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  1. Hi all, new to this forum and please forgive me if this has been asked before (having slight noob problems navigating this page atm). I really would not like to travel for my breast augmentation as I would be going it alone in such a case. The problem is I live in Cairns and the only plastic surgeon here (that I have been able to find) is Dr Isolde Hertess. She has had numerous allegations against her for botched surgery in the past. Very scary to read. However in recent years I have not heard much either way and she is still practicing. I would love to know if anyone has *recent* experience w
  2. I got implants in the first place to "lift" sagging breasts. They were over the muscle and looked great for a year or two until they made the sagging look worse. Then I got capsular contracture, and over time the implants shape got slightly distorted. In the meantime, I put on a decent amount of weight. My implants were modest to begin with, so now they were on the small side in proportion to my body. I decided I needed a revision and underwent the lift I should have had the first time around. My doctor wasn't clear about how involved the surgery would be, and I was under the misapp
  3. Hello, I'm not sure how many people are from Australia on here. I am looking for recommendations for Drs in Brisbane from people that have used them personally for breast lift and augmentation. Many thanks
  4. I was always painfully insecure of my breast size growing up which was less than an A-Cup. I saved my money and in 2012 at the age of 22 I underwent a sub-muscular breast augmentation to become more proportionate at 34B.3 Months Post-Op, after removing the surgical bra, I noticed a severe dent that spanned across the middle of my breasts anytime I moved. I consulted with my surgeon at my final post-op and he told me that this was normal, and would resolve itself once the implants settled. I was instructed to allow one year and it should be fine.A year came and went and the issue was no less se
  5. Hi I'm looking at getting some recomendations on breast augmentation. Been doing a bit of research into Cosmeditour but they're in Sydney and the Goldcoast and im in Melbourne. Any recommendations for Victoria surgeons? and has anyone used Cosmeditour who also lives in Melbourne? Thanks
  6. Feeling a bit crappy today...2 weeks post op from my breast lift and augmentation and struggling bit with pain. Wondering how long it's going to take to turn the corner? First week seemed easier to handle (lots of pain meds) but this 2nd week has been a struggle...by the end of the day my chest is aching and I need to lay down. I don't think I've been doing too much but I'm not sure. I don't work and my husband is at home with me taking care of kids etc I am just pottering around really. My next check up with Drs is Friday...how much longer till pain starts to subside without pain meds?????
  7. The day has finally arrived, I'm admitted & waiting to go for surgery. Trying hard to relax before going in.....want to be on the other side of procedure and recovering....wish me luck!!
  8. Hi, I had a breast lift recently done and came out amazing even tho my breast is little bit smaller than before (less to carry so not complaining ). One thing I have found during my pre-op researches and watching million of videos was Implant illness. Some women do have symptoms either mental or physical health problems and it's quite a thing they talk about these days. Has anyone ever noticed a difference in health or moods after Augmentation?
  9. Hi, I’m wanting to get a BA this year having recently moved to Adelaide I was hoping you can advise which Dr’s you went with and if you would recommend them. Obviously the same for if you wouldn’t recommend them. Thank you
  10. Just for those wanting to know more about Breast Augmentation by Andrew Broadhurst in Brisbane. Total cost was $10600 all up. His initial $250 consult fee is free if you book your surgery. To book your surgery you put down a $500 deposit. Total fee includes surgeons fee, implants, 2 post op bra's as well as a care package for afterwards, all consults before and after, hospital costs and anesthesiologist. Here is my story. Well April 13 was my day! Bilateral Breast Augmentation by Andrew Broadhurst of Enhance Plastic Surgery in Brisbane. I got 410cc, over the muscle, anatomical silimed furr
  11. Hi everyone, I had a consultation with Dr Phoon (based in Sydney) from the Park Clinic two days ago and have also been in communication with someone from CosMedi Tour Australia. I am really quite confused on what to do next and I am desperately seeking advice. Dr Phoon was incredibly professional and the entire consultation process was flawless. I was very nervous going in as this is the first time I had ever seen anyone about my breasts (aside from my GP). Dr Phoon spent a lot of time explaining things, was kind and did everything he could to make me feel comfortable. After taking a
  12. Hi all, I'm a long time browser of the site and a first-time poster. Ive been interested in augmentation surgery for years now and I finally feel ready to make a move forward in my journey. I've called a few clinics and have found Dr Mayson, Dr Hunt and Dr Moradi to be in my top 3. I haven't booked in a consult with either of these Dr's yet as I am so unsure! Does anyone have experience with these Dr's? I'm leaning towards Dr Moradi because his staff seem so helpful and his work looks amazing but I was a little concerned that his consult time was only 30 mins in length? Dr Mayson's c
  13. I have just booked in to have my bilateral Breast Augmentation and right side Mastopexy in March 2019. I am yet to choose my implant size. I am hoping to hear from any of you lovelies who have been through these procedures. My left breast is currently a perky B cup and my right is a saggy D cup. I am 35 years old weight around 72kgs and am a size 12. I have had three children. I would love to see any before and after pics as I struggle to find any decent pics online and would love to hear how the procedures were done (one or two surgeries?) and your before and after stats (
  14. Hi Ladies, I'm in desperate need of some advice as to whom would be the best surgeon in Brisbane or Gold Coast that you would recommend and possibly have some before and afters for me to see? The surgeons I have as picks at the moment are: - Dr Sharp (Greenslopes) - Dr Paul Belt - Dr Daniel Fleming - Dr Richardson These surgeons are all in Brisbane so I'm hoping someone could help me in deciding whom would be best to proceed with or whom not to proceed with? Any help id be ever so grateful!!! Thanks in advance !!!!!
