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  2. I'm really interested to see how yours D&F. What did Dr Cooter say when you expressed your concerns/did you show him pictures beforehand?
  3. Feeling disappointed

    @Melissaverity I'm in the same boat as @sweet_suga I'm 8 days post op with Dr Tav and I wasn't told that I couldn't lift weights again. You're given a guide to when you can start doing certain excerices but obviously all at your own pace๐Ÿ˜Š I agree, have a consult with Dr Tav himself and he will be very realistic and honest with you. But I was defs told I can go back to exercising all in due time when my body is ready
  4. Feeling disappointed

    I am a gym junkie and while I did not have a lift (I just had a straight BA), my surgeon advised me to never do chin ups. But all other exercises were fine to do once healing was at a stage to accommodate this. I would definitely communicate directly with your surgeon and ask what he thinks in relation to upper body exercises.
  5. I think the size suits you very well, looks very natural with your proportions.
  6. Yeh I feel ya. I live in Townsville and it isn't easy having to travel back and forth. Lucky there are a lot more options where you are then me lol good luck babe I'm sure they will be amazing x
  7. Dr Miroshnik - Anyone unhappy with their result?

    @sweet_suga @Louis Honestly if I lived in Sydney I'd be happy to book with Dr M for BA. And Dr Tav was on my shortlist too! It's too hard to travel interstate now with my young kids. Have booked instead with an amazing Melbourne PS though Also a Dr M but Dr McManamny lol
  8. Any November 2017 girls?

    @BNAdelaide I'm a gymmer too! Check out Jade Joselyn on YouTube and her BA journey (she's a bikini competitor I think.) For the first 6 weeks I imagine your body and mind will solely be focused on recovery. But everyone's healing is different. I'm hoping by the three week mark I feel up for going on walks so I don't put on any weight! I'm dreading losing all my gym gains too! The following Wednesday (surgery is Thursday) I'm scheduled to return to work, I'm thinking of getting a medical certificate so I'm on light duties (office work) for several weeks. But if I need to take more days off I will just get a medical certificate. I work in the warehouse on a minesite. So some lifting and unpacking. Bit worried about recovery time too.
  9. I looked into him when I was looking for my surgeon aswell and couldn't find anything bad. He has a amazing reputation! I narrowed it down to him or the dr I went with and it came down to the fact i could get in sooner with dr tav. I have him on social media and he seems like a super friendly guy aswell x @iDream_of_CeeCees
  10. Post op Bras

    I had my three week follow up on Tuesday and my dr told me I can now wear just wear my post op surgery bra to bed ( for three months) but to go buy something comfy and supportive for during the day and that it could be under wire if I find it comfy doesn't matter. Only restrictions where no pushup and no padding. For now. Hope that helps @Mumof3boys
  11. Feeling disappointed

    I had my BA with dr tav and I was not told I could never do weights again! In fact in the aftercare paperwork they give you a detailed time frame to get back into working out. From what I'm aware of all weight training can eventually go back to normal after due time. Some drs advise against doing isolated chest work again like heavy flys and press and I think that's mostly due to what pocket you have ( heard dual plane can put a lot of pressure on the implant and can distort the shape in rare cases. Doesn't damage the implant just changes the look) but push up and ect are fine. Not sure why the nurse told you that you can never work out again as it is just not true. Infact in his office there is a tv in every room and there is always a little clip playing on repeat of a personal trainer going through the time frame to getting back into working out and what you can do. And she's showing a girl in the gym when to get back into weights. i would advise having a consult with him as he is very honest and straight up about everything. Also all the follow up appointments needed afterwards are free. My next ones are at the three month mark, the six month mark and the one year mark and that is standard. But any time I have rang or emailed with any problems or worrys they tell me to come in and see him straight away and it's all covered in your surgery price. But your appointments can also be done over FaceTime or Skype. @Melissaverity @Vee94 where you told you couldn't do weights ever again ?
  12. Mentor have a long standing reputation whilst the new motives ones sound good and interesting it's new technology I believe. Though don't quote me on that.
  13. I havnt had any other implants but i recently got mentor implants and love them. @MrsGTO
  14. I'm scared my revision won't be successful

