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Found 90 results

  1. Hi Ladies, I'm in desperate need of some advice as to whom would be the best surgeon in Brisbane or Gold Coast that you would recommend and possibly have some before and afters for me to see? The surgeons I have as picks at the moment are: - Dr Sharp (Greenslopes) - Dr Paul Belt - Dr Daniel Fleming - Dr Richardson These surgeons are all in Brisbane so I'm hoping someone could help me in deciding whom would be best to proceed with or whom not to proceed with? Any help id be ever so grateful!!! Thanks in advance !!!!!
  2. I have just booked in to have my bilateral Breast Augmentation and right side Mastopexy in March 2019. I am yet to choose my implant size. I am hoping to hear from any of you lovelies who have been through these procedures. My left breast is currently a perky B cup and my right is a saggy D cup. I am 35 years old weight around 72kgs and am a size 12. I have had three children. I would love to see any before and after pics as I struggle to find any decent pics online and would love to hear how the procedures were done (one or two surgeries?) and your before and after stats (which doctor, how many CCs in each breast etc)
  3. I’m new on here! im booked next month for the op, I have been diagnosed with mild tuberous breasts. They have always bothered me. if you’ve had the correction for tuberous breasts, are you happy with your results? Super nervous! Is it really worth it? im early 20’s petite, they suggest 325cc silicone high profile for me. and on a side note.. if you have had implants for a long period of time, any complications you’ve experienced? How long did you implants last before you had to have them redone? thanks!:)
  4. I am scared of going too big and scared of going too small. I don't want anyone to notice, but I want to notice! I have a BWD of 12.5cm and starting with a deflated b cup after breastfeeding two babies. I have decided on Motiva Ergonomix round unders, but can't decide between: Mini - 310/290 cc Demi - 380/360 cc I would love to see some photos of people that started out with similar stats to me, and how their augmentation looks and what they used to get those results. Please!!
  5. Hi, I'm new here but please please help, Im having a panic attack. My surgery is next week and I started reading about BWD and such but I chose my implant as 385cc high profile saline. I just measured my breast width and it's like 15cm. I don't remember how much the surgeon said they were for me, I stated that I really didn't want the two tennis ball look but im looking up implant sizes and the implant width is 11.4cm. Is that way way too small for me?!?! Im 160cm and about 55kg. If anyone has similar experiences with similar measurements, please help!!!!! or anyone with any input I would really really appreciate it.
  6. Hi all, new to this forum and please forgive me if this has been asked before (having slight noob problems navigating this page atm). I really would not like to travel for my breast augmentation as I would be going it alone in such a case. The problem is I live in Cairns and the only plastic surgeon here (that I have been able to find) is Dr Isolde Hertess. She has had numerous allegations against her for botched surgery in the past. Very scary to read. However in recent years I have not heard much either way and she is still practicing. I would love to know if anyone has *recent* experience with this doctor. Please I would appreciate any info so much.
  7. Okay, so I have now widened my list of surgeons instead of narrowing it!! I am tossing up between these surgeons: Dr Miroshnik, Dr Steven Liew, Dr Steve Merten, Dr Moradi. I want a really really natural looking breast. I am currently a AA and am 175cm tall and 57kg. I just don't want big fake boobs! has anyone had or know of anyone who has had BA's with these surgeons who might be similar to myself?? Thanks
  8. Hey gorgeous ladies 😊... I'm booked in to have a breast aug with Dr Edmund Ek after feeding two babies for a year each. I went from a B cup to a sad looking A cup! Just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice? Did you travel to Dr Edmund? I'm flying from tassie so a bit nervous! How long before you were allowed to fly home? Were you happy with your surgery? If anyone has any photos I'd love to see them. Thanks heaps 😊😊
  9. Jess_boobs

    Melbourne girls

    Girls who have had their breast implants done in Melbourne hoping you can share your reviews / before and afters need all the help I can get!
  10. Hi everyone, I use to have very large natural 8F boobs. I stopped taking the pill, lost a bit of weight, and now have saggy, wide-set 8D-DD breasts (i.e. they're quite far apart on my chest). They look good in a bra, but as soon as they come out of a bra they drop considerably down and to the side. I still have quite a bit of tissue there, but it's not sitting as high or as close together as I would like. I've had three consultations with two surgeons in Melbourne. The first said I didn't need an augmentation, but a lift should do the trick. The second said a lift won't give me the look I want (which is fullness in the middle of my chest), and suggested a slight reduction in the breast tissue alongside a lift, plus an implant. I agree - I want the implant. However the whole thing seems incredibly complex, and there's a good chance it will need to be undertaken in two stages. So I'm wondering, has anyone here had this procedure? I really need advice from someone who has also gone through this kind of surgery. I would LOVE to know who your surgeon was, how you went about the surgery, and how much it cost. Thanks SO much!
  11. Daisypearllu

    Augmentation or lift?

