being super helpful which is great.
  13. Im leaning towards 500. So do you have yours explanted? I know what you mean with those issues. It would be hard to find something that fits well!
  14. Haha it's winter the beautiful curves have been well and trully tucked away lately but I will see what I can do at keeping this thread updated πŸ˜‰
  15. 1 week and 5 days to go! The bad news is ive been diagnosed with gestational diabetes but I'm taking my blood sugar 4 times per day and being very careful with what I eat.
  16. Carmex! I have tried everything and that is the best by far!
  17. That's awesome, for a minute l thought you were near your due date and thought my god that has gone quick! πŸ˜‚ Good to hear things are going well X
  18. Just wondering how many of you that have had a Breast Lift with lollipop incisions, how long did they take to heal? Were they ever 100% normal again? I'm 8 months PO and they are still healing as in the scars are still red, nipples dry/ near cracked. Thanks ☺️
  19. Wish I could help, but have only had dental implants done.
  20. I have just started going to a home salon, her prices are really cheap and she has done my hair extensions as well. What type of hair extensions are you after? I have went to a few places and tried most of the methods.
  21. How did you go with it?
  22. How were they and how much? Really need my fillers done again.
  23. What?!?! Noooooo, you should! You look fabulous and I love seeing pics from you. You keep us all wondering πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰πŸ˜
  24. So an update for anyone that is interested. @donatella and @imperfectly_lou I had my six week follow up and my gynae insisted that the Mirena doesn't cause thrush but it can cause a pH imbalance. So she said use pH gel applicators and wash with vinegar! It gives a whole new meaning to fish and chips and vinegar! πŸ˜‚ I have also started drinking apple cider vinegar as well. Not sure if it is doing anything but l have had no flare ups. πŸ‘ On a side note, no period since- winning!!! My hormones were a bit screwed for the first few months- emotions etc but it seems to have settled. My gynae loves her Mirena she has used them for twenty years and has never had an issue hence why she love them (or she is on their payroll lol) Hope this helps someone that is thinking of getting one. Gabby x
  25. @Kismet i managed to have shower yesterday. Oh man it felt so good. i don't feel like a cripple anymore lol. I just let warm water run through my back and it relieved so much back ache. @tsal thank you. I will post some pics soon. Forte made me feel nauseous too.yesterday I only took half of endone in the morning and half before bed. I only feel a bit of pain on side boobs but manageable. Last night I don't know why I was sliding to almost lying flat on bed. When I woke up in middle of the night my partner had to help me to sit up. My back felt quite good but the boobies were in pain from pressure of lying flat. It sucks that we have to compromise back or boobs lol
  26. Congrats!! Sounds like you're really happy with results .. do u mind saying what this cost you in total? I'm also booked in for BA asymmetry surgery in October and want to compare My PS is Dr Doug McManamny
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  28. Common-sense (for me), but also comfort
  29. @ambz93.xx I now know what you mean about the itchiness. I'm 4 days post op My incisions are so itchy.. It's driving me crazy!! I'm still very swollen and a bit tender in the center and at the sides but not really any pain still. I think I overdid it on day 2.. I went wedding dress shopping with my sister and we walked around shops all day. I was a bit achy that night. So I made sure to rest yesterday. I drove last night and that was totally fine. I'm catching up with a friend this morning who doesn't know I've had surgery. Trying to work out what to wear so it's not noticeable. Have you ladies told people? I've only told my sister and 3 close friends. Hope everyone is going well.
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