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  4. Babe in 2019 I did 800c with cary Kallista and posted a review here for everyone. All the research has moved to a group on facebook
  5. Hey guys Can someone confirm whether they've had surgery with dr jumeau and their experience? Thanks!
  6. I went off advice and opinions of professional Surgeons initially. Also it’s depending on what country and/or surgeon you get your enhancement surgery in This may determine some available options you were asking about. If you can, meet with a few surgeons first for their opinion. Great journey to you! Lovely ❤️
  7. Hi lovelies, just wondering if either of you ended up going forward with a BA with Dr Kollias and what your thoughts are on him/how happy you are with your BA? I'll be seeing him tomorrow about getting one after a terrible lift from 3 years ago, so really hoping to pick a better surgeon this time and do it right.
  8. Hi Lovely, im booked in to see Dr Kollias tomorrow re getting a BA and was just wondering what your thoughts are on him/if you went with him how they're looking now?
  9. Hi Lovely, I'm booked in to see Dr Kollias tomorrow and was just curious to hear your thoughts on him and how they're looking a year on?
  10. How did you go with it all. Which Dr did u see? I'm looking towards getting the same procedure done (Vaginoplasty).
  11. I went to see the consultant yesterday and decided on 400cc. im going back again to see him to confirm the size but im not sure. im definitely getting the motiva ergonomix implants. Whilst there i tried on the 350cc implants and the 450cc The 450cc i felt was too big for me and the 350cc i thought was ok but was worried i would regret not going a bit bigger so said maybe 400cc as its in the middle but im scared they are going to be too big and im going to look stupid. Im starting off as an A cup, im 5ft5 and 54kg. I want breast augmentation so i look a bit more proportioned and so
  12. Hi ladies I'm 3 days post-op. How are you all cleaning you're stitches area? I was told by my nurse to get anti septic spray and use that around the area? Is there anything worth buying or using around this area? Tbh im so nervous to even put anything around this area 😫
  13. Anyone had any facial treatments done by dr Greensmith at the same time as a rhinoplasty? Specifically fat transfer? Not sure if this is something he does... thanks
  14. Hi this is defiently a strange request but I have extremely thick facial bones especially my forehead and top of the skull . I was wondering if there is a surgery that can trim done the top of my head and by how much could I possibly lose in length.
  15. There are Facebook groups that are much more active now
  16. This is a bit of a rant.. but I'm also hoping someone can give me some reassurance! I'm 2 weeks PO and I'm worried I went too big. Did anyone else feel this way? It's so hard to look in a full length mirror with these giant hard boobies on my chest on my petite body. For reference, im 5'3, 100 lbs. I was a 32B and got 235cc round silicone unders. I measured my bra size and I'm currently a DD. Did anyone else feel super unsure of their size decision post surgery?
  17. Hey, just wondering how much did your breast augmentation cost with Dr R? Thanks x
  18. I am also right at 3 months post tummy tuck and also bilateral arm lift. And everything seems bigger than it was just at 2 months. I feel worse than ever before. I’m feeling super insecure and obsessive about looking up reasons and causes to all this. Other than being more depressed than I was prior to surgery. I had been working out but stopped because I feel lost on what to do. I’m also having back bulging areas around my bra that never seemed to be like this before. I feel awful. 😓
  19. Hi ladies.! I'm soooo excited to be getting my lil boobs enlarged in a few months, & finally be rid of padding & chicken fillets.. Ha! I've got my consultation coming up soon.! Is there anyone here that was an 10A-10B cup originally, & gone up to a 10D-10DD afterwards.??! And if so, how many CC's did u get.??! I'm 5.8tall & only 47kilos, so very thin.. And really want nice D's-DD's, so wondering if 345cc's will be enough or not.??! And where did u girls get your implant insision.??! The areola, armpit or under the breast, & if so, how long before stitches were gone, & t
  20. Just wondering if you went ahead with your procedure and if you're happy with how it went? Ive also booked Dr Merten, partly on the basis of his amazing reviews on Realself. Im also nervous. I hope to hear back from you.
  21. Anyone experienced nipple pain/sensitivity after BA? I’m almost 3 weeks PO. The right nipple started to get tender/sore after about a wk. so now it’s been almost 2 wks. It only the right nipple. It’s really painful to touch. My PS said it was common, but it’s only 1 nipple & it’s starting to worry me.
  22. Hello, females that i like are never attracted to me since childhood. I am considering facial surgery but i have difficulties figuring out what's wrong, could you help me please?
  23. Did you ever find out what this was? I’ve got one that has just come up in exactly the same place! I’m 3 month post surgery. Thanks
  24. I know this is an old thread now but I have to say my experience with her was really good! I love my results and she was great in the consultation and on surgery day!
  25. Hi Siobhan - how did you go with your surgery? Have you had it yet? I had my breast augmentation done through Minkst on the Gold Coast with Dr Hertess and I cound't be happier. The results are super natural like I wanted and the whole process was super easy. My recovery was also awesome. I struggled to find information on the company initially too... but they are new. Their surgeons are experienced though and you can find lots of reviews on them on here or in different locations. And I can see that minkst have quite a few reviews now since you wrote your comment. Hopefully surgery worked out w
  26. Did your shortness of breath go away? I’m 1wk post op & going through the same!
  27. I’m about 5”7 and I am at home losing it. I feel like my doctor could have told me how small they would look on my body. Now I kind of hate my implants. I have 395 and 350 implants. To me my breasts have more of a shape but the size is nothing to write home about. I wonder if I lost weight would I feel better about them . I’m currently 185. I started wearing a 36B bra. I’m sure I can still fit them. Since I got subfascial implants I heard that my D&F period was going to take a little longer. I was hoping for a full C. Pictures and/or feedback welcome.
  28. I’m 1mo post op and I swear I’m regretting it. I feel like I know the change is there but it’s so subtle. I’m sure I don’t have to throw out any old bras at this stage. I hope you feel better about yours. Do you mind telling me your stats? I feel like the majority of the women I see are either short or really skinny. My doctor could have given me more options.
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