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  1. Hi all, I am looking to explant my Silimed pu implants but have no idea where to start as my surgeon has retired and I’m so concerned about the Velcro-like stickiness of the furries. I have very little breast tissue but am not looking to augment again - this has scared me right off. Thinking I will need a lift an possibly an areola reduction. Yikes I’m scared of the end result. Jen
  2. Hello, I'm not sure how many people are from Australia on here. I am looking for recommendations for Drs in Brisbane from people that have used them personally for breast lift and augmentation. Many thanks
  3. So I had a consult with Dr Harwood this week, and unfortunately he can't operate on me as my saggies are saggier than I first thought and I need a BL as well as a BA The good news is that Dr H. definitely lived up to his great reputation and was kind, caring and has referred me onto a PS. He was definitely focussed on getting the best result for me, and that's what I'm after too, so I'm coming to grips with the thought of extra scarring and a longer recovery time. I now have appointments booked with Dr Neil Allen in Ipswich, and Dr Dan Kennedy in the Valley. I'm also considering trying to get into see Dr Fleming as I believe he does lifts as well as BAs. I'm scared of the additional scarring, and the extra cost if I am honest. I would love to hear from other women who've been or are going through the same op. I've also read something about an internal lift. Would love to hear from anyone who's opted for that. Thanks!
  4. Just updating on my journey now I have reached 4 wks 4 days post second surgery to remove haematoma on both breasts. My breasts are slowly getting better and healing, I am now nearly 8 weeks post original surgery which has been quite an emotional journey and has taken it's till on me and my family. Anyway, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The left implant needs to drop in place so both breasts are even and hopefully my nipples will eventually be a bit smaller once swelling has gone down. If not I am already mentally prepared for revision surgery to correct the size/shape of my nipples. I have also started wearing a band at the top of my chest during the day to encourage the implant to move down, I am also using siltape at night to aid healing of scars. Another Drs appointment in 1 week to check progress and discuss further....I hope all will be well after the complications I've had. I have attached some recent photos.....
  5. Feeling a bit crappy today...2 weeks post op from my breast lift and augmentation and struggling bit with pain. Wondering how long it's going to take to turn the corner? First week seemed easier to handle (lots of pain meds) but this 2nd week has been a struggle...by the end of the day my chest is aching and I need to lay down. I don't think I've been doing too much but I'm not sure. I don't work and my husband is at home with me taking care of kids etc I am just pottering around really. My next check up with Drs is Friday...how much longer till pain starts to subside without pain meds?????
  6. The day has finally arrived, I'm admitted & waiting to go for surgery. Trying hard to relax before going in.....want to be on the other side of procedure and recovering....wish me luck!!
  7. Hi there, wondering if anyone else is joining me for surgery in August, would love to support and or share experiences or pictures. I have added a before photo....
  8. New here and would love some advice from women who've been there, done that!! I am booked in for a breast lift and implant with Tim Brown in Berwick (has any one else had work done by him, especially a lift) as I would love to see pics if possible? Also he has suggested either 460cc or 520cc implant (decisions, decisions??) I am 163cms and weigh 67kgs......any advice or tips on nerves would be appreciated...things are getting real.....❤
  9. Hello Ladies ! I had a breast lift/aug ten days ago. Finally got my dressings changed and the GP placed Hypafix tape on my incision line. There is no issues with the wound. however, since the change it has been itchy! is this a normal recovery process? Also , how long do you keep the incisions line covered with tape? Thanks in advance for any advise
  10. I've struggled for years about the shape of my boobs. They are a floppy triangle shape that curve around the outside and my nipples are far too low and basically face each other. I had always put it down to simply being a late grower or because I lost 30kg (even though they still were misshapen and underdeveloped before I lost weight) but through research I've come to the conclusion that they are tuberous. I'm only 19 and this deformity is causing so much emotional distress and self acceptance/conscious issues that I keep finding myself depressed with how my body looks. I wanted to know if this is more common than I think with other women who have tuberous breasts and if they have found a good, experienced surgeon (in Melbourne) who has given them proper shape and fullness. And who has helped them with medicare claims as well. I've seen some prices go as high as 20K and I have to rely heavily on my parents for financial support, who were completely shocked by the likely 15-20K price range. It would be amazing if I could find ways to help me pay for it. I already know there's medicare but I've read a lot about people also using their private health insurance? I'm desperate at this stage to find a good surgeon who can help with this specific problem and has experience with it so really any tips you have me are really greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi ladies! I'm booked in with Dr Boonchai for a BL, BA and ETT in October! Anyone have any advice? Or having surgery around the same time in Bangkok? Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, I'm scheduled to have my breast implants removed. We decided to get a lift at the same time as explant but unfortunately due to my partner being off work for his own surgery, we can't get finance for the amount needed to explant and lift. At the time of I consulted with a surgeon I was breastfeeding and the second time I was almost finished weaning. So since stopping and having my milk dry up, my breasts have changed again! I just wanted some opinions on whether or not I could get away without lifting? Will they look ok without it? I was a B cup before implants and a DD now with silicone subglandular implants. I'm worried about significant sagging and loose skin especially after having and feeding 3 children since getting the implants. I don't want to have to cancel the date because of painful contracture, these things need to come out.. but I don't want to go ahead and explant only if I'll need to pay and go under for surgery again to lift if I end up looking a mess. Anyway, I would appreciate some input. Thank you!
  13. Hi Girls, i would appreciate any down to earth advice / personal experiences to really help me settle my mind. I been wanting breast surgery since about 13 - by 17 I had decided to go overseas and get it done but my parents wouldnt sign consent needed last minute. At 21 I seen advertisement for cheap augmentation in Aus anyway so enquired straight away!! Was heartbroken then being told I needed a lift cried for a week not feeling stupid not even realising it myself. I’m now 25 and finally have accepted I need a lift (defiantly now) and I just want confidence it’s something I have always thought about obviously. Deciding now I will finally do it, reasearched for days decided on Dr Edmund Ek, emailed his assistance to schuelde something and now I just can’t move forward.... I started reading about CC and people hating there surgeries, regretting it or people having to go back and I’m petrified I never thought about any of that years ago. I wake up in the morning having anxiety thinking about it and during the day, then gain confidence looking at other people’s stories! My whole life I have been soooo tight with money and in a family tight with money, I’ve been talking myself around spending 11-14k for weeks, I’m emotionally accepting it then read people say they wasted there money and wish they had never.. I know it’s a situation where you have to do it to know/if you want it the money doesn’t matter. Just need someone who has been in my boat? Think it’s even more scary knowing I need a lift to, thinking of the pain and months of worrying about the implants pre op gives gives me epic butterflies ?☹️
  14. After much research, I have booked in for a BL and BA with Dr. Preeyaphas Nilubol in early December 2016 via Bangkok Makeovers. I know two women who have had BL and BA with him and love them, so I'm confident he is the doctor for me for that surgery. However... he also does liposuction, and during the same time can smooth out my shape for a little more $$$. Doing it all at once is tempting, but I can't seem to find any reviews or photos of his liposuction work. Only one of a tummy tuck. Has anybody had any liposuction with Dr. Preeyaphas?
  15. Hi guys, I am looking for some recommendations to a plastic surgeon in Melbourne for a Breast Lift and Reduction. I was first interested in Dr. Tavkoli in Sydney but would need to stay 10-14days in Sydney after the surgery and that's just not practical for me as I have 2 young children All suggestions welcome Thanks Renee
  16. Hello! I'm commencing my research into cosmetic surgery but feeling pretty overwhelmed and hoping to get some real info from people who've done it. I'm 26, from Melbourne, and I'm looking to get surgery on my breasts and also liposuction on my arms and inner thighs. I don't necessarily want my breasts to be big, I just want then to be a bit fuller but predominantly a much better shape and also I want my areolas to be smaller. I have always really disliked the shape of my boobs but in particular my nipples - while they're okay when the nipples are erect because the areola puckers, I really don't like them when they aren't erect. I have included pictures here. I've been looking into dr Tav's mini boobjobs but ideally I could have the surgery in vic. I'm not by any means big/obese to necessitate the lipo but I have stubborn fat on my inner thighs and arms that won't go so I figured if I was already getting the surgery I may as well. I have these questions (if anyone wouldn't mind answering - thank you!): - does nipple correction happen regardless of whether you get a lift or not? - implants without lift vs with lift: is there much of a difference in recovery time for this? - does anybody have any recommendations for breasts/lipo in Melbourne or around? Has anybody had good experiences with cosmetic avenue, or heading abroad ie with cosmeditour? - funding: for those girls who didn't/werent able to save up first, did you go through a cosmetic loan type scenario or just through a bank? - can anybody tell me roughly what I can expect to pay for breast implants, lift, and lipo on those areas? - silicon or saline? Any help would be so appreciated! Thank you so much!