    Hi there, I was wondering about whether I will need a lift as well as implants. I am a 27 year old with a 32D natural breast which is not my preferred shape, and I am looking to augment these using implants to achieve a natural, yet fuller 32D or DD. i hate the way my breasts sag but have been told that an implant could lift them? I just lost 10kg so my boobs are like sagging pancakes!! Also, any recommendations for surgeons in Sydney? Preferably East or North side, but I am willing to travel. I have booked in a consultation with Dr Bezik in Bondi and am looking at Dr Miroshnik but his prices are extortionate?!? Also, if I was to get the lift would I likely lose all feeling in my nipples? Any advice or or similar experiences would be amazing ! Thank you in advance, D
  12. Hiya Ladies, I'm booked in for my Unilateral Breast Augmentation in August with Dr Richardson. I was just wondering what other people's experience with him and correcting the tuberous breast situation. I've read on here a few things about his work not turning out so well and ladies haven't been as pleased with him because after they dropped they were very low. Can anyone share with me their experience if they've been in a similar situation please? I'm beginning to have second thoughts :S
  13. Hannibalmagnolia

    To Lift Or Not To Lift??

    I've been told by three surgeons that I am borderline lift, but none of them pushed for it. Does anyone have before and afters of just getting augmentation? I have seen several women say that he fantastic results from augmentation alone but none had posted befores! Help appreciated!
  14. Just received news back from TCI after sending through my photos saying I am borderline. I am wanting a BA due to my asymmetry issue as there is a full cup size difference. They mentioned in my email that BA alone will fill the breasts to provide a fuller look in a bra, however existing soft breast tissue may remain loose and hang off the implant. This may create a long-breasted appearance and low positioned nipples as well as the implant remaining high. They said with existing soft breast tissue that I my asymmetry can be accentuated. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has gone through with just the BA from the same background as myself.
  15. Hi, First time poster here! I am 26 years old, 174cm with Tuberous Breasts - less than an A cup currently. I have been extremely self conscious about the size and shape of my breasts for years. I have only just been officially diagnosed with Tuberous Breasts and was initially really upset but now I'm feeling relived to finally have a diagnosis. I had a consultation with Dr Luke Stradwick on the Gold Coast and he has suggested 295-370cc tear drop implants placed under the muscle. My only issue is that I have not had kids yet and would like to in the next few years. My chances of being able to breastfeed anyway aren't great but I won't know until it happens. Is there anyone who has been in the same position? Does breastfeeding after an augmention/reconstruction ruin the look of your new boobs?? Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Hi all, Firstly let me start with wishing you all a happy and healthy 2017. As most can tell, I'm a new member here, however am a long time viewer. A brief history of mine: I'm male, live in Sydney, was diagnosed with Diabetes (Type 1) some 22 years ago; had gastric sleeve surgery 4 years ago...which lead to a decent amount of weight loss (70+kgs). Wasn't always overweight, but was so for around 5-6 years. Height is 183cm, and I weigh 87kg, with no weight gain since surgery. As you can probably imagine, with significant weight loss comes the dreaded loose skin. I haven't had too much of that at all, in fact, my body has held up pretty well - with clothes on, I look pretty good. However, when I bend over I get a little bit of sag in the belly area - which didn't concern me too much. My main concern is the buttocks area, which has kind of left me feeling devastated. I now have no bum, sort of. It sags. Just talking about it depresses me. It has had an impact on life socially - I should probably mention I'm of the gay persuasion, and I find the community is a little vain, I haven't been 'involved' with anyone for 4 years, which is all my doing - having no confidence with my body is the issue. I mentioned my body issues with my gastric sleeve surgeon, and mentioned that I was interested in both a TT and some sort of buttocks procedure - he happily referred me to a surgeon in Sydney - one with whom he has a great respect for: Dr Steve Merten. I've read reviews on this doctor and he seems to be a leader in this field - however I'm concerned that, although he is obviously gifted in this field, he doesn't perform any sort of buttocks surgery -he's not back in the office until later this month, was hoping to get the down low before I make an appointment only to discover he doesn't perform the surgery that I need... Naturally, at this stage of the game, I'm full of questions... - Does anyone know of a surgeon in Sydney that performs both a TT as well as Buttocks Augmentation? - Are surgeons likely to perform these procedures separately? - Any other diabetics out there who've had a TT? (I'm using an insulin pump, so curious to know where you had your pump cannula placed during recovery) - Any advice on buttocks procedures - there is a ton of info out there from a female perspective but little from a male's POV - some people who have had implants feel as though they're sitting on cushions whenever they sit; are there still issues with implants leaking (I don't really want to walking around feeling like I have to take extra care each time I sit, or roll around with my dog etc...); anyone had a Brazilian butt lift? Keen to know how long the procedure lasted (especially if you're male). Any assistance, advice or suggestions will be taken on board. Thank-you all!
  17. Thanks

