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  1. I would LOVE to hear from anyone who's had breast implant revision surgery in Perth recently. Happy if you want to private message me rather than reply publicly. Any surgeon recommendations? I'd like to see someone who has plenty of experience with revisions and ideally who also does fat transfer. I am wanting to go DOWN in size from my current 260cc implants. I saw Tony Connell, but he only wanted to go down to 225cc which I don't think would make much of a difference. I have an appointment booked for August with David Colbert, and was called to book with Mark Hanikeri but the non-r
  2. Hello, I'm having trouble ascertaining which Perth surgeons use Motiva implants. Are any Perth women here in the know? Thank you.
  3. Hello all, I'm in the research stage of who to go with for BA and possibly blepharoplasty. Is it possible for two procedures such as this to be done in the one operation? I want to save on theatre fees etc and to avoid taking time off work twice.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm off to see my GP to get a referral for my first Rhinoplasty procedure. As you can imagine, I'm feeling very nervous! I've read bits and pieces throughout the forum, and I guess I am trying to gauge who is the more preferred surgeon. I have heard wonderful things about Dr Pham and Dr Imani, so if anyone here could please share their experiences with these two surgeons that would be most appreciated. I intend on going to see both surgeons just to be sure, but as I said, recommendations and photos would be very helpful at this stage.
  5. Hi everyone, I have been researching clinics and surgeons for over a week now and although i have narrowed my search down to 3 doctors, i am really curious to see if anyone in Perth can recommend further? Any suggestions/discussion on experience with surgeons, whether you only consulted or followed through, as well as the cost that you had would be amazing! I cant find much information like this on Perth Surgeons so further discussion would be amazing and extremely helpful - as well as comforting Thank you in advance and look forward to chatting xoxox
  6. Hi All, Well I would really like to document my journey through a BA. Ive been wanting one for roughly 10-15yrs, and now in my 30's Im hoping to have the operation this year or early next year. I am 163cm tall, weigh between 57-60kgs, and am sized as an E cup, but only due to how wide my breast are, I have little projection or upper pole. I am not really after a particular cup size, but just breasts which fit my frame and which I dont need to wear a push up bra every day and be confident in bathers. I have 3 consults booked for Perth in the upcoming weeks (Dr Ma
  7. What Perth ladies have been through Assure cosmetics? Experience? Surgeon? I'm leaning towards them as my Perth option but there's a handful of surgeons listed on their website and I'm trying to narrow it down. I haven't seen much about Dr Rohan Page listed in these forums. Anyone used him?
  8. Hello, I am looking into getting a tummy tuck and I am 55kgs. I'm finding it hard to find pictures and stories of women who've had the procedure who are petite and or very fit/toned. If there is anyone here, I'd love to hear from you and/or see pictures if you're willing to share them. Thank you
  9. G'day my boob lovers and lovely ladies!!! Here is my story of my Cary kailis journey. This is not a paid ad for the bloke nor am i affiliated in any way with bodyworx. Originally I had 500cc under the muscle done by doctor vij at assure cosmetic. His work was great and they healed nicely however I got my boobs done at 73kgs and lost another 15kgs so my fluffed boobs started as a 12e 10f- went down to a 10DD and even some 10D bras fit. So time for revision- time to go a little bigger I wanted 900cc and this was my goal. I researched high and low about breast implants and needed a Dr s
  10. Hey girls! I’m planning on getting a BA next year and was wondering if anyone can tell me their experiences with Dr Mark Lee? Thanks x
  11. Hi Ladies, I had my original BA procedure with Dr Tavakoli a few years ago, but am looking for recommendations for a surgeon in Perth. Very pleased with Dr Tavakoli's work, but I am based in Perth and the quote I received for lift and redo was quite high, so thought I'd do some research for local surgeons. I've never really done research in to Perth surgeons during my first procedure as I was very impressed with Dr Tavakoli's before and after photos, so am looking for a surgeon who produces quite similar results. Thanks
  12. Perth Ladies help please!And any ladies who run with implants? Ive had initial consults with both Sam Cunneen and Mark Lee. Has anyone had BA with either of these guys? Im very confused. Not over sizing but more about tear drop v rounds. Sam rarely uses rounds and clearly recommends the tear drops textured (after explaining tje health risks).Mark on the other hand says he can get results the same as tear drops but uses the rounds and none of the new health risks with the rounds. He mentioned there are 'things we can do' surgically to get a spot on final result. So health wise the rounds a
  13. It seems no one leaves reviews about facelifts... (is everyone trying to keep in secret?) I am planning a lower facelift, neck lift and upper eye lift surgery. Totally confused. Think Mark is the best but I cannot find one review about him and would love to speak to anyone that had had a similar treatment with him.
  14. Hi everyone! I've just started on my journey. I've decided I will go with Dr Murray from Absolute Cosmetics in Perth. I felt really good about the consult and am confident he will do a great job! I will be reading these forums for advice over the coming months. I haven't booked a date yet as I have to figure the work thing out first but I'm thinking sometime in January 2018. Is there anyone who is active on this forum who went with Dr Murray who can comment on the outcome? I would love to hear your stories about the recovery, I guess my biggest fear is being sick after I wake up from the
  15. TATTOO REMOVAL - I recently had an appointment with one of the doctors for a tattoo removal. First thing - I went in got my skin checked and the tattoo to see if I would be a good candidate for the Picosure laser tattoo removal. I had done my research on the different machines out there and this one was the best one to date. Following my appointment I got the all clear and go ahead from the doctor. So I booked another appointment to go in for treatment. I had to be there 20 mins earlier to apply a numbing cream by one of the nurses who was super friendly and informative needless to say I felt
  16. I'm looking into travelling from Perth to Thailand to do Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kunachak and was looking for a travel partner that might be travelling to Thailand also. Is there anyone from Perth that wants to visit Thailand for surgery and wants to plan to go on the same day? I'm planning to do a consultation with Dr Kunachak via email and then plan everything after that. If anyone is keen to organise a date to travel to Thailand together, please let me know as it can be quite daunting travelling to a different country alone and not knowing where to go.
  17. Hi ladies, Total novis here! Just wondering if any Perth ladies have feedback on Dr Duncan Smith. I have my first consult in a few days to discuss implants. How were your results & how much did it cost overall? (cost is a factor for me) I have been referred his details as well as Dr Connells but I think Connell will be out of my budget. I'd also love to hear from any ladies who saw some of the 'cheaper' surgeons in Perth. I am tall, athletic build with approx 10B boobs which are droopy after 2 kids. Ta
  18. Hi everyone! I am looking into a breast lift with implants in Perth, WA. I am hoping I can get some surgeon recommendations for the procedure. I am not looking for the obvious fake boob look, I like the natural and lifted pairs. Has anybody gone for this themselves and have any stories or recommendations? I am literally starting at the beginning on this journey and desperate for all the advice and help I can get!! Please throw all the details at me
  19. Hi, I'm starting to get confused the more I google on plastic surgeons in Perth who perform a necklift or lower facelift. Has anyone had this procedure in Perth? Would love to hear your comments, feedback and recommendations. Can you claim anything back on private health cover? All advice very very much appreciated...thanks in advance x
  20. Happy 5 months to my girls! Dr Sam Cunneen in Perth 165cm 55kg 10A to 10DD/E 400cc smooth round moderate plus unders
  21. Hi everyone i have been wanting to get my nose done is so long and i have been researching dr Carey Kailis and i was wondering if anyone can share there experience with me or recommends him Thank you
  22. Hello Everyone and a big big thank you to everyone who shares their experiences here! It's so helpful!! My15 year old saline implants have started to play up due to back to back babies/nursing and dramatic fat loss. This has caused the port on one side to rub and become painful at various times. Ive had ultrasound/mammogram and consulted with Tony Connel who confirmed they should come out fairly soon. I have total faith in him and his expertise. Im in two minds as to whether I really want new implants as it seems saline is not used too often any longer. I'm not convinced there
  23. Hi all, I'm considering Dr Miroshnik but would like to know if there is any surgeon in Perth that is to the same standard? As I'm from Perth, would prefer not to travel, but Dr M seems to be the best (looking for a natural look). if anyone can recommend a Dr in Perth that they believe may be of the same standard? Thanks
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