  17. Hi i would like a BL and BA, around 350-375cc. I’ve been quoted $20k by a great surgeon, but I can’t afford it so looking for a more reasonable option in Melbourne. Or is this a good price? Thanks
  18. Hi all! Anyone on here had a BL & BA and is a serving or was a serving member of the police force or military? Looking at getting surgery but also planning on joining a service next year. Just wanting to know what your experience was having implants. Not looking at getting anything over the top. I lost 30kg and lost my girls in the process, so planning on getting a extended tummy tuck and breast lift and augmentation.
  19. Hi all! Anyone on here had a BL & BA and is a serving or was a serving member of the police force or military? Looking at getting surgery but also planning on joining a service next year. Just wanting to know what your experience was having implants. Not looking at getting anything over the top. I lost 30kg and lost my girls in the process, so planning on getting a extended tummy tuck and breast lift and augmentation.
  20. I'm 21 and I am 2 years post op. I had my surgery in Thailand and it was a breast life and augmentation with Dr. Pornthep. I remember him asking me if I had bread fed before, as my breasts were evidently empty and I was majorly lacking any skin elasticity. I am so so so happy with my results, however I am absolutely terrified of any re-sag. I know it's not the end of the world but I really want to prolong my results, however my surgeon said there's a chance I'll need a revision sooner rather than later (still get around the 8 year mark, just see how we go). I've been working so hard everyday for two years on recovering severe stretch marks and trying to improve skin elasticity and I have finally found something perfect for me. I tried bio oil and silicone tape and it reduced scars but didn't help in increasing breast elasticity. I decided to go as basic as I could and have been lathering myself in Rosehip Oil and have noticed massive results, even more so than pure Vit E. I'm so so happy and I hope to keep seeing constant results. I find it a little pricier to get pure, cold pressed and organic but have found a place to buy huge bottles for cheap. I get it here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/263575681689?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I think I also enjoy this method because a little goes a long way. What has helped your scarring the best? Would love to hear!
  21. Hi Ladies, I had my original BA procedure with Dr Tavakoli a few years ago, but am looking for recommendations for a surgeon in Perth. Very pleased with Dr Tavakoli's work, but I am based in Perth and the quote I received for lift and redo was quite high, so thought I'd do some research for local surgeons. I've never really done research in to Perth surgeons during my first procedure as I was very impressed with Dr Tavakoli's before and after photos, so am looking for a surgeon who produces quite similar results. Thanks
  22. Just wanting to know any ladies that got 375ml or cc extra full profile dual plane with a lift (even without). Where you happy with the size? Pictures would be amazing too!
  23. Any have experience with Dr Gavin Sandercoe? I have plans to get 'the works' done... but I only know people who have see Dr Tav, Dr Tim and Dr Miroshnik. I like Dr Sandercoe's understated-ness and the fact he is an experienced trauma surgeon and has run a Plastics Department before. Plus the experience in reconstructive surgery is great - it is a skill to make something beautiful out of something that is not so much. I am really excited about seeing him soon but want to speak to any previous patients for their opinion.
  24. Hey Ladies, i am trying to look for a Melbourne based surgeon for a breast lift. Does anyone have any recommendations on any who they have been too and are at a relatively good price? Thanks!
  25. I'm looking at getting a tummy tuck, breast lift and implants in Perth Western Australia. Can anyone recommend someone? Also looking for rough prices, I know that everyone is different so prices will vary, just after a ballpark figure so I have somewhere to start. Thanks
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