    Fat transfer to breast

    Hello, does anyone know of a surgeon in Perth who does fat transfer to breast? I want a more natural approach to plump up my boobs after breastfeeding cheers
  18. Hi ladies, I've been considering implants since losing 50 kgs in the past two years. I'm only 25 now and have no children yet (they're definitely in the plans for the future though). I was an E cup prior to weightloss and I am now a very deflated B/C cup. I don't own, nor can I find a bra that fits me perfectly now as my breasts are mainly just loose skin! Anyway, I met with a surgeon last year who recommended a lift with implants. I didn't go ahead with it as it is out of my budget at the time and I also wasn't entirely sure he was the surgeon for me. Is it worth having these procedures, particularly the lift, before having children? Anybody here been in a similar situation? I can't decide whether to go ahead or not. It is definitely affecting my self esteem and confidence as I've worked very hard to get to where I am and train very hard to maintain my body. My chest/pectoral wall is nice and high after lots of weight training but I can't get past the saggy "boobs" and it is also affecting my relationship, intimately Sorry for the essay! Don't know what to do!!!!
  19. PsychoBarbie9

    Reduction with implants

    Hi girls, really need some advice. I am so confused as there is so much information I've read. i was originally thinking of going to Phuket for a breast reduction or lift and implants. i have reasearched DR Veerawat and really like what I've read and the photos I've seen. I was quoted around the $9000-$11000 mark for surgery which I thought was brilliant. I'm now confused as DR Dilip on the GC can do the same surgery for the same price, however I've read to stay away from him and give me info on why to not go with him? can anyone recommend a brilliant surgeon who can do a lift and implants or a reduction and implants for under $15000??? really need help and all help is appreciated! I am looking at surgery in Feb/March!
  20. Hi everyone, new to the forum but I've been reading up over the past couple of months. I'm booked in for a consult with Dr Miroshnik next week & I think I'd prefer it if my partner didn't come to the consultation just because this surgery is for me & I want to be comfortable with the surgeon & be able to ask any questions. I have my pre op appointment 2 weeks later which I'm happy for him to come to as well as the surgery. does anyone find this weird? Did your partner come to the appointments in the lead up? Was it better or worse having them there? Thank you!
  21. Hi lovelies, I'm Melbourne based wanting a BA. Looking to get it done in Sydney by the amazing Dr Michael Miroshnik, but I may need to travel up by myself to get it done, which I'm a bit worried about. Also, I would be coming back to Melb a few days later, so wouldn't be able to see Dr Miroshnik if there were any complications :/. My other thought was to go to Dr Craig Rubinstein but I have only seen a bit of his work. Plus I have found a couple of cases where girls aren't the happiest. Pls help?! I don't know what to do :(. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks all!! <3 xx
  22. How good are these puppies? 500cc high profile round implants submuscular. Thanks Richard Rahdon @ Body Recon. I love them!
  23. MaisieF

    September 2015 boobies!

    I know it's probably very early to be starting a thread (hey, I'm super organised, lol), but anyone out there also having their BA in September 2015? I'm booked in with Dr Miroshnik on 3 September, going 375cc anatomics, dual plane placement, with areola reduction. I'm SO excited (but also very anxious)! Yay!
  24. Hi Ladies! I'm looking for some girls with similar stats to me. I am 168cm tall, 58kg and currently a small 10B, slightly tuberous breasts. I am booked for December 14 in Brisbane and at the moment have decided on 360cc round high profile over the muscle. Over the muscle gives the best chance at fixing the tubular shape of my breasts. Is anyone similar stats and doesn't mind sharing your before and after photos and experiences? Thanks in advance!!
  25. rachel9999

    melbourne ba!

    Hi ladies, getting a ba is something ive been thinking about for a long time now and ive finally made the decision to do it! I was looking at the cosmetic institute originally because it had so many great reviews and the price was appealing (even with travelling from victoria), but since looking around this forum for the last few months ive seen quite a lot of unhappy customers. I obviously know the there is risks with any surgery no matter who does it... but it seems like there's a lot of women here who have had bad experiences a few months after getting it done and it has swayed me from tci. does anyone have any recommendations for melb surgeons?? thanks!