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  2. Bybliss makes a great product. If you know someone with a cosmotology license and they're willing to take you to a beauty supply store (where you have to be licensed to purchase products), you can get a great deal on straighteners and hair dryers.
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  4. Hi all, I am considering revision rhinoplasty with Andrew Greensmith. Is there any out there who had revision rhinoplasty with him? I am a bit concerned that my nose will end up big for my face. Can anyone share their experience with this doctor? Really appreciate it! Thank you
  5. Thankyou!! I’m booked in to see him on the 30th. I was just getting curious as I couldn’t find any info on what was going on. Thanks 🙏🏼
  6. it may be rotated, best you see your Dr and get an MRI or ultrasound to check
  7. Yes anatomical. I’m about 2 years post op. It started a year ago but sometimes it goes away but the last few months it’s been permanently like this. With the discomfort only starting a few weeks ago.
  8. I have plantar fasciitis. I have orthotics that were custom made to my feet that I have to wear constantly. It’s extremely painful
  9. Hey hun... no that does not look right. I hope you've been able to see your surgeon for advice. Let us know how you go xo
  10. Do you have anatomical implants? How far post op are you? Did this just suddenly happen or has it git progressively worse?
  11. Hi. Can someone shed some light on what is going on with my boob. I’m booked in to see someone but very curious in the mean time. It’s gone flat underneath. My nipple is quite painful to touch and is almost looking downwards now 😫. It’s all very strange.
  12. Your boobs look amazing very natural looking. Did you go over or under the muscle?
  13. Hi @MellieMoo How did everything go with your surgery with Dr Kollias ? I have my surgery booked for 14th Dec. Looking at having 450 cc round smooth high profile dual plane
  14. It kinda looks like your incisions were stitched a little to tight and that is why they look like they do, it also looks a little uncomfortable (hope your not in any pain) . I would wait till your 1 wk po app and mention it to your sergeon sorry to hear this has happened.
  15. Great! argh I am tossing btw Connell & Williams.. hmmm
  16. I went with Connell! 1 week post op.. Very happy with everything so far and the recovery has been so much easier than I was expecting!
  17. Something doesn’t look quite right. Have you seen your surgeon? Who was your surgeon? I do hope that it’s sorted out since you posted this.
  18. Hey everyone. I couldn't find an appropriate thread so I decided to make one here. The thing is that I've been diagnosed with arthritis and plantar fasciitis, that's related to feet problems if you don't know what's it all about. I have already been prescribed treatment and medication, I also found a source from which I learned that there are special shoes for people with same problem as I have. I also wanted to know are there any more ways to ease the pain without any surgery? Thanks in advance.
  19. Thanks guys, I just hope they balance out! I was wondering at what point do you start to feel concerned about an implant not dropping into place?? Just trying to work from the ground up...hopefully will improve soon.
  20. Hi @MellieMoo I know you said your family is far away, but hopefully your husband can get some time off to help (at least one week?) My husband only had 3 days leave, however my kids are 8 & 12 so were an amazing help for me. Just simple things like filling up the kettle, opening car doors, chopping veggies can be tricky in the first few days. Also are your going over the muscle or under? as that will determine your rate of recovery too. As previous posters have said just wear loose pants and button/zip up tops. I also booked myself in for a wash and blow dry one week post op which was just heaven!
  21. Funny I’ve just read the recommendations on sports bras. I went bra shopping and bought 2 x sexy lacy wirefree bras (I can’t believe sexy wirefree exists!). I tried on the Berlei sports bra (unsure which exact one) and it was incredible. I jumped up and down in the fitting room and my boobs didn’t go anywhere. Unfortunately it does have underwire in it and until I see my surgeon in January I’m not allowed to wear wired bras but once I’m cleared I will be buying it. I got 2 x Lorna Jane high neck bras which I wear over a crop. Fairly supportive for the treadmill, etc but looks like I’m not going to be running until mid January. Also if you are in Perth I highly recommend Hidden Lace in Subiaco. Yes a lot of the stuff is expensive $90 bras but the ones I chose were on sale for $39.95 each. They are very good at fitting. One of the bras I tried was not sitting in between my cleavage but on top of it. My fitter straight out said it wasn’t a good fit. They also sell post surgical bras for those who are pre op. That’s where I got mine.
  22. Hi there glad to hear you're doing well after your seccond surgery , your breasts are looking great and they seem to be settling nicely, I'm a little jelly of your cleavage too
  23. I know its pretty easy for us to say but if you can for the first week to 10 day's try not to lift your youngest as you risk internal damage, like what Cupcake said nappy changes on the floor, nap time on the kiddy flip out sofa and maybe your older child could help you lift your youngest in/out of the bath . Definitely pre prepare some meals ahead of time to freeze as you probably wont feel up to cooking for the first few days and if you do have to lify your little one like Sabp said squat down have them put their arms around your neck and legs around your waist hands under their bottom then stand using your legs (do not bend and scoop) . Best of luck with the surgery and hope recovery goes well
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