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  2. @Kit he mentioned the pros and cons to both but suggested overs due to me liking to excercise and the fact my pinch test was at 3 so said I had enough tissue to do overs. It wasn't till after the consult I started to question what I actually wanted. I probably should of researched a bit more and and spoke with others prior to my appt. I do have another consult appt booked, so il be able to discuss a bit more with him then. Thanks so much for all your input. I love this forum, it's so nice to be able to chat to people that have actually been through the process already and can give an honest opinion 😊
  3. That reads more like an ad then genuine feedback, there isn't any subtance whatsoever to your post
  4. That’s fair enough @MellieMoo and what did Dr.K say about your concerns with overs?
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  6. Hi @Kit i guess I was just concerned about the higher risk for capsular contracture with overs, Compared to dual, the rippling and also the fact that overs can look more "fake" than natural.
  7. Hi @cheetah, thanks for the reply! I’m 2wpo now! Saw Dr Cooter- subfascial anatomicals-345/390 to correct assymetry! Feel like they are a good size for my shape- I feel like it’s been corrective/restorative surgery. Should have done years ago!
  8. @simply_me I’ve been juggling with this too. I feel they need more support so went tighter but it left indentations too! I think it’s mesnt to be firm but comfy. U might just want to loosen at night but firmer during day/active??
  9. Hi there, haven't logged on to check forum for a while as I'm in Perth atm and have started a home reno. I'm really pleased to hear I'm not on my own and it sounds like you gals are all doing very well!! I'm 1 week away from my surgery and was in the "size - cc's mode" looking at women with similar body types having same size implants etc but I've given up on that as results vary so much. I'm currently a deflated size C/D and going with a 460cc round high profile implant above muscle. I have 2 young boys 5 & 8 and a hubby who will work from home as much as possible while I recover. My mum, family & Mum friends are also on board to help out. I also love my gym (weights/spin) so trying to prepare for the lack of exercise (which I need for my mental well-being as much as health)!! I would love to see your before and after pictures if you're happy to share and I'd love to hear some of your "at home" tips for bedrest/Home duties?? Wish me luck, I'm excited, nervous & terrified all at the same time so looking for distractions too! Hi Kit thanks for the advice, have a cleaner booked and will take pillow with me to hospital! Great tips....just want to get back home to Melbourne so I can prepare home and self for hospital!!
  10. Saw this app called Charmfidence on the app store. While searching on IG, saw their launch. Can anybody suggest if it's a legit app to get information on Korean Surgery clinics? They claim to provide a free consultation with all the cosmetic surgery clinics in Korea. The app looks good but I am just not sure... lol. This is their website charmfidence.com
  11. Did you already consult a surgeon for this? What was the response?
  12. Not sure exactly what your supposed to do, however I am using the loosest clips which feels supportive and comfortable. I have tightened the clips on occasion and found it too restrictive and it left lots of marks on my skin.
  13. Hey girls I'm now 1 week post op and my compression bra has two levels of tightness ive been wearing my compression bra on the loosest clip, now decided to put it on the tighest one, it does feel a little restraining is this something I should of done or should I just stick to the looser one
  14. Dual plane... $12k... worth every penny... honestly I’m so so happy with my results already.
  15. Last week
  16. Hi @MellieMoo, what after effects are you concerned with having overs? I had unders (dual plane) with Dr.K and would of loved to have been offered overs. I saw 2 surgeons and they both said I had no choice but to have unders due to lack of breast tissue. I think overs are great as such a speedier recovery and good if you go to the gym a lot.
  17. Hi @Nic#460cc Welcome back to the forum and it is great to hear that your surgery is only a week away. You must be getting very excited! I am on the tail end of my recovery now at 6 weeks post op, however don’t think I will feel 100% recovered for a while yet. I’m not experiencing anymore pain, but still can’t raise my arms up in a perfect straight line above my head. I had very tight chest muscles that are just starting to loosen up now. I’ve still got quit abit of skin stretching to do as I can see it in my posture (shoulders still rounded) and my skin is itchy all the time. I start back at the gym on Monday after a 6 week break 🤗😩. Scared and excited at the same time! The only tip I have to prepare is to work out how you are going to be sleeping upright and what pillows you require. I used 2 normal pillows, a u-shaped pillow and a neck pillow which I found really comfortable. In hindsight I wished I brought my neck pillow to hospital as it was so uncomfortable sleeping upright with no support. I also hired a cleaner for 6 weeks which was fantastic as hubby travels a lot for work.
  18. Thank you so much for your reply. I can now totally rule FT out. x
  19. Hi hi so happy for you! Thanks for sharing! Did you have it under or over or dual plane? Also do you mind sharing the total cost?
  20. @cheetah haha oh no worries that's fine lol nice of you to take the time to reply to such an old message lol I was new on the forum back then and didn't realise your meant to tag a person for them to get notified of the response lol.. but yes I am very happy and judging size with my eyes I think sizing is great but I did get disappointed when I got measured up for a surgical bra and it was only a 34B but girls rekon not to take notice once I start the D&F process I should get the D I was hoping for, any chance u can shed any light on this, was your surgical bra smaller then the bra sizes you finished up with or should I not count on them changing lol wouldn't think after getting 450cc id end up a B lol I thought at very least at least a large C haha
  21. Hi @Nic#460cc! I’m happy to share a pic- send me a PM? I was a deflated B- prob an A...think I’m DD at the moment. Was able to take dressings off today and started applying a scar cream PS sent home. Scar is longer than I imagined but tucked right under fold. Im having still wound pain, especially on right side. Was quite intense this am. The morning boob has subsided tho which is good. I’m also experiencing this weird feeling of noticing a bag strap draped over my shoulder and touching my breast- usually, with all the padding, I wouldn’t have felt anything!! I’m also on high beam all the time too- again, usually the padding hides it! 😱🙈 hope everyone else going well!
