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  1. Hi Ladies, I had a consultation with Dr Mark Lee (Subiaco) last week regarding a standard BreastAug. Overall, I'm really happy but have some follow-up questions that I'm unable to ask in person due to living in WA's North and the next teleconference they offer is over a month away😪...I'm wondering if anyone has had Mark Lee do: -fat grafting (around the implant) to create more natural looking cleavage? -lower the natural breast fold so that both breasts are at the same height? I only ask as the 2nd surgeon I consulted with suggested I may need these things, yet it wasn't m
  2. Hi Ladies, I'm in desperate need of some advice as to whom would be the best surgeon in Brisbane or Gold Coast that you would recommend and possibly have some before and afters for me to see? The surgeons I have as picks at the moment are: - Dr Sharp (Greenslopes) - Dr Paul Belt - Dr Daniel Fleming - Dr Richardson These surgeons are all in Brisbane so I'm hoping someone could help me in deciding whom would be best to proceed with or whom not to proceed with? Any help id be ever so grateful!!! Thanks in advance !!!!!
  3. I've struggled for years about the shape of my boobs. They are a floppy triangle shape that curve around the outside and my nipples are far too low and basically face each other. I had always put it down to simply being a late grower or because I lost 30kg (even though they still were misshapen and underdeveloped before I lost weight) but through research I've come to the conclusion that they are tuberous. I'm only 19 and this deformity is causing so much emotional distress and self acceptance/conscious issues that I keep finding myself depressed with how my body looks. I wanted to know
  4. Hi all, I have a consultation booked in with Dr Alistair Taylor from caps clinic in Canberra tomorrow to enquire about breasts augmentation. I've heard mixed things about him so wondering if anyone has had breast implants done by him and what you're experience was? Apparently his consultation is quite quick then you get sent to the nurse who does the sizing and pricing? What are people's thoughts or experiences with this? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  5. I've been doing some research on rhinoplasties because I'm thinking about getting one and I found this online. If you are an expert, and you have 5 minutes, could you help me out on some doubts I have about my nose? Any comment (really, any!) or advice would be much appreciated and would help me! I've been thinking for a long time about getting a rhinoplasty... On one hand I'm not even sure I want to go through with it because given that my nose is not that bad, it's easier for it to end up looking worse than it is now. And I know it's a fai
  6. Hi there, has anyone recently had breast explant surgery on the Gold Coast or Brisbane and could recommend a surgeon and give me an idea on prices?
  7. Hey girls! I’m planning on getting a BA next year and was wondering if anyone can tell me their experiences with Dr Mark Lee? Thanks x
  8. Okay, so I have now widened my list of surgeons instead of narrowing it!! I am tossing up between these surgeons: Dr Miroshnik, Dr Steven Liew, Dr Steve Merten, Dr Moradi. I want a really really natural looking breast. I am currently a AA and am 175cm tall and 57kg. I just don't want big fake boobs! has anyone had or know of anyone who has had BA's with these surgeons who might be similar to myself?? Thanks
  9. Hey Everyone So i quite like the look of Dr Merten's and Dr Moradi's BA work and I would like some input/reviews and comments from anyone who knows anything about these surgeons. They have excellent reviews but I am always a little apprehensive to base my choice on online reviews. I would love to hear from anyone who's had a BA with these surgeons or who's had a consult with them. I would also love to see some photos of women who have been through these surgeons (if you're happy to of course :)) Thanks everyone!! it's so nice having input from others in similar situati
  10. Hey Ladies, i am trying to look for a Melbourne based surgeon for a breast lift. Does anyone have any recommendations on any who they have been too and are at a relatively good price? Thanks!
