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  2. HSI is great though I rarely see people using it. Nowadays Karmin, GHD and Babyliss are more popular among hairstylists.
  3. So exciting! Do you have an idea of what you want? I’ve had 3 babies and breastfed them all and I have barely an A cup now with no upper pole fullness and no tissue up top so I feel you!
  4. Hi! Me!!! I have mine on the 13th. It feels like ages away and I’m soo excited! I’m having 400cc UHP round, under muscle. I just can’t decide on smooth or micro textured. What about you?
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  6. Hi UnrealBoobies, I can see from her profile that she had her implants done by Dr Tang from The Cosmetic Institute which are no longer operational. I believe Dr Tang may practice surgery at another clinic now. You can usually find more information such as surgeon and implant details by clicking on the members name and viewing their profile. I hope that helps you on you journey and good luck
  7. Hi, I am booked in to have Breast Augmentation in 10 days time. Is anyone else embarking on this journey at the same time.
  8. You look absolutely gorgeous can I ask who your surgeon was please
  9. Can I ask who your surgeon was please I think your result is perfect
  10. Oh wow! I too had a revision rhinoplasty with Dr Peter Dixon in 2010 and am so disappointed. Going through all that to only end up just as self conscious (if not more) makes me so angry. I have a lump on the side of my nose which feels like cartilage protrusion and my nose slants to one side. Now I am on trying to find another surgeon for my third procedure. If anyone has any recommendations - I am considering Dr Marcells or Dr Mooney (both in Sydney).
  11. Hi guys, I am 28 years old and from the UK. I have been sooooo insecure about my nose for years because I think it's too straight and pointy. About 2 years ago I realised actually how rounded my nose tip looks and I absolutely hate it, every single day I obsess about it and when I look at my reflection in a window or mirror I see what look like a round ball blob at the end of my nose. It makes my feel like breaking down and crying and sometimes I have done Does anyone know what is causing my nose tip to look like this and what surgery procedure will fix it ? I am extremely squeamish and can't even watch surgery on TV but I'd rather go through a short operation than live the rest of my life like this . For some reason it always seem to look worse in the dark for example when flash on the camera is on Thanks guys
  12. Hi i was 44 yrs old when i had my BA i didn't need a lift as i wasn't saggy just empty after breastfeeding 2 children,. It will depend on how much sagging and existing breast tissue you have weather you need a lift or not, a friend of mine was borderline needing a lift and was told by her sergeon if she didn't mind going bigger to fill out the existing empty breast tissue then she wouldn't need the lift ( her boobs look amazing ) so if you have a fair bit of breast to fill then a small implant won't give the lift you want and you may need the lift as well. I had mine done in Perth which is where i live if you send me a FR you can see my befor and after pics . I have no regrets in getting my BA except for waiting so long to take the plunge, do it it will be the gest thing you'veever done for yourself
  13. Hi, can anyone tell me whether they’ve had plastic surgery other than BA or BL, I’m looking at having thigh and arm lift with lipo and Destination Beauty have assigned me with Dr Ring in BK, has anyone heard of him and can anyone recommend a Dr they have used for more complex procedures please. TIA Marina
  14. Hi everyone! I’m looking at getting my nose done. I had a consultation with Dr Shahidi last year and wasn’t completely comfortable with him. I have breathing difficulty and a deviated septum so I will need an ENT Specialist. Wanting to book a consult soon and have narrowed it down to Dr Marcells and Dr Choroomi. Can anyone give their advice, share their experience and reviews with these surgeons? Or recommendations for others. Thanks
  15. I currently have 385cc hp and I am only a b43. But I was an a34 before my breast augmentation.i am having a revision coming upon August 19th ,I have capsular contracture and will be getting 560cc high profile and my ps said that will bring me to a full c ,small d. Hope this helps
  16. Hi there, Has anyone had rhinoplasty with Dr Alan Kalus? I'd love to hear your experience and some before and after pics. As we're in currently in lockdown here in Melbourne, I figured I would use the situation to finally get my rhinoplasty done. Dr Kalus seems reasonably priced and has good experience- what are your thoughts? I also met with Dr Chris Moss but wasnt blown away by his results (especially given the price). Thanks in advance, Elle
  17. Hi there, I'm wondering who you ended up going with for your surgery? I have my rhino consult with Dr Kalus next week and would love to hear about your results! Thanks, Elle
  18. I saw the PS in June and go back in September for my follow up consultant and book in for early December. I am a teacher so booking around school holidays. Have the under boob width of a B cup but certainly don't fill a B cup. Hoping for a full C cup. Have 2 little ones ages 2.5 and 4.5, I never had much but having kids left me with even less. Looking forward to having boobs. Glad to see some others on here having their surgery this year.
  19. I have done bbq sausage sandwiches, made a pizza, and tarts/pies, candies. Jello salad with jello, applesauce, cranberry sauce, I even have own the recipe journal for that. Recipes include lots of easy to make lunch recipes, anything with pre-made dough. I found kids really like to rolling and manipulative of dough.
  20. Your body needs biotin to help convert certain nutrients into energy. Biotin is a part of the vitamin B family. Though the biotin you get from your diet is enough for you to reap the health benefits it offers. There’s only limited evidence to suggest that increased biotin intake may help promote hair growth.
  21. I tried waxing at various places years ago. It was painful but there was not alternatives then. Oh, too bad that I'm allergic to lemon juice. The only way I use it is just cleaning floors.
  22. Good choice. From my experience, pixie cut suits any type of hair but I agree that it looks even better with thick hair. Though there are ways to make it even thicker as mentioned in this article. It also makes your eyes look sharper and brighter. I forgot to mention that silver hair color suits best with this pixie hairstyle.
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  24. Me!! I had my consultation today and booked surgery for the 13th of August! I also have 3 kids, youngest is 4, and breastfed all of them so I have no fullness and don’t even fill a 10A. Im 165cm and 57-58kg. I’m using Dr Kenny who did my friend’s and she’s had amazing results. My BWM is only 10.5 so I’ll be doing ultra high profile, 400cc, round, textured, under the muscle. I’m SO excited!
  25. Cooking with kids is a pure joy. By the way, having pizza and brownies for dinner is a good idea because why not? Especially during quarantine.
  26. Hi could you tell me what kind of price quote with Dr Choroomi was please?
  27. How did you go !? I am now feeling the same but see your post is over a month!
  28. I have been told if your nipples are pointing forward and sort of in the middle , a lift is less likely required. Also most will let you send photos pre consultation and can give you a ‘probably will’ or ‘probably won’t’ need a lift. That’s what I’ve done.
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