  15. I’m new on here! im booked next month for the op, I have been diagnosed with mild tuberous breasts. They have always bothered me. if you’ve had the correction for tuberous breasts, are you happy with your results? Super nervous! Is it really worth it? im early 20’s petite, they suggest 325cc silicone high profile for me. and on a side note.. if you have had implants for a long period of time, any complications you’ve experienced? How long did you implants last before you had to have them redone? thanks!:)
  16. I am scared of going too big and scared of going too small. I don't want anyone to notice, but I want to notice! I have a BWD of 12.5cm and starting with a deflated b cup after breastfeeding two babies. I have decided on Motiva Ergonomix round unders, but can't decide between: Mini - 310/290 cc Demi - 380/360 cc I would love to see some photos of people that started out with similar stats to me, and how their augmentation looks and what they used to get those results. Please!!
  17. Hi, I'm new here but please please help, Im having a panic attack. My surgery is next week and I started reading about BWD and such but I chose my implant as 385cc high profile saline. I just measured my breast width and it's like 15cm. I don't remember how much the surgeon said they were for me, I stated that I really didn't want the two tennis ball look but im looking up implant sizes and the implant width is 11.4cm. Is that way way too small for me?!?! Im 160cm and about 55kg. If anyone has similar experiences with similar measurements, please help!!!!! or anyone with any input I wou
  18. Okay, so I have now widened my list of surgeons instead of narrowing it!! I am tossing up between these surgeons: Dr Miroshnik, Dr Steven Liew, Dr Steve Merten, Dr Moradi. I want a really really natural looking breast. I am currently a AA and am 175cm tall and 57kg. I just don't want big fake boobs! has anyone had or know of anyone who has had BA's with these surgeons who might be similar to myself?? Thanks
  19. Hey gorgeous ladies ?... I'm booked in to have a breast aug with Dr Edmund Ek after feeding two babies for a year each. I went from a B cup to a sad looking A cup! Just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice? Did you travel to Dr Edmund? I'm flying from tassie so a bit nervous! How long before you were allowed to fly home? Were you happy with your surgery? If anyone has any photos I'd love to see them. Thanks heaps ??
  20. Girls who have had their breast implants done in Melbourne hoping you can share your reviews / before and afters need all the help I can get!
  21. Hi everyone, I use to have very large natural 8F boobs. I stopped taking the pill, lost a bit of weight, and now have saggy, wide-set 8D-DD breasts (i.e. they're quite far apart on my chest). They look good in a bra, but as soon as they come out of a bra they drop considerably down and to the side. I still have quite a bit of tissue there, but it's not sitting as high or as close together as I would like. I've had three consultations with two surgeons in Melbourne. The first said I didn't need an augmentation, but a lift should do the trick. The second said a lift won't give me the
  22. Hi there, I was wondering about whether I will need a lift as well as implants. I am a 27 year old with a 32D natural breast which is not my preferred shape, and I am looking to augment these using implants to achieve a natural, yet fuller 32D or DD. i hate the way my breasts sag but have been told that an implant could lift them? I just lost 10kg so my boobs are like sagging pancakes!! Also, any recommendations for surgeons in Sydney? Preferably East or North side, but I am willing to travel. I have booked in a consultati
  23. Hiya Ladies, I'm booked in for my Unilateral Breast Augmentation in August with Dr Richardson. I was just wondering what other people's experience with him and correcting the tuberous breast situation. I've read on here a few things about his work not turning out so well and ladies haven't been as pleased with him because after they dropped they were very low. Can anyone share with me their experience if they've been in a similar situation please? I'm beginning to have second thoughts :S
  24. I've been told by three surgeons that I am borderline lift, but none of them pushed for it. Does anyone have before and afters of just getting augmentation? I have seen several women say that he fantastic results from augmentation alone but none had posted befores! Help appreciated!
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