  11. Hi all. I'm wanting to get a breast augmentation but have no idea where to start. I've enquired at cosmeditour au. Has anyine had theirs done through them? Pros cons good surgeons? Also how do I even know where to start with size, shape. Under muscle on top. I'm also in new zealand so will be travelling across to get them done. Any advice is welcome and super appreciated x
  12. Attached you can see my before and after shot. I have had my implants for 3 years and I really want them out Can anybody recommend a good surgeon from the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane area? Dr Harwood was fantastic but he has since retired. Also anyone who offers free consultations would be a total bonus Feel free to share your implant removal story/pics/ etc very interested to hear/see your story! Thanks x
  13. Hi girls, Im looking for some real advise and recommendations on a dr. I have been doing some serious research for a while and come across 3 I really like. Dr Tav i love his work but it was a bit over my price range. Dr Dona I love his work too and the price tag but have a friend who is a scrub nurse in a public hospital said DO NOT go to him as they have had so many cases of infected breast tissue and emergency surgeries from him. then I found out he used to be the director of Cosmetic Institute when all the issues were going on. Then I have a recommendation for Dr Mir
  14. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and love all the great information you all have been sharing! So incredibly useful. I live in Brisbane and have finally made the decision to go for BA! I'm so excited about the prospect of no longer being insecure about my boobs!! So I'm currently shopping around for the right surgeon. I have dark skin though and I'm concerned about scarring. Anyone have any recommendations of surgeons who have done good work on dark skin for me? Someone in QLD would be great but I'm willing to travel if I find a great surgeon and facility. Any thoughts, su
  15. Hey everyone! I'm a 31 year old mixed Asian female with tan skin currently a size 8-10A cup or 30-32A. I'm petite, standing at 5'4.5" tall, size AU4-6 in clothing and weigh about 46kg. I'm pretty healthy, eat well and do moderate exercise. Appearance plays a major role in my profession and ever since I was a little girl have always wanted bigger breasts. After so much thinking and waiting for so many years I am finally in a position to be able to have breast augmentation. I had a consultation early this year and booked in my surgery with a board certified Melbourne based pl
  16. Hi Girls, I'm a newbie here and still deciding on what implant size I should go as I don't want to go too large. My surgeon recommended 375cc or 400cc round, hi profile, under the muscle. My stats are 163cm, 52kg and current bra size is 10AA. If anyone here has any advice on CC sizing on a petite body type it would be greatly appreciated. I'm so worried that what the surgeon has recommended will make me look too top heaving and will be way too large and obvious. Thanks in advance, BB
  17. I've established that Thailand is where I want to go. I can see that there are plenty of great surgeons to perform by boob job, but can anyone recommend someone to perform rhinoplasty? This surgery needs to be spot on! Thanks
  18. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr David Chin.. What an absolutely fantastic Plastic Surgeon. From the very beginning he has been honest, easy to talk to and listened to exactly what I wanted from my breast surgery. I am so happy that I chose him to be my PS and if anyone is looking for someone in Brisbane, go and have a consultation with him. I had several consultations and I knew as soon as I met Dr Chin he would do my surgery.. I am absolutely over the moon with my results and my pre & post op care
  19. Hi Girls!! I am just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on surgeons for breast revision surgery in Brisbane / Gold Coast at decent prices? I had dual plane implants put in Thailand 4 years ago, there are terrrriblee and only getting worse! I believe I will need them removed, a lift and new implants. Any advise would be a massive help! So scary getting them done again when the first time didn't work out Thanks
  20. Thanks to the ladies on here my decision has been swayed to stay in Perth to get my surgery. Only problem is i can't find enough results or reviews to make my mind up. Im also very new to this forum so any advise would help really as i have kept my wanting surgery a secret and havent got any advise on it at all though ive done all the research on what bad thing could happen but it all seems worth it to not feel like a boy anymore. So please ladies, let me know. Who was your doctor and was there a reason you chose that particular doctor, if any? Price? All inclusive? Hidden cos
  21. Hi ladies, I am finally getting started on my journey towards having the chest I have always dreamed of! there are so many surgeons around and so many different prices, a bit of an information overload! i would love to hear recommendations of surgeons in the Sydney area. Please share ☺? Xx
  22. Hi there, I'm 34 years old girl based in Adelaide SA - no children. Surgery - BOTH Majora & Minora I have been bothered by my lifetime of discomfort/pain whilst sitting, standing, walking, riding bicycles - it gets stuck 'down there', chaffing and removing my underwear hurts! Don't get me started on the attempts to tuck it in and the toilet paper issues... ? Its absolutely embarrassing to see the bulge & outline in my workout pants - I'm restricted to selected Lorna Jane pants. All can see everything through my bikini bottoms - I have about 15 pairs in effort to find a
  23. Hi girls! I was wondering is there anyone with teardrop implant here? what’s the feeling when you touch them? Are they very hard comparing with the rounded? Thank in advance
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