  22. Sorry @margaretriver I just saw your message as I haven’t been online for a while. I had 385cc rounds subfascial. I’m 174cm and have broad shoulders so I think I could’ve easily carried off 450cc without them looking really big. However in saying that, my boobs are a huge improvement on the deflated things they were and I must remind myself of that!! Are you any closer to making a decision?
  23. Sorry @simply_me I had missed your reply. I got round implants, I’m unsure he does teardrop? Maybe?? Anyway I find him quite conservative and believe he will recommend the best size, shape and position for you and your body. Kolias’ recommendation was 365cc and I pushed a bit further (not much!) but should’ve gone a bit larger as I’m 174cm and have broad shoulders so could def have carried off a larger size. Anyway they’re 1000 times better than how they looked before - post breastfeeding two babies! I’m assuming you’re younger so I think he’ll let you get a larger size if you want. He’ll guide you with his recommendation but after all, you’re the one paying the money! I think he was also more conservative with me as I’ve had children and not in my 20’s! @simply_me hey I just replied then noticed you had surgery last week - sorry you had to endure my waffle in the previous message 🤣 Anyway you had 450cc and sounds like you’re very happy, that’s awesome! I def should’ve gone with 450cc ah well too late now lol. So glad you’re happy with the results
  24. Hey @MellieMoo I have my BA done with Kollias around two years ago. I have been happy with the whole process and just like the others have said, so have several others I’ve spoken to. I believe Kollias is very conservative so in my opinion I think he would’ve made the decision which will give you the best option Good luck, very excited for you!
  25. Hello, im 1 week post op with guy Watts. I have motiva ergonomix and I love them already! Didn’t get too much of a square boob post op.... they looked pretty good from the beginning. The worst day for me was post op day 1..... then every day was better and better. No pain whatsoever now.... just tightness. Couldn’t recommend guy enough! Just amazing! I’m so beyond happy with my results already!
  26. Hi Milly, The clinic was located at 311/12 Century Circuit, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153.
  27. I have researched this extensively because I am deciding between implants or fat transfer. In Australia, surgeons are not great at fat transfer. They haven't been doing it for very long, and will tell you that it's best for patients who have a fair amount of fat to be liposuctioned away, and that they can't inject much fat into the breast, and that you may need to have multiple procedures. If you want someone in Sydney, Dr Rastogi or Dr Wessels are good options. Rastogi does lovely liposculpture and he has before and after FT photos on his website. Another option is Dr Chin in Brisbane but he posts no before and after photos online and I haven't seen any of his pics. Make sure you get someone who is good at lipo, not just the breast fat transfer. In the US, surgeons have been doing fat transfer for longer. They transfer much larger volumes of fat. There is a surgeon called Dr Bednar in North Carolina and he is the most experienced. He has been doing this for 10 years and does 300 patients a year. I know some Australian women fly over to see him. He transfers large volumes - I'm talking 500cc of fat per breast (20-30% of that cc amount includes tumescent fluid from the lipo). Other US surgeons are Dr Burns, Dr Coleman and Dr Khouri. The benefits of FT are that it uses your own tissue so there is no risk of "breast implant illness" or ALCL, or capsular contracture or any of those issues to do with a foreign object in the body. Once the fat has connected to a blood supply, it stays there permanently and behaves like normal fat. If you gain weight in future, it will go to those fat cells, that are now in the breasts. It looks very natural. The disadvantages of FT are that it is soft so you need a lot more fat than implant to get the same volume, and because the fat is soft, you don't get a lifting effect like you do with an implant. It is almost impossible for them to fill the upper pole because of the way gravity affects the fat in the breasts so you cannot get that full upper pole look that you can get with implants. Once established, the FT breasts will age and sag like breasts which are naturally large. Another disadvantage is that how much fat will survive is unpredictable. They can inject a lot of fat but after a year once it has all settled, your breasts may not look much fuller than they do pre-surgery. You have to take into account the risks of liposuction - the donor sites can end up with lumps and bumps and adhesions, and cellulite on your legs can look worse. My main concerns about FT are health-related. Because not all the fat that they inject survives, the fat that dies can form lumps in the breasts. There are 3 different types of lumps that can develop. They can look and feel strange. They calcify and can obscure breast cancer during mammograms and ultrasounds (I have confirmed this with my mammogram sonographer, and my friend who is a sonographer). So there is no known increase of breast cancer, but there is a risk that they could miss a breast cancer, because the calcified fat obscures it. If you develop lumps, they can try to aspirate them or liposuction them out, but that can leave deformities on the breast. They have done studies showing that women who have had FT have long-term inflammation in the breasts. There is an article about it here: https://journals.lww.com/prsgo/FullText/2017/12000/Ultrasound_Diagnosis_and_Treatment_of_Breast_Lumps.8.aspx?fbclid=IwAR06h5ZTQKJ97BMgwXNkBQckCm2Sb4irlC57VPnSZUnDZlMisyO11b1DhkQ My main concern is that this technology has only been around for 10 years. Not many women have had this procedure - far less women than have had implants. The long-term risks of cancerous changes to the breasts are unknown. I hope this helps - I have consulted numerous surgeons about this and done lots of online research and read medical journal articles about it, and I'm in some facebook groups about fat transfer, which is how I know so much about it! I love the idea of it but ultimately it suits some people and not others, and it has some risks, just like any procedure.
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