    Hi Johny, There is no real need to fear your revision. What you need is to choose a good surgeon to do it. For example, does your surgeon have experience in the procedure you want? Each area of cosmetic surgery needs different skills. Operating on a nose is different from operating on a breast. I had my revision rhinoplasty in Manila with notable surgeon Dr Rino Lorenzo. He also did my tummy tuck 3 years ago. It went really well. I'm glad that I did it. Good luck with yours!
  15. I am changing my nagor implants to mentor - i have no experience with motiva however, mentor implants have a proven track record of safety and there textured implant has a much lower rate of ALCL compared to others
  16. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :)

    I went by myself as my friends had work, hubby had to babysit my kids, my mum doesn't approve of this type of surgery, but I felt like it was a good thing in a way, because I could ask any questions I wanted one-on-one with my PS without anyone else there to influence. I figure that I'm the one having to the surgery, so only I can make the call on what I should do etc Would have been nice to have my mum there if she was open to this kind of thing though .....
  17. Yesterday
  18. 14th Aug - BA and TT

    @dreams I'm trying to use my left hand more when I remember, to try and even things up a bit. One more year left of degree after this year.
  19. 14th Aug - BA and TT

    @HXC yes I'm right handed. Also my right Bob has already dropped slightly where my left breast is bruised and not dropped... I wonder if i should stay using or stretching my left arm more ??? Wow midwifery great career... how many years left ??
  20. 14th Aug - BA and TT

    I have some good bruising across my sides extending towards my back and in my cleavage. Are you right handed @dreams".........my right boob is more swollen but I'm putting it down to using my right hand to get a drink, etc. I'm not looking forward to returning to Uni clinical as I'm studying midwifery so quite physical and I can't afford too much time off.
  21. Surgery booked! Dr Paul Downie - Gold Coast

    It's not. I find it funny because you don't actually know only what you read which could be wrong. Obviously there's a lot of varying information posted online. This is the second time Dr Downie has retired he's actually returned from retirement before. Probably best to make statement claims on topics you only 100% can back if you want to make sure you are helping someone ๐Ÿ˜‰
  22. The 535's look perfect on you. Very proportional. Anything smaller and I think you would be disappointed.
  23. Travel Partner Thailand

    Hi there, how did your surgery go?
  24. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Thankyou lovely! Thanks Hun. Wow ok that interesting. I didn't find him pushy though I have been at it awhile now and had many consults. I pretty much knew exactly what I was looking for and he knew I was very researched on the topic. In the past I consulted with Phil Richardson and was offered (in nagor implants) 390mod 460hp and 520xhp. I was thinking of pushing for the 520 in the HP. As when I looked back at the picture it just still looked inproportionate to my body. Eddie still gave me the 450 to try but we both agreed straight up that it didn't look as good as the 500. I know it's very standard to go up one more size to the look you like as it looks less once implanted. Apparently. Ill add a pic with my with the 460 sizer from consult with Phil 2yrs ago. I'm so happy for you that you look your outcome and got exactly what you wanted. Having the right surgeon for you is number one priority
  25. Any November 2017 girls?

    Hi @BNAdelaide welcome , you are posting just fine. As to your BA question check out my reply in the feeling disappointed thread about BA and exercise, as for the football thing and running my PS said no running for 4-6 weeks to allow the imp,ants to settle/ adhere to the pocket but that would all be dependent on what type of implant you end up choosing and the placement, ie under muscle or over.
  26. Feeling disappointed

    @Melissaverity i am due to have my BA in 10 weeks and my sergeon said no upper body exercises for 6-8 weeks then some light weights should be fine, push ups are fine and chest press is ok but not to heavey absolutely no chest flys or anything that would put to much strain on rhe chest muscles, believe me i asked all those types of questions at my consult as I'm a personal trainer and fitness instructor so will need to perform most of these exercises on a daily basis just as long as i don't go over board i should be fine he said , just will need to modify my exercises. Hope i have been of some help ๐Ÿ˜Š
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