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Found 7 results

  1. BreastsToBe

    Silimed Explant

    Are there any other ladies on this forum having their Silimed furry Brazilian implants removed due to the ALCL risks?
  2. HollyRose

    Will I need a breast lift?

    Hello everyone, I'm scheduled to have my breast implants removed. We decided to get a lift at the same time as explant but unfortunately due to my partner being off work for his own surgery, we can't get finance for the amount needed to explant and lift. At the time of I consulted with a surgeon I was breastfeeding and the second time I was almost finished weaning. So since stopping and having my milk dry up, my breasts have changed again! I just wanted some opinions on whether or not I could get away without lifting? Will they look ok without it? I was a B cup before implants and a DD now with silicone subglandular implants. I'm worried about significant sagging and loose skin especially after having and feeding 3 children since getting the implants. I don't want to have to cancel the date because of painful contracture, these things need to come out.. but I don't want to go ahead and explant only if I'll need to pay and go under for surgery again to lift if I end up looking a mess. Anyway, I would appreciate some input. Thank you!
  3. Hi there, has anyone recently had breast explant surgery on the Gold Coast or Brisbane and could recommend a surgeon and give me an idea on prices?
  4. Hello ladies! has anyone recently explanted or have plans to explant? There’s nothing wrong with my implants, they actually look amazing! They’re just too big for me, and I’m no longer wanting these fun bags inside of me. The cost of removal is sometimes so much more expensive than the actual BA surgery! Has anyone received a quote that was under $4000? If so, where? My case is straightforward, the Cosmetic Institute -where I went for my BA - quoted $2990, but I’ve seen some ladies on here who have been quoted $2000?
  5. Hello Everyone and a big big thank you to everyone who shares their experiences here! It's so helpful!! My15 year old saline implants have started to play up due to back to back babies/nursing and dramatic fat loss. This has caused the port on one side to rub and become painful at various times. Ive had ultrasound/mammogram and consulted with Tony Connel who confirmed they should come out fairly soon. I have total faith in him and his expertise. Im in two minds as to whether I really want new implants as it seems saline is not used too often any longer. I'm not convinced there is enough data available on the safety of cohesive silicone and at 41 and having had no major issue yet from my current set, I just don't want to take the risk. Im 5'7 and 54kg so I have little body fat (particularly on my upper body) so an Explant only will leave me looking pretty sad. My current size has me at a 10DD. I have no sagging, which is unbelievable given I've fed 5 babies!!! But as mentioned I've lost volume at the top and my pockets allow for quite a bit of movement. So I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar decision to make or knows of a WA surgeon who uses saline still? Or any recommendations/advice? Any info will help! Xx
  6. Hi Ladies, I was wondering if anyone on here has had their breast implants removed in Melbourne? I am deciding between Dr Kim Taylor and Professor Mark Ashton? i am having them removed (no replacements) with a full capsulectomy. Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated! x
  7. Breast explant or breast implant removal with Dr Craig Rubinstein For anyone looking to have their breast implants removed, I highly recommend Craig Rubinstein. It's four weeks since I had my implants removed (22 year old silicon implants, both ruptured) and he has done a wonderful job. I was scared to have it done. On first meeting with Craig he made no grand promises about what he would be able to achieve. He told me that as my implants had hardened considerably and were possibly ruptured he would need to remove the capsules as well. From my understanding, the risk associated with this procedure is that it can result in slightly less breast tissue and if there is very little breast tissue to begin with the breasts may heal in a slightly misshapen way. He was upfront about this. He was matter of fact about it and with no sales guff I almost thought his attitude was a bit flip. But on meeting him for a second consultation (which he likes his patients to have before they proceed) I realised something so fundament about him that it meant I was convinced he was the right surgeon. In the second meeting I had done my homework on the procedure and was questioning him from my list of prepared questions. He was patient to a point but then stopped me after I asked if his anesthetist would give me lots of fluids. He told me that I needed to let he and his people do their jobs. He in effect told me not to interfere and he did it in such a simple, honest way. Not arrogant but firm. Having worked in a creative field for twenty years myself, with clients, I realised that what he was doing is what all artists have to do if they want to perform with excellence - and that is they must remain a little aloof from the client, they must create a breathing space for themselves, apart from the client, so that the clients fear cannot contaminate the perfection of their work. This is what Craig was doing; actually in a very humble way. Not to overstate it too much but I do really believe he's wanting to work in an atmosphere of freedom and love and not by fear. He cares so deeply that he tries to keep free of you so that he can perform at his optimum. This is an artist. When I realised this about him it made his boyish evasiveness endearing. He doesn't personally care whether you have big breasts or small breasts. What he cares about is helping you to feel happy with yourself and in doing a beautiful job. I think, as so many women clearly do (see the hundreds of letters of deeply felt thanks from previous patients in his waiting room) that he is a gem. He likes women. And just in case you missed possibly the most important point - he did a wonderful job on my breasts. He performed something he never even promised; which is that my breasts are beautifully shaped, balanced, have less droop and have so much breast tissue remaining that neither my husband and I can believe it. I've moved down one bra size but so slightly that no one in my immediate family could possible tell there has been a change. The scar is minimal. He put drains in and there was virtually no pain. His team is amazing: fantastic anesthetist, wonderful, kind nurses in theatre who obviously all enjoy working with him and impeccable after care. In summary, apart from being a highly acclaimed surgeon he’s a good person and I’m happier than I could have imagined with the breast implant